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Hard to start.

Furrek | Oct. 13, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

When I first time saw this game I thought "what the, blizzard made sports game within warcraft universe?". It looked fantastic and it really is. With so many different races, turn or real time mode, every each of game is different. THe only thing I had, and probably many of players, is how to get into this game. You will probably have to look up at online guides to get and remember everything. Is that a minus of game_ Not reallz. Manz great games need some time to learn stuff and Blood Bowl is this kind of game. Once you will learn everything, you will have a great time. It's really unusual game and it's really fun.


Prepare to be amazed

drakso | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

BloodBowl is a turn based fantasy football simulator PC game based on a board game. With that said the game rolls dice for almost any action you take, and the dice determine the success or failure to the tasks you do. The dice roll automatically, but there is a dice log so players can see who rolled what dice and what was the outcome. The gameplay is very tactical and really requires some effort to play. There are many races with different skills and stats and you can also level up your football team, train your players and manage your team. The different and the most interesting part is that you don't have to play by the rules to win. The more punchy teams, that have strong guys could kill or injure their enemies in order to have an advantage. Other teams are more agile and can outrun big guys and play the ball. The game has lots of modes and online tournaments. The only bad thing about this game is that it is very bad at telling you how to play it. The tutorial doesn't teach you anything and it is really hard to figure things out by your self. The game is really good to play but before you start I advise you to check some videos on the net first on the basic rules of the game.


Humble bundle

salogeo | Oct. 13, 2013 | See all salogeo's reviews »

This great game is now in the current weekly Humble bundle for those that dont know it just google it you can get this game + 4 others for just $1. The game is very unique i normally dont like sports but with blood bowl its more violence than sports and thats what i like so much about it. The race variety with different play style will give you tons of hours of gameplay if you want to just try them all out i really like the variety. all in all a very fun game it might not be a game which would have you hanging to the screen for 20 hours when you first buy it like some games but you will want to play it every once in a while at least


The best game Cyanide ever made

Demilisz | June 13, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

There are sports for little girls, sports for men and there is Blood Bowl. All races of Old World solve their differences on the pitch, fightring over a ball and trying to score touchdowns. It is like american football, only more brutal. Almost everything is allowed. Choose a race from 20, make your team and lead it to victory, smashing opponents to the ground. Hire wizards to cast a spell, cheerleaders to make fans love you. But beware - almost everything you do requiers a die roll and Lady Fortune won;t be always on yourr side. Blood Bowl is converted almost one to one from tabletop original. There are several modes to be played - from campaign, through story mode, ending with the most exciting: multiplayer. You can play using classic rules (most popular and turn based) or use Blitz mode that brings several mutations. AI could be better, but even now this game is highly enjoyable.


Very impressed

DanielZo0 | June 10, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

As a long time gamer, QA and Warhammer fan. I must defend this game. While not going overboard the game is damn good and it punishes you buy killing your players, so if your the kind a guy that tries to make something work flawlessly don't play it. It's true, your players will die, stumble and drop the ball ruining your perfect plan and will occasionally lose a limb or two or die a gruesome death at the hands of something way bigger or a spell. Also quick note: I hate the real time, this is a boardgame... Real time sucks in and doesn't work at all. For me at least. But defending all the irrelevant points made up till now, I'll just quote some of the horrible and unfair reviews here and respond for you people as to reveal facts. The choice is still yours: 1) "My team could not hold on to the goddamn ball to save their life. In fact, none of my abilities seem to work at all for my team, but freaking ALWAYS for my opponents." My take: This game's tutorial is out right bad (this is a really bad point), why it lost 2 points in my book. But this is a boardgame. You need to read the manual, you need to understand what affects your players, when, why and how. If your going to try to pass a ball while your hugged by an enemy player, throw it long distance, to a team mate how is not heavy on "Agility" and is also next to a opposing player and you have another player attempting to intercept your pass... SPOILER: It's gonna FAIL!... Read the rules, understand the game. WIN! 2) "I feel like it has such potential, but I get stomped every game. My players drop the ball, get clobbered by the other team, and get completely rolled by the other team. Whereas my players don't do anything, the other teams abilities seem to ALWAYS work." My take: See 1, and also I have to go through how many times, I just happen to fail a dodge and drop the ball, only for my opponent next turn just failing at picking the ball up and letting me go for the counter tocuh-down. Or how they're "ogre class" player just fails to move because of the "really dumb trait" and basically costs them the mid-field fight. It equally happens to you and the enemy. 3) "Nonsense results of dices, bad and repetitive IA, awful camera controls, confused menus, very bad random dices, lot of bugs." My take: In the same order. Whats nonsense about it ?!. maybe...but he also states as the previous that you cannot win if your life depended on it. I just can't see it or why you would want to move the camera around. pretty straight forward unless your playing on another language you don't know. Oooooh, I see nonsense = random...well who would've expected ...dices that are random...I'm sorry but I can't keep a straight face at that. 4) "This developer, Cyanide Studios, are the ones also responsible for taking the incredible George RR Martin Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones universe and making a poorly done strategy game out of it" My take: I don't see the words: "blood","bowl" or "warhammer" there. I'm sorry, personal vendettas are not welcomed here. Well those where my 2 cents. A good game, definitely if you get it on sale. I won't bother with the last of the list since. This game has not crashed once, you can only get a limited amount of players because of BALANCE issues, so you can't spam a team of "ogre class" players, because it is a remake of the boardgame to the letter.


