Reviews for Dragon Age 2 & Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Bundle (NA)


Great for RPG beginners

enchanterella | April 2, 2015 | See all enchanterella's reviews »

The Dragon Age series was my first RPG ever and I loved it. It was a great introduction to the genre, easy to play and super easy to immerse yourself in the setting. The replay value of the games also is enormous, so buying them for yourself and keeping them for years to come is the best option here. Dragon Age 2 was condemned by many, but the thing that makes the game great is the rich characters. They're fun and by the end, they feel like your own little family. Dragon Age 2 is worth a buy on it's own for that. The pack comes at a great price!


Epic World & Fun Characters

lairdjaren | July 2, 2014 | See all lairdjaren's reviews »

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dragon Age series and can't wait for the upcoming DA: Inquisition. But its appeal well depend on the kind of gaming experience you're looking for. Dragon Age has a fun, rollicking world and fantasy-based mythos, and its AI companion characters are well-developed. Your dialogue choices and "their" perception of your actions is a central part of gameplay. However, while companion commentary will enhance the sense of choice, there isn't a lot of actual game changing choices, instead favoring a general narrative script. Also, gameplay is tactical. Although you directly control character movement, when your character is firing a bow, you will not be aiming. Rather, you will be selecting a skill and the game resolves the mechanics. However, this can be especially fun when you chain several skills from various party members together. The games also have a great modding community that have some improved textures and customizations.


Part 2 Was OK

chataolauj | Jan. 22, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

Part 2 was OK compared to Dragon Age Origins. I really don't think it's as bad as people makes it sound. I guess people don't really like it since BioWare is has a huge reputation for produce high quality games, and people's expectations were probably just let down after playing this one. I try not to have big expectations on most games that I purchase. For Dragon Age 2, don't buy it unless it's priced at $10 or lower because if you buy it at a high price, you'll definitely be disappointed.


Incredible Adventure

Patofilio | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all Patofilio's reviews »

Spltting this review into two parts one for DA:O and the other for DA2. Dragon Age Origins: This game is amazing, a classic RPG developed by none other than Bioware. Gameplay: DAO is an RPG that plays out almost in a tactical way, combat requires thought and planning, especially at higher difficulties, making it a challenging experience but with worthy rewards. Fans of Bioware can relate to other titles from the company such as Knight Of The Old Republic as the clear starting point for combat. Difficult to grasp but still fun, the game is action packed. Character customization is plentiful, letting you select even your race and your background, along with havering different beginning scenes and missions depending on who you choose to be. There's plenty of loot to find and dungeons to explore, enough to keep you hooked for several hours without even having to touch the main quest. Probably one of the best parts of the game are the companions, each one is different with several traits that depend on their personalities and backgrounds, but everyone is useful in its unique ways, making trying out the game with several combinations a fun challenge. Story: The game really shines on this, from side quest to the main quest, every story in this world is entertaining. The characters are well written and you can develop bonds with each of them, further unlocking their potential and secrets. Learning about the whole lore of the world is also a very fun task, as it is clear that the writers went to great lengths to keep everything covered. From religious struggles, to corrupt politics, DAO has every kind of story you would imagine in a medieval world. My only complaint would have to be in the dungeon design, with some dungeons even being exactly like the others. But overall DAO is an amazing game, with an intriguing story and difficult but entertaining combat. A must for RPG fans. DAO gets a 98/100. Dragon Age 2: The sequel is very similar to the original game, however there were a lot of several changes, whether they were for good or worse. Gameplay: Combat is similar to the original, except this time it is less tactical oriented, slightly less difficult but you will still need to plan out your movements with care before charging into battle. The other aspects remain seemingly unchanged. Story: It might not be as good as in the first one but that doesn't mean it's bad. DA2 focuses only on a singular predetermined story of man (or woman) seeking to protect his family from the Darkspawn as they take control of their world. There are less chances for communication but everything still plays in a similar way, the characters you meet are memorable and you have interesting companions, but don't expect anything as epic as in the first game. The repetitive dungeons still apply to the sequel. Overall the game is good, but not as good as the one that came before, in reality DA2 feels more like a spin off than a sequel, but its brutal combat and still rather engaging storyline makes it a must play for DAO fans. Dragon Age 2 gets an 85/100


Outstanding 1st, still good sequel

RedPhenx2000 | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all RedPhenx2000's reviews »

This review will cover both DA:O and DA2. Dragon Age: Origins, is BioWare's best RPG in my opinion. Similar combat to Star Wars: KOTR. The story is also engaging, if a little cliche, involving evil coming and you, the hero having to stop it, as well as stop scheming 'allies'. Where the game shines is the conversation system. An improvement of previous BW games, plus the friendship system determines which of your allies stay or go. Also, your choices actually have consequences since you sometimes have to choose between 1 or more allies getting their way or leaving, without being able to get them back later. The game has re-playability for the origin stories plus the fact you can choose different outcomes and get different allies on other play throughs. DA2 is not as good of a Dragon Age game, in my opinion. Had it been released under another name, it would not get all of the hate it gets, but the fact is the lack of all of the same areas, no origin stories, and more arcade-like combat serve to highlight differences between it and the first one. However, this pack is the best value since it's one of the few places you can get DA2 outside of EA's own store or on Origin.


