Reviews for Football Manager 2014


Fantastic complexity vs poor match mechanics

elwismw | Oct. 17, 2014 | See all elwismw's reviews »

I love this game. It's all and even more, I could be hoping for in terms of football managerial game.For years my favourite was CM 01/02, and even though I still love it, lately I am totally hooked up on FM 2014. If you like to do everything by yourself, and you are very meticulous person, prepare for spazmatic joyful reactions while playing this game. It has so much detailed content, that I can't imagine someone uses all the information he is given in order to prepare for the match. Every aspect of being a club manager is mapped to this game. This game has almost no flaws, except one... Terrible match mechanics. That's what makes every FM gamer crazy. It is no inaccurate, and makes you sometimes shout at the monitor, when you see your player standing 1 meter of the ball, and the opponent, who was 20 meters from it, gets it first. The positive side is - with every instance of FM game, it gets better. Hopefully someday we will have perfect FM :) For now, you can always switch to reading report, just like in the old days :) Just a note - FM 2014 have added new game mode, called Classic - it's just less complex version of FM. Interesting fact is, that it has cross-saves with PS VITA version of that game, so you can play your manager career at home and abroad as well :)


Kills Civ 5 In The One More Turn Stakes.

DBOT187 | Aug. 15, 2014 | See all DBOT187's reviews »

Do you like football, do you like managing a team? do you like pouring over endless amounts of data, and tweaking until you get everything just right...well I have the game for you. I have only played the classic mode so I can't say much for the full simulation mode. Overall it is an improvement from 13, but there are still a few errors (ie fans sad when you draw, messages say you lose instead) and sometimes the matches can produce some funny animations. Can be slow to load too if you load too many teams or don't have a high quality CPU. I'd recommend hunting out skin packs for team and players so you can get the full experience as some players and teams don't have icons or faces. Overall its a buy from me, until FM15 comes out.


Another great game in this fantastic series

Boddah | Aug. 11, 2014 | See all Boddah's reviews »

It's august, and I still didn't get bored of this game. Every year I get tired of it around april-may, but this year this isn't happening. There are a bunch of new features that wasn't there last year, but a few of them still need to be polished. There are a few bugs (mostly with GE), so I was really frustrated few times with my goalkeeper, because they are rubbish even in top leagues. In some games I would be better of without a keeper :) But all this a side. It's great game, if you love football and managerial part of it you will enjoy the game at least 7-8 months for a few hours per day.


Same addictive Same bugged

Alinasser | July 18, 2014 | See all Alinasser's reviews »

Football manager, the series of football (soccer) simulation that can suck hundreds or thousands of hours of your life is back for yet another year and another edition. so lets be professional and review directly: Interface: better than last year's and the year before, but still feels like a spreadsheet and a bit stiff at times. sound and music: as usual music non existent in game and they still don't provide a music player within the game but the sound effects during matches are good match engine: the BEST yet "after all the patches" but still, there's a huge room for improvement. well done SI, but i'm hoping for better next year. replayability and addictiveness: as good as ever. i spent more than 400 hours in it and still counting. u still get the crazy feeling of " just one more game" and the feeling of accomplishment after winning. it's a bit complex but for hardcore fans it is another great year. 8.5\10


Again great FM game

roncolemanfan | May 29, 2014 | See all roncolemanfan's reviews »

I'm huge fan of Football Manager games. I spend a lot of hours in FM 2013. Sports Interactive do few improvements in new editon. Firstly game is very well optimized, it is much faster than the previous part. You don't need wait minutes to do next move. New match engine is really great, you love it ! If you love football, you love FM 2014 too. There is no better feeling than qualify Icelandic team to Champions League or lead any Conference Team to win Premierhip. Must try for every football fan !!!


Again better than previous year

RakuPL_Markolf | May 14, 2014 | See all RakuPL_Markolf's reviews »

Hundreds of hours in FM world say everything. Most sophisticated football world simulation ever made by Sports Interactive. Transfers, exciting matches, injuries, up and downs and more. You can feel like Ancelotti, Mourinho, Simeone or Klopp ;-)


Best FM Ever

scanner786 | Dec. 30, 2013 | See all scanner786's reviews »

Everyone knows about football manager games from the past experience of playing them but this game is very different. The amount of details and control that is given to you is like no other managing game out there. You can basically make the game so complex that you will actually take more time with the back-room stuff rather than the usual tasks like training, tactics, transfers. The 3d pitch has also improved and is now preferred by 90% of the users to the 2d pitch. The gameplay on the pitch is also much more realistic and the changes you make, have a big impact on your teams sytle of play ect... Very awesome game, value for money.