Fun Game

Shykon | May 24, 2013 | See all Shykon's reviews »

i really enjoyed the game it was fun ! :)



chivshiv | March 5, 2013 | See all chivshiv's reviews »

Although the game still does not compete with the board game (this may partially relate to nostalgia and camaraderie from playing the board game growing up), the legendary version makes great improvements. I particularly enjoyed the story mode which sets up scenarios you must complete. This forces novice players to work all facets of the game, even those they may not be used to. Of course the different races allowed brings the game closer to the board game. I enjoy playing teams I hadn't had a chance to play before. Great upgrade over the 'standard edition' or the 'dark elves edition'. The upgraded rule set and additional rules really make the game much more fun. I highly recommend this game if your on the fence. There is a learning curve and its not as intuitive as just sitting and playing. But once you get the hang of things, its really alot of fun. The game may not be for everyone, but those that liked the original, or those that enjoy turn based strategy games, or those that enjoy a bit of gore in their games, will enjoy this one.


Not real football, but definitely real fun!

Prozac | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all Prozac's reviews »

I have never played Blood Bowl, the classic board game from Games Workshop, but I've always wanted to. I've read and heard countless times that Blood Bowl is the best game GW ever produced, and playing in a tournament league always sounded like the most fun that could be had in the miniature hobby by the way people talked about it. Anxious to try to game, I picked up Blood Bowl Legendary Edition PC game when it first came out. The PC game plays exactly as the board game, and is simply a digital adaptation. Blood Bowl is a turn-based strategy game inspired by American Football and the Warhammer Fantasy universe (I've still yet to figure out if Blood Bowl takes place within the Warhammer setting or is an in-house parody of it). The objective of the game is to score as many touchdowns as possible, playing through 8-turn halves. Teams usually consist of a handful of different positions, a combination of muscle and speed. The Legendary Edition includes nearly all of the playable races featured in the board game, notably excluding Chaos Dwarfs. Because the computer does the calculations and dice rolls, the digital Blood Bowl allows players to focus more on strategy, anticipating opponent movements and preparing your own offensive and defensive tactics, as opposed to additionally cycling through charts or chucking dice. Blood Bowl also includes a real-time mode (which I believe is called "Blitz")--but its not what you might expect. Rather than being like Madden with fantasy characters, real-time is essentially a real-time tactics mode in which everyone is constantly in motion. It's barely playable, very difficult, and feels like it was tacked on simply as an advertising scheme. The game is extremely difficult. Part of this is due to its randomness, and part of it is due to Cyanide's poor ability to scale difficulty. Playing on the easiest setting, those new to Blood Bowl are likely to be clobbered many, many times. There's no real guidance, very little in the way of helping anyone new to getting started in the game. There's a brief tutorial which teaches you the basic rules, but nothing guiding you in a real game. No hints or suggestions. No guide helping you choose your first team. That would be perfectly fine and dandy, if I was coming to Blood Bowl PC as a Blood Bowl board game veteran. Blood Bowl is a very random game, and your ability to win or lose the game may be disrupted and ruined by a dice roll. This can get tedious, frustrating, and annoying. It's especially upsetting to see your player trip over nothing or fail to pick up the ball in the open to due a poor dice roll. Much of the game quickly grows very repetitive, in a bad way--the commentators, Jim and Bob, quickly run out of new things to say. The controls are very simple, point and click. The graphics are decent, nothing great, but I personally was impressed with the soundtrack. The teams are in no way balanced--and I don't think they were ever intended to be. In the board game, I believe several teams were made intentionally worse to challenge veterans, or just to provide a "fun" team. But again, nothing in the game tells you that (in most games, balance is one of the major goals for playability). I made the mistake of starting with Ogres; I then went through Orcs, Dwarfs, Elfs, High Elfs, and finally settled on Humans to get consistent wins. I'm not very good at Blood Bowl--at all, really--but it feels like the game never gave me a chance to be. As long as the drive to win remains high, the game remains pretty dang fun. As I started winning with my Human team, the desire to keep playing diminished quickly. The "fun" aspect I'd heard about so much in the board game does not translate well into the digital adaptation. Countless forums go on about how fun it is to play as Halflings or Goblins, even when you lose, in the board game--but in this digital game, if you're not winning, it really is hard to have much fun, in my personal opinion. This digital game showcases the gameplay, and I might have to disagree with the assertion that Blood Bowl is the best game GW has ever produced, based on the gameplay alone. But I can see that with the right players, one could possibly have more fun with Blood Bowl, the board game, than any other GW game. I'm not sure if I can recommend the PC game as anything other than a way to learn the rules or practice the game in preparation for playing the board game.


