Reviews for Worms Clan Wars


A fun 2.5D turn-based strategy game.

Games_Master_KC | Nov. 6, 2015 | See all Games_Master_KC's reviews »

Worms Clan Wars is a quality entry in the long-running Worms series. Improving on several aspects introduced in Worms Revolution, such as improved water physics and the newer abilities for the four different classes, as well as not having to play a single-player campaign with a distracting narrator to unlock more worms for the non-soldier classes, the game provides loads of fun (and funny moments) that many can enjoy together (especially in local multiplayer) with a heaping dose of cartoon violence. The Steam Workshop support is a nice bonus, adding lots of user-created landscapes, soundbanks, and worm decorations to add some variety. It's not perfect, though; there are occasional frame rate drops, the environments are not quite as interesting as Revolution's, and while the game is fully-compatible with controllers (including XInput), there is no way to change the key prompts to reflect controller use, so new players might have trouble playing if everyone uses a controller instead of sharing a keyboard like the game apparently wants everyone to use. Still though, Worms Clan Wars makes for a great strategy game to play with friends.


Good mix of new and old.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | See all GuardianOfSouls's reviews »

Worms, the game that never really gets old and still going strong. Keeping old mechanics in place as well as adding new, fairly seamless additions to the series. The gameplay is as solid as ever and they did a great job mixing 3D with 2D as well has having some fun animated backgrounds. Simple game that is hard to master but a lot of fun getting there. Even without friends for local co-op, PVP, online multi-player it is a still great experience. One of the better games in the series especially with Steam workshop support and lots of customization for your worms team.


Fun with freinds

jet300 | Sept. 6, 2015 | See all jet300's reviews »

This game is amazing to play with multiple friends, be it local or online. The weapon variety is good and the single player missions/story is alright. but this game truly shines when you play with buddy's. There will be betrayal excitement, explosions, and the sweet sweet feeling of annihilating an opponents worm after he pleads to you to aim your bazooka elsewhere.... ah the good times. now this game isn't a huge improvement over revolution but it's still tons of fun.


An upgrade from Worms Revolution, but is it worth it?

Shodex | Oct. 27, 2014 | See all Shodex's reviews »

Worms Clan Wars is Worms. If you played a Worms game before you already know exactly what to expect. If you haven't played one before you can expect a hilarious turn based action game to play with friends, or alone, but mostly with friends. Worms Clan Wars boasts a more feature filled game than it's predecessors. This comes in part of it being PC exclusive, unlike Revolution which was on consoles. A clan system for multiplayer is added for players who like competition. And perhaps the coolest addition is the Steam Workshop integration, now you can use modded hats, voices, and more in multiplayer. My Worms wear Jotaro's hat from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and speak using sound clips of Jesse from Breaking Bad. Worms Clan Wars gives you a ton of stuff to mess around with, for sure. But for the more casual gamer, it might not be a worthy upgrade from Worms Revolution. However Worms Clan Wars is not at all expensive, and if you're new to the series it's a perfect place to start. I don't just recommend Worms Clan Wars, I recommend you buy it, plug your PC into the TV, and get a controller. Then invite some friends over, bring beer, and spend the night laughing like maniacs. Worms Clan Wars is an excellent party game. It's an insane amount of fun if you suck, and if you're good there is a robust multiplayer mode waiting for you to conquer.


Great, just needs more players!

wildster30 | April 29, 2014 | See all wildster30's reviews »

Worms Clan Wars is an improvement over revolution, the maps are larger, the classes seem more balanced and there are even more weapons to blow each other up with. Its just a shame that there aren't more people online. Sure, the single player is good for a while but the AI is still nowhere near as fun to play against as real people. When I have got into a game it has been great, whether the opponents have been pros who pull of incredible shots, or less skilled players who have some hilarious moments, it is an amazingly fun game that will always bring a good laugh. All that is needed is a decent sale, or maybe a free weekend on steam to fill up the servers a bit and this game will be just as awesome as a worms game should be, however at the moment the clan wars section is dead and player matches are rare at best.


