Reviews for Guncraft


Plain bad

AJ1AJ | June 11, 2015 | See all AJ1AJ's reviews »

Its worse than worse. no one plays it often so it gets boring. There isn't too much to do. the only decent thing about the game is that it has a asset editor but that is really annoying. There are a few guns but overall this is a game that has completely failed.


Not that bad

Yoman282 | July 31, 2014 | See all Yoman282's reviews »

A minecraft like FPS game which can get fun if you play with friends. I personally find this game much better than Ace of Spades but I still don't like this that much. The game kept crashing for me very commonly and that just pissed me off. I don't recommend this for full price, get it on discount. By the way, don't worry about specs or anything because this game is not demanding at all.



san383 | May 6, 2014 | See all san383's reviews »

Its very good and funny game its like minecraft with a guns and its stretches of suddenly not kill you and you need a good strategy to kill a man without him see you or he sees you you have to do it by surprise and and that's what makes the game fun. very good game evryone need to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of the Biggest Atrocities In Gaming History.

Nekrage | Dec. 29, 2013 | See all Nekrage's reviews »

I have posted this review on VG247, Metacritic, and my Steam Account. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW Guncraft is absolutely one of the WORST games I have purchased in a long time. This game has so much wrong with it I found it difficult not to give this game a straight 0. I will share my exact experience with you all, and hopefully deter you from buying thisgame. From the second you start the game you well be met with some nauseating menu system. Shortly after you are bound to attempt to navigate the terrible menus towards the video setting. Finally, you made it to the video settings…..I think? There are NO video settings, no resolution, no vsync, no quality settings, NOTHING. You were just let down by the video settings but you have high hopes for the game after looking at all the touched up screenshots that you will soon find out are all lies. You connect to your first game, you will notice almost immediately that you have no idea what anything does for any of the prebuilt “classes” as there is no description for any of their perks and bonuses. You would have to mess around in the character builder for 10 minutes to find out just what their prebuilt classes do. Ok you don’t care exactly what everything does, you just want to play! You hop in your first game and immediately notice that the graphics are NO WHERE near what was shown in the screenshots, but you don’t care much about graphics so its all ok. You see your first enemy run….I mean LAG by. That’s right, as if all this was not enough they have lag issues, trust me it’s not your computer, it’s not your internet…Its their poorly built game. I will spare you my entire pc specs and just tell you I have an i7 and 2 GTX 680’s…this game SHOULD NOT have frame issues. You have been playing for about 10 minutes now, you undoubtedly noticed that this game has SEVERE balance issues. Not only are the guns unbalanced but the killstreaks are as well. Ohh wait, did I forget to mention the game has killstreaks? Ya…it does. So you are sick to your stomach now, realizing you wasted $15 on the game, you are just about to quit out when the game crashes on you. YUP CRASHES! This game has that problem too!(5 out of 6 of my friends crashed in the first 15 minutes) Well you had a bad experience with the game, so you go to the forums to discuss your issues with it. 30 minutes later your thread is locked/deleted and you have been banned from their forum. YUP! The devs are censoring any negative comments about their game….can you guess why? Because most people are going to say this game SUCKS. Ohh and to top it all off….this game has been created before. Ever hear of Ace of Spades? Go look it up..are you still in the mood for a cube style shooter? Well Ace of Spades does it quite literally a HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than this “game”. Recap! THE BAD -Nauseating Menus -No Graphic Settings -No Resolution Settings(stuck with black bars on top and bottom of screen) -Crashes -INSANE BALANCE ISSUES -Graphics SUCK and still manage to produce fps lag -Network Lag -Devs censor all bad reviews -Complete and utter KNOCK OFF of games that do this better THE GOOD -The build mode is…cool…until a structure that took you 10 mins to build is destroyed in 10 seconds by an explosion. DO. NOT. BUY. THIS. GAME. SCORE: 9 out of 100


Minecraft with guns!!!

YoshihitoBLM | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all YoshihitoBLM's reviews »

I had more fun with this game than I thought. I normally don't like FPS games but this one surprised me somewhat. Yes, it's a lot like Minecraft in the fact that you can build things out of blocks. But what truly makes this game fun is the fact that not only can you design your own battlefields, you can make your own guns! Want a gun that looks like a chicken but fires explosive rounds that decimate the battlefield? You can make it! Want to emulate your favorite gun? You can make it! And to expand on the building your own battlefield. Say you play Minecraft and you've built some pretty impressive things. Now say you want to do the same in Guncraft but don't want to have to build it all over again. No problem, you can import it! Imagine running around Minis Tirith or battling across an Enterprise. While the FPS portion is fairly mediocre, it still gives you some pleasure popping peoples heads! You're only limited by your imagination in this game with the building and gun building aspect of it.



DaBigMan | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all DaBigMan's reviews »

I know you're probably thinking "Oh look, another Minecraft spinoff" or "Another lame looking knockoff of Ace of Spades" or "Why buy this when I can just download a gun mod for Mincraft". Let me explain a few things. The only similarities between Guncraft and Minecraft is blocks, and some building. Other than those two things, they are very different. Also, many people say that AoS is much better than Guncraft. But Guncraft has many cool things that AoS doesn't. Here are just a few: Guncraft lets you make your own custom maps, prefabs, character skins, guns, melee weapons and tools, has hookshots that let you zip around the map, parachutes, vehicles you can drive such as helicopters and tanks, unique gamemodes such as Lava Survival, Meteor Survival, and Paranoia, and awesome devs that constantly fix and improve the game. Also their are no minecraft mods or combination of mods that can give you what Guncraft has to offer. Did you ever want to make that super cool cyber ninja class equipped with an epic sniper rifle, a hookshot, and a sweet katana? Guncraft gives you the ability to do that. The customization in Guncraft is what really makes it different than other shooters. The only negative thing about Guncraft is the lack of players, but in time, I'm sure more people will start playing. Overall, Guncraft is an enjoyable and unique shooter that lets you be creative.



Kevduit | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

When I first saw this title, me (along with every other person who saw the title) thought the exact same thing, it's another spin off of Minecraft, but with guns. It was an okay game, I suppose, but it honesty is nothing to play for long amounts of time. It really reminded me of this other game, ace of spades, which also never made it big time. The game is okay for graphics (Considering the graphics are bits and blocks) so it's still some what playable. The game is not altogether that amazing, but if you're looking for a game where you shoot other blocky people online, this is the game for you!



RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 11, 2013 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Guncraft is your average FPS shooter, even though the game gives its players the ability of building their own battlefield the shooting is generaly unsatisfying and it's not graphicaly appealing at all with it's rather uninspired style.