Yards for the yardgod

nairume | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

Think for a moment about the combination of football and turn based tactical games. While it seems like the two things are as different as their respective fanbases, Games Workshop's Blood Bowl was an effective attempt to merge the two games into one fun experience. Cyanide Studio's has, in turn, created an amazing video game conversion of that legendary board game. While the game's mechanics are as complicated as they were in the board game, the game features a thorough tutorial that works wonders in teaching the rules to newcomers. Meanwhile, there are tons of different modes and ways to play the game, giving an impressive amount of content for players to work through. Perhaps the only major flaw in this package is that the interface is a tad bit on the clunky side. Other than that, Blood Bowl is a perfect conversion. Unless you absolutely hate its kind of game, then go all for it.


Fun for the Fan

lucasart | Oct. 2, 2012 | See all lucasart's reviews »

Blood Bowl will delight the fans of the board game, which will be happy to mow opponents in the video game that quite faithfully respects the rules of the last edition of the game. For others it is a fun game of alternative sport, made with skill and professionalism, although the obvious limitations not technically make it an attractive product to the general public.


Loads of originality, but could use some work

Cooberstooge | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

This is, without a doubt, a game the likes of which you've never seen before. Sure, it is, at its heart, a basic game of football, but do you normally see a team of humans playing against a bunch of bloodthirsty elves? How about Space Marines, the most feared warriors this side of the galaxy, playing for a quick game of keeps against a bunch of folks from the realm of Chaos, the Space Marine's sworn enemy? Cyanide and Games Workshop really made a living, enjoyable game world with this thing, and it's very fun just spending time looking at all the crazy, ravenous characters you're playing against and sometimes with. The stadiums, if you could call most of them that, vary as wildly as a mountain fortress to the deck of a ship, and all have their unique advantages and disadvantages in combat. Controls are good, and hearing the screams and tortured roars of players in the midst of a game of football is quite neat, even if a little odd. The one "ding" I can say against the game is with the multiplayer component. While it at its core works well, matchmaking is quite basic and often doesn't work, teaming you against very seasoned players, with you being a new guy. Hackers are abundant, and neither Cyanide nor the publisher seems to care - reporting them does sometimes yield results, but not often. Even if you only buy this one for the singleplayer, you'll get more than enough exciting hours out of that to make Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition worth your time and money. Although the multiplayer is hit and miss, if you get into a good match, there is truly nothing else like it.


Fun, fun, fun

mitzager | April 9, 2011 | See all mitzager's reviews »

Blood Bowl is based on the Warhammer world, and a much more violent American football. The teams are composed of the races that populate the Warhammer univese, like humans, dwarves, dark elves, goblins, chaos, etc. The game is a turn-based strategy, you have to roll the dice to determine the success/failure of your action in that turn (like in a table top game). It's very difficult to explain the mechanics of the game, you have to play it to see for yourself. The game features a campaign, where you have to choose your race and create a team and play through some contests and get your way up in the rankings. But I recommend playing with friends via Internet or LAN. The game graphics are okay, specific to the Warhammer universe, but the commentary of the game gets repetitive very quickly. I recommend this game to everyone, even if they're not fond of Warhammer or American football. You either will love it or hate it.


lots of wasted potential

pazmacats | April 8, 2011 | See all pazmacats's reviews »

Bloodbowl was a game I had been looking forward for quite a long time. I played the tabletop 10+ years ago, then I played Chaos League (which is fun) on the PC and I played the java-based "fumbbl" for some real computer adaption of the boardgame. This iteration of bloodbowl however leaves a lot to be desired. AI is sort of realtime AI (operating on probabilities) and menu design is awful (tons of useless replays, general unwieldy feel) Graphics are nice, gameplay is ok, most of the rules work and the game _can_ be fun for a while. The worst problem of this game is the multiplayer which has awful menu design (lobby), awful matchmaking, lots of problems with fake rating, hacks, leavers, etc. So--- bottomline... hardcore bloodbowl fans won't want to miss this (but ultimately will be dissapointed). Everybody else might want to give this a try, be amused for a couple of hours and put the game to the shelf. 50/100 (19/20 adaption of the original rules) (29/30 graphics&animations) (1/50 gameplay, ease of use, design, single player, mulitplayer etc.)