Reviews for Might & Magic® Clash of Heroes® (NA)


Absolutely Fantastic

nairume | May 18, 2014 | See all nairume's reviews »

Puzzle and RPG have been expertly blended into the wonderful Clash of Heroes, proving Capybara to be experts at what they do. Starting as early as the game's clever and fun tutorial campaign, players will be treated to an addicting puzzle game with numerous campaigns spread across equally numerous heroes, each holding their own different mechanical feels. Each of these campaigns all weave together an interesting and interlocking story that will keep players coming back to experience more. Improving upon the experience is that the game was lovingly redrawn with refreshingly defined sprites that all pop out from the background art. What results is strangely one of the best experiences to come out of Ubisoft's attempt at reviving the Might & Magic franchise.