Reviews for X-Com Collection


A turned based game with a twist

rinaldop | Nov. 10, 2013 | See all rinaldop's reviews »

I am a huge fan of the RTS genre and have never owned a turn based game. Every time I tried one I became bored. Well, with the great balance between the strategic base building along with the tactical squad based missions I was hooked. The way you see your team move during the turns gives it a much more exciting feeling that the other turn based games I tied. Very addictive!


Must Have!!!

sabo78 | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all sabo78's reviews »

Just recently got this pack since I was a big fan of very early versions. Having played 30+ hours into Enemy Unknown in just few days... I can confidently say it will be hard to find as addictive game as XCOM. If you like turn based strategy, this is the best bundle you can find. Killing aliens, customizing and leveling your team, applying strategy .. what more can you ask for? This game will not disappoint for those who played earlier games or even new to this franchise. (much of the game play is the same... but why change when it was already good) .


A fun experience

Xathian | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all Xathian's reviews »

XCOM Enemy Unknown is a great game, and a fun follow up to the original series. While it does away with some of the depth and complexity of the originals, it remains a fun experience for fans and newcomers alike. Having your base build up while watching your soldiers go from Squaddies with nothing to Colonels with all their bonuses and finally dealing with Chrysalids without causalities is a fulfilling experience. A great purchase you will not regret.


just get it

LostQuestion | Oct. 17, 2013 | See all LostQuestion's reviews »

xcom enemy unknown it a well played game by firaxis (known for the civ stratigy series) now refer to the title as EU. EU is a game featuring perma-death and shot seeding. whats shot seeding? its a preventative measure that saves the results of a shot so even if you reload a earlier save your sniper with the 90% to hit will always miss the shot you reloaded from a earlier save just so there could be another shot. perma-death forces you to train all your troops as evenly as possible cause if you only have a single group of elites even getting one killed will hurt you also spend your resources wisely if you find yourself falling behind its very hard to catch up again all that said its a very good game nice story you spend the time in the base preparing to go out on the field and while your on the feild your thinking about what your bringing back and what the trade offs are between capturing, killing, and blowing up a enemy are yes doing the easy thing and tossing a grenade or launching a rocket can do massive damage but you get less if the blast kill them


Is your squad ready?

BossZW | Sept. 26, 2013 | See all BossZW's reviews »

I spent countless of hours on these games and for a good reason. Get ready if you launch those to spend a lot of your time trying to stay alive, while keeping your little guys alive. You'll need to think, try again, level up your team to be able to enjoy every victory. X-Com: enemy unknown, the last of the bunch, is really polished, mature and rich, offering you a great graphic engine, without much compromise over what the last titles had to offer. Gathering new tech, positioning your guys and spending your money in new structures and weapon is essential to be able to fight back the invasion and those tasks never feel tedious or boring. If you still hesitate to buy this pack because you fear of being sucked in... you're surely right! Otherwise, don't be afraid and embark on a great experience you won't regret!



tv_ | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all tv_'s reviews »

...but the pun is terrible. Really though, XCOM is a fantastic franchise/series that has both a interesting story and great gameplay. One can easily go off on a tangent that is the perfection of XCOM Enemy Unknown, but speaking on behalf of the bundle: Money well spent. Other XCOM games have aged quite a bit and take some time getting used to. While they have their flaws, they are still very enjoyable games that can you can easily get lost in.


If You Ever Loved Strategy, This is For you

noobboy191 | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

I wont go in to detail into each and every game, but what I will say is that each of these games are very different from each other and for the price, it is well worth it! From the classic games that require you to sit down and think about your every move, to the new re imagining of the game that has you think on your feet and consider your actions while having a high paced gameplay. Overall, if you ever wanted to beat aliens back to mars and save planet earth, XCOM is waiting.



ncorbin | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all ncorbin's reviews »

I only recently got this bundle along with my pre-order of the bureau (which is abysmal) but it made up for it with the truly amazing xcom collection, within 3 days I put 25 hours into enemy unknown and I am now happily working my way through the previous ones which are also an amazing gaming experience. MUST BUY


A must have collection

virulent0o | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all virulent0o's reviews »

This collection will take you on an awesome journey through the XCOM universe. The journey is tough, real tough, every decision you make on the battlefield could determine the fate of your squad. Read: perma-death and mission failure. Decisions and consequences, the XCOM series thrives on this formula which makes winning any battle is very rewarding. Bottom-line: A must have for any TBS fans.


Sci-Fi lover and you still don't have this?!

