Reviews for Tom Clancy's EndWar


Interesting twist

Mandemon | March 18, 2014 | See all Mandemon's reviews »

EndWar is an RTS with an interesting twist: You do not control it with mouse, you use your voice. Although using the voice system is not required and the game offers alternative method, even the normal "click to order", the voice system offers surprising amount of tactical flexibility. Command system uses relatively simple command structure. Player first states unit or units he wants to give order, the order and possible target. For example, if wants units to attack the enemy, he might state "Unit 2 attack hostile 5" and the order is carried out. This creates an interesting flow to the combat. It does not how fast you can click on stuff, but how fast you can issue orders and observing the battlefield. The game offers three sides: America, Europe and Russia. Europeans favor speed, Russians firepower and Americans are balanced. However, in the long run, all sides are quite similar and upgrades equalize the factions. The plot is nothing to talk about, really. The campaign does attempt to portray the war as a some grand event, with everyone running their own show. The campaign is interestingly done, at the start of it the player chooses the faction he wants to fight for, as well as the battalion he wishes to command. Each battalion has it's own mix of units, some might have more tanks but less helicopters, for example. These units persist from mission to mission, gaining experience and player can use the money he earns to upgrade their armaments. Losing a squad truly hurts the players. Campaign has nice set of variety in the mission types, ranging from capture the point to sabotage, each with their own tricks. Battlefield locations also matter, as without air port nearby player will be lacking in air support. The multiplayer works like the single player campaign, except instead of fighting against other players, player is pitted against other players. Multiplayer also has persistent units. Completely destroying an enemy unit in multiplayer really hurts the other player, since just like in single player, he will now need to recruit completely new unit without any of the upgrades or experience. All in all, the game offers an interesting twist on the gender and I strongly recommend it. Just like I said, while the mic is not needed, the game is much better with it.


Good but not the best

roman9441 | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all roman9441's reviews »

I remember this game is release during the time i play world in conflict I'm so exciting with the voice command. But you will found that many time if you are not native English speaker sometime you have some problem. The game idea is really good but some how the strict of the camera make we cannot enjoy the game like we suppose to. Also the battle is a bit limit by unit available. But i love the upgrade system of the unit during the campaign. But this game is really lack of storyline. I don't understand why everyone fight each other from begin. Also the map during the campaign is replied and a bit boring but good for old time and it on sale what can you say ?



Bolo | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

This game is one that missed it's opportunity. It has some brilliant ideas, like voice activated commands and a simple interface but in the actual execution it seems to to suffer so while it's still a fun game to play you can't help but feel that there are a lot of other RTS games out there that do it better. The voice commands do work really well and that alone probably makes the game worth playing but apart from that the gameplay is pretty standard and the storyline isn't strong enough to draw you in. If you love strategy then it's a good game but if you only like a bit of RTS every now and then there are better games out there to scratch the itch.