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Robot Apocalypse

DazeOfWar | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all DazeOfWar's reviews »

I hop in my sweet RV, grab the gear I have and head out on the road to stop the massive invasion of robots before it’s too late. While battling the pesky pieces of scrap I come across many more weapons and gear to help me become more destructive and cause lots of more mayhem. This is my long mission of harder and harder destinations to save humanity and rid the world of worthless scrap metal. Shoot Many Robots is a 2D shooter, with 4player co-op where you try to survive thousands of drive you crazy robots, while leveling up, collecting bolts to buy bigger and better weapons and gear to help you throughout this difficult task. There are three difficulties to make your way through which have an assortment of levels you earn a star rating. There is only a small variety in the stages in the whole game so you will be seeing the same scenery a lot but just under harder conditions. Stage types are get to the end of stage with only flag at end or some with a boss, and survival style where you go through rounds. Graphics and design wise I really liked it. It was filled with humorous gear like a baby stroller that you carried on your back, a gun holster with no pants, or a space helmet. Each one had certain attributes to help or hurt you. Guns ranged between the standard fare of machine guns, flame throwers, pistols, and rocket launchers. You were able to equip a main weapon, secondary, head, backpack, and pants. This gives you lots of variety and can turn out pretty funny. Gameplay was fantastic and very challenging. I made it through all the normal and hard difficulties but had to give up after a few insane levels since those are made for co-op play. There is no story to worry about just one you create. I only had two issues with this game which was the dead online community and no controller support. It takes some getting used to paying with keyboard & mouse. I recommend playing this game as it can be a lot of fun especially if you have some friends to play it with. If you don’t own it yet you can find it pretty cheap quite often too so don’t miss out on this one.