Veniu | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Veniu's reviews »

The games that have set a high standard of tour-based games with aliens that has never been reached. "With aliens" excludes aliens here, its a unique type of a turn-based strategy games ( I mean they all are, you know). From the very first XCOM to the last one that's a turn mode plus the interceptor. Not having this pack and loving Sci-Fi genere, is like begin a fan of Star Wars and never watching the series. Literally! It doesn't matters if the game is old or not, I say its at least in the top 10 in best packs of games ever created or sold in the history of games. Thr previous XCOM's can be a bit hard to play on bigger screens, but you should get used to it (I play them on 1920x1080 and got used to it after a few hours!). There are really no problems with them at all, steam has it all covered. What are you thinking of? Buy it!


X-COM is possibly the best franchise ever made. Ever.

HOPSKOTCH | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all HOPSKOTCH's reviews »

If turn-based tactical games are your thing, you probably learned to love them from playing the original X-COM games. If you're too young to remember them, I'm sorry to hear that. The dated graphics will probably turn you away before you get to experience what i would probably call the best squad based tactical games ever made. The First X-COM: UFO Defense is the one that started it all for me. Deep story, financing contracts with countries to fund your research and operations, spreading yourself across the globe to keep your funding going, researching alien gear to make your own better, Training your troops only to grieve when one dies, permanently. X-COM Terror from the Deep extends the same exact gameplay of UFO Defense, but underwater. Both are incredible games... The following sequels fell short of rekindling that love i felt... And then came X-COM: Enemy Unknown. I was worried, but they absolutely came through with a significantly more modern version of the original games that started it all for me. Better graphics, more enriching storylines, the same investment into your troops that really make you sorry you sent your best man into a death trap... The turn based tactical methodology is not for the FPS-Only loving crowd -- Grab the Bureau for that one. But if you even THINK this might be fun, you owe it to yourself to grab it. Tactics, strategy, base building, research, financing, troop upgrades, manufacturing... They all play a part in the long awaited true sequel to my favorite games ever.


My Favourite Budle so far!!

umirza85 | Aug. 15, 2013 | See all umirza85's reviews »

Ive loved the X-Com series and getting Terror from the Deep, Apocalypse, Interceptor, UFO Defense & Enforcer in one package was amazing. Im just replaying Terror from the Deep as its my favourite and it has definitely stood the test of time, even better than Enemy Unknown for me. Most people will be buying this for enemy unknown, and it is a great update to the x-com series. I've sunk 200 hours into this game over the course of a month and I think thats enough said. The expansions to Enemy Unknow I havent had a chance to try but getting all of this in one bundle (for free - the unclassified reward level) I cannot complain at all. Thank you GMG!


Must Buy!

ninedoor | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all ninedoor's reviews »

I rarely play through games twice and this one has held my attention for some time now. I cant really put it down. The RPG elements of upgrading your soldiers and then having one fall in combat is great. I have visitied my memorial a few to many times. This game is like a chess match at times when in the combat mode. With the added DLC the game has a few things that happen differently as well adding replay value. Worth every penny. Only flaw is that is it so hard to leave it alone..... Can't wait for the newest edition!


Journey through legends

michalmichal | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

X-com games are something like a legend now. The earlier titles are respected much higher than most of the later ones. That is until the latest X-Com game was released. This pack allows you to see and experience the thrill of the whole series, with its ups and downs. It will take you from the earliest XCOM: UFO Defense and XCOM: Terror from the Deep, through XCOM: Apocalypse, XCOM: Interceptor and XCOM: Enforcer to the latest X-Com game with its two DLCs. Even if the original games may seem dated now, they're still much better than most of the later titles. And fortunately the latest game is a successful sequel to the originals, so if you still don't have it, why don't you just buy the complete collection?


Pre order Xcom declassified instead

zonzon | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all zonzon's reviews »

If you pre order xcom : the bureau, you actually get all of the above, and cheaper. (hurry !) And with the brand new XCOM. The original XCOM are just classics, old school classics though, get ready to get you ass kicked. And if you have to choose, play XCOM Defense, the other ones looks like add-ons, and are not that interesting to play, considering you don't like the genre. And of course, XCOM : Enemy Unknown is a must buy. It isn't exactly like the old XCOM (smaller maps, fewer units) But it's just modernized, not worse. Tactics are really solid in XCOM : Enemy Unknown, if you like it, you should definitely take a look at the older episodes, as the tactics in these games are way deeper.


Very good

Bolo | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

A fun collection, including the classic X-Com titles you know and love, and some pretty bizarre ones you've probably not heard of. In particular, Enforcer was an unexpected treat, as I didn't know there was an action-oriented X-Com title. Apocalypse has the cadence of Sim City, and for this reason, I could not immediately get into it, but I will get back to it. And Interceptor is just about the hardest game I've ever played. As for UFO Defence and Terror from the Deep, if you don't know them, here's a run-down: you control squads who perform tactical-based missions, retrieving downed alien technology to use against further threats to mankind. It's very well-made, but can be overwhelming if you're bad at tactical RPGs. For me, this is an amazing collection.