BioWare does it again

PistolPete7556 | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all PistolPete7556's reviews »

Prior to playing Dragon Age, I was never a fan of fantasy settings, but a well crafted story, deep characters, and a dark and gritty world drew me right in. Dragon Age Origins features something resembling turn based combat, a bit slower gameplay, and a silent protagonist. Dragon Age II adopts some things from BioWare's other masterpiece, Mass Effect, such as a voiced character and a dialogue wheel. Although I feel Origins is the stronger game, both are worth the time of any RPG fan.


This is worth it!

Viadirc | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all Viadirc's reviews »

Dragon Age is a very good rpg and it is well worth the purchase. The ultimate edition for origins gives you everything including the expansion Awakening. The first one has a deep immerse story with choices that effect it. The second one is more a linear story with a better combat system. All in all they are both good games although the second one doesn't quite live up to Origins, it is sitll very good.


Great pack for sale

umirza85 | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all umirza85's reviews »

Dragon Age: Origins is an amazing Fantasy RPG with a lot of depth and a huge variety of choice and consequence in its actions. While the game suffers from a lot of menus and unforgiving mistakes at times, it is an immensely satisfying game which allows you to customize your character not only in your own class and race, but then tailor him/her beyond that to specialize further. It contains all the DLC and Expansions for DA:O and that alone is worth getting. Dragon Age II, while a fun follow up, is not an amazing successor to the first Dragon Age game. It follows a human character, Hawke, who is a little more limited in order to allow voice acting and more linear plot movements. It is definitely a fun game with greatly improved graphics but the story is wish-washy at times and it is not as strong in many areas of the first. I bought this pack for 8 dollars (with discount) and it was definitely worth it. With no steam/origin requirements, it is a great deal to just buy the pack here because it has everything you need to prepare for Inquisition coming out soon. Would be an 85% at regular price - 95% at the 8$ i bought it at - you absolutely cant go wrong!


Amazing pack at Amazing price!

Shanti | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all Shanti's reviews »

GMG delivers again :) Cheapest price you will find anywhere. Now about the games themselves- Dragon Age Origins Ultimate edition: It's hard to explain it, but this game will be the best experience you will have playing a game ever! You'll fall in love with the characters (Morrigan <3), you'll immerse yourself in the quests (Yes, they matter!), get moved by the story from start to finish. And you'll love the combat. The ultimate edition includes ALL the DLC so its the complete experience. The only thing missing are the promo DLCs which you can get free from biowares social site using your GMG Origin key. Dragon Age II: Many were disappointed with this sequel because it changed so much and delivered to little. They made it a little easier difficulty and made it more action oriented and not as tactical as Origins. It is still a very enjoyable game, and much better or on par with a lot of famous AAA games out there. But, it still brings down my rating from 99 to 92.


Played before...Wanted to buy again.

tv_ | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all tv_'s reviews »

I played Dragon Age Origins before on PC and it was a great experience. Later I played Dragon Age 2 on Xbox 360 and it was a great experience as well. While Origins is way more immerse than DA2 despite it's graphics, DA2's combat is amazingly enjoyable. So both games have its ups/downs. DA2 might not be a fan favorite but for what it is worth, it isn't bad at all. This bundle is a great price to set you up for DA3. You get all the DLCs and the only real downside is your opinion of EA and using Origin...and what a great price!


Great RPG with minor flaws

forgot2shave | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all forgot2shave's reviews »

Bioware did a pretty good job with Dragon Age but didn't follow it up as well with Dragon Age II. The first game feels open and as if your choices really matter. You even have a choice of race. This doesn't translate to the sequel very well though. It is far more linear and choices feel more limited. The talent system of DAII does feel very polished though. There's only 3 classes but all the different options still give some great variation. You can tank, deal damage with a greatsword, be a rogue or even a mage with different elements. The story isn't bad and as expected with a Bioware game, the voice acting is top notch. All in all, it's an enjoyable experience and for the 9 bucks its on sale for right now, it's hard not to justify it.


Great Game

rslancer | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all rslancer's reviews »

I'm going to go and say what everyone probably already knows. DA 1 was AMAZING. Very immersive story if somewhat cliched but still very cool.Characters and their side quests were nice. The skills were fun and overall missions was fun too. I think most importantly the quests didn't seem like a pain to do unlike the second. Part of that was the fact that missions took place in unique locations. In DA 2 you get lame missions in maps that are clearly reused over and over again. Its incredibly lazy thing to do and the ppl who made the game clearly dropped the ball in the second game. Overall the first game alone makes the purchase worth it though if your really curious and wanna try out DA2 go ahead, I think you'll find yourself pleasantly disappointed as I was ! 90 for DA1 65 for DA2


All the Dragon Age in one package

lok0812 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

A great series and definitely a great game, this package contains both Dragon Age Origin and Awakening as well as Dragon Age 2 in addition to all the DLCs it has released throughout the year. The storyline of all these games are great and truly felt like a RPG game. Combat is a mixed of real time and strategic combat where you can execute the moves of your choice, you can also pause the time and assign commands to each of your party members. Although the 2nd Dragon Age can be a bit disappointing, the original Dragon Age and its expansion are definitely worth getting and having the second game to play it just an addition bonus.