It's good to be back

Freako | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

Great game with incredible graphics. I used to play worms last time when i was a kid and the graphics could be considered one of the good looking games out there. I loved worms because it's so cute it's deadly. Worms themselves look innocent give them a grenade launcher or banana bomb they go nuts and blow their enemies to smithereens . Clan wars has an added feature named "clans" . Clans work as a group you have your leader who is a bigger worm and some other smaller worms. The objective is still the same. Annihilate all opponent worms. This game is definitely worth a buy. On sale better buy it ASAP also i recommend to play with friends simply to try out loads of hilarious combinations and nonsence weaponry.


The best of the new

nightassassin1 | Sept. 1, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

This is about on par with the original worms and the best of any of the new worms games since then. This game has everything the past ones have had with added "clan support" for new game modes and multiplayer games. It is an interesting upgrade to the worms franchise and one for the better. It does play like most other worms games as do all of them and adds more weapons and bigger levels, but most notably it is more user friendly. The game is pretty much an upgraded Worms Revolution with slightly smoother graphics, but it is not quite a bad thing unless you have revolution and want this game. If you want one of the newer worms games you should grab this one and skip all of the rest. I have played every single game and a friend of mine gifted me this one recently and it was definitely the best of the new ones and a neat change from the original. I like it just as much as the original worms and more than any of the new ones so I recommend you pick up this one and the original worms and just skip anything in between the two.


Very Fun

DanielZo0 | Aug. 31, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I totally disagree with the negative reviews here. In my opinion this is a massive improvement from the last game. The performance at my laptop is just great (no really... the fps is through the roof and all the frames etc. are smooth as hell even in multiplayer there isnt a moment where the game has any problems), the new weapons and singleplayer campaign are fun as hell. People saying the animations arent putting up to the fps, try turning on v-sync it has a chance to make it smoother.. also i just want to say that normally i would have a problem with 30 fps animations i have a really high-end laptop and thus run everything from 60 to 120 fps. At Payday 2 for example anything under 70 fps hurts my eyes. Worms Clan wars however totally feels like a relaxing spa for the eyes and is not straining at all. Im not sure if im just playing a different game then the others, looking at the reviews.. but in my opinion this only brings up the great nostalgic feel of playing games without worrying about everything.. just play them because you enjoy them. And god do i enjoy Clan Wars... sure the multiplayer population isnt as big as i hoped for.. still the new weapons are great, the graphics are fun, the menus/controls are smooth (did rebind them) and the clansystem is quite nice.. ofcourse i just find the overall feel of the gameplay just something you can play over and over without getting bored a second.


Worms are back, better then ever

wolferatus | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all wolferatus's reviews »

Worms are back! With new weapons, new maps and a new multiplayer is waiting for you! Create your owen Clan and fight with friends agains other Clans or play multiplayer like on other Worms games! New Archivements are waiting too and the best think you can create your owen map and worm :)


Fun to play

ConorEngelb | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

A good quality game. Single player is fun, but multiplayer is where the game really shines, with its wide range of customisation options and large maps on which to play. The AI performs quite well and the graphics are decent, all in all making the game worth buying.


Good game

PattieG | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all PattieG's reviews »

Great game, brings back memories from Gunbound, but only better! Would of been better if they could possibly made story as co op as well. Got addicted quite easily, well worth the money!


Basically Revolution Made Better

nightrunner227 | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all nightrunner227's reviews »

Not that that's a bad thing. The levels are bigger, there's a couple of extra weapons, and the interface is generally more user-friendly, but other than that, it plays just like Revolution (and just like most other Worms games). The extra customizability and addition of "clans" (in which you can build a team of multiple players rather than just having single-player teams), however, does set it apart and is all-in-all what makes it worth the purchase.


Great game

drafek | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This game is just like all the other worm games pretty great, it doesn't change that much. This game is a PC exclusive, which is a good thing. The multiplayer is alright, a little dead a the moment but it's only in Beta. The maps are alot bigger than the landscapes in other worms games. There are 25 missions. The classes are done well. The detail is done well and the AI plays well. Worth getting on full price.