Reviews for World in Conflict: Soviet Assault


Small expansion

Mandemon | March 18, 2014 | See all Mandemon's reviews »

The Soviet Assault offers a view point into the other side of the conflict. However, unlike the base game and its American campaign, this new Soviet Campaign is very, very short, only about 10 missions. Missions do not even happen in a separate campaign. Instead, the missions happen alongside the American campaign, cutting in when the chronologically happen. Missions don't really feel that different from the Americans, you never feel like you are commanding entirely different army. Just a re-colored and re-skinned Americans with funny accent.. However, the story is very good. If you got World in Conflict and you can Soviet Assault for cheap, go for it. It does not really add much to the game, but the extra few missions spice up the campaign nicely.


Why so incomplete?

michalmichal | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault is a good addition to World in Conflict, but although its quality may be satisfactory for a World in Conflict fan, there's simply not enough stuff in it for me to call it great. The base game was missing a campaign that you would play as Soviets, and this expansion is supposed to solve this problem. Unfortunately instead of a full campaign we are getting only a few Soviet missions, which are surprisingly mixed into the base campaign, so if you want to play the new missions, you will be replaying the original US campaign with some additional missions played from the Soviet perspective. I would honestly prefer having a complete new campaign for Soviets, because the game was good enough to deserve it. So while the new missions are good, the complete concept still falls short of my expectations.