Reviews for Gettysburg: Armored Warfare 4 Pack


Fun & Worth It !

Plasros | Aug. 6, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

I was hyped for this game, and I was disappointed by the graphics and animations. but, this is not a reason to dislike the game. The battles are intense and diverse, and rely on tactics rather than run and gun reliance. Having said that, the gunplay is actually very good and vehicles (despite some animation glitches) are vital to your success. There are many different units available for you to play as, and I personally have found Deathmatch mode to be highly entertaining. The rank and stat progression are nice, but don't buy this game if you're a unlock-whore, as there are no unlocks. The formula for fun is something that hasn't been seen in a game for quite a while, as the focus is upon gameplay rather than making the graphics as shiny as possible. I shall certainly be playing this game much, much more. Servers are always populated, and the potential mods that shall appear will far surpass the discounted price that I paid for it on GMG. Also, the devs are always listening to users on their forums and there looks to be a lot of fixes coming up in the future. Overall, you can't really do much better for a fun game at this low price. Just don't let your graphics expectations to over-ride the purpose of this game. Open your minds, gentlemen, to this blast from the past.