Almost everything is an upgrade

TheBarcaShow | Dec. 30, 2013 | See all TheBarcaShow's reviews »

I am a huge fan of the series, been playing since 2008. The interface changed a bit for the better, they utilize the space on the screens much better than in the previous versions. For instance all press conferences are done in the same place as the inbox where in previous versions you would click to a different screen to do so. This is the same case when negotiating with players. Another great feature is integrating the Steam Workshop with the game. With this you can easily download badges, shortlists, skins, and little mods for the game and apply them within the game with extreme ease. They have also included an optional in-game editor for the price of $5 and also have a bunch of other purchasable perks such as no work permits, no loan limits etc. These were in 2013 as well but could only be unlocked by meeting certain achievements. 2014 also has these as unlockable features. Gameplay wise the game is a little more complicated. This game implements third party ownership which allows you to sell part of your ownership on the player for a little bit extra into the bank. Likewise, many players are third party owned and you may have to transfer the players rights from the clubs as well as buy the remaining rights from the players agent. Negotiations seem much better in this game as well. I haven't noticed a huge difference in negotiating transfer but in contracts it seems they are more lenient to offers and will actually negotiate with you instead of holding strong on numbers. I don't remember if there was a developmental list in 2013 but there is one in 2014 to compliment the unwanted list. You can place players on the developmental list and your Sporting Director will actively try to loan the player out. Nice thing to have and if you are loaning a young player for experience be sure to use this and not the loan option. They are not the same. I have had players question being loaned through the loan list but they do not seem to have a problem with the developmental list. Another improved aspect of the game is the team talks. There is now a gauge to see how players react and so far it seems players will react more to your team talks. In the past games I always thought that this feature fell short a bit because their reactions didn't seem significant but this game does improve that mechanic quite a bit. Finally, the really only bad thing I have to say about the game is unfortunately a huge issue. The match engine feels like one of the worst in the series. In the previous games I would be able to play a normal line without being killed by through balls and quick counter attacks. In this game I have to set my players to deep defending and even that sometimes doesn't help. Another thing which I have noticed is that the players lack aggression (irrelevant to stats) and prefer to jockey the ball than try to tackle. It happens extremely frequently and "Get Stuck In" doesn't change anything. I have also noticed lots of shots go off the woodwork. Much more often then the previous versions and also defenders have a tough time defending headers.Maybe it is just my team and my players but this was something I never had problems with in the previous versions. I sincerely hope that they fix their match engine. It is a huge hindrance for me


The best sports simulator of the year

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

I will not dwell much , little need be said of this great game . Just touch a try and fall in love with him. It is no doubt, as I said in the title: The best sports simulator year if you're a fan of football , and dream of becoming a coach, this is your game . 117 leagues in 51 countries , is a range of opportunities dreamed . Everything is easy, simple , effective, fun and colorful , compared to earlier in the series. We have a lot of graphs and charts of information that we have access to the statistics of the players of our team or the opposing team , to change strategies, among other things. Although there are many people who skip these things , other people like me ( a little perfectionist in these games ) we had more fun with these . The issue of transfer is very, very polished, excellent. All with an amazing depth that makes you think these actually leading a team and trying to book you your favorite stars . In conclusion , Football Manager 2014 is a dream come true for many football fans . It is a comprehensive and realistic experience , that despite his mistakes , at a good price , they can not pass up.


Best FM to date..

mwirmm | Nov. 27, 2013 | See all mwirmm's reviews »

I've been playing FM for about 4 years now, the series since has been steadily improving, with improvements from the clunky interface and match engine, up to what we have today. Everything has been improved, contract negotiations feel much more realistic, with less players upright rejecting any form of negotiation with SI finally realizing that money can sway any footballers opinion. Match engine looks a lot better and feels more realistic, with results being much less random than last years version. I used to boot up the same match in FM 13 and match statistics would be dramatically different every time while in FM14 that is not the case. The simplified tactic options are a good step forward in my opinion, most people do not have the patience to define every detail of their tactic with a slider and really, I don't see a need for that. Perhaps in some of the next outings SI should bring back some advanced tactics options for hardcore gamers, but the changes made this year make the learning curve less steep. The Interface is more streamlined and improving steadily, and with all the right add-ons it can become simply perfect. All in all, I'm enjoying FM14 more than last years version and it is without a doubt the king of Football simulation..if not sports simulation in general.


Best just got better

Thunderbaws | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all Thunderbaws's reviews »

With its new modern interface and improved match engine I could see right away It was worth investing in this years version. I love the way your introduced to your new club by the chairman then your assistant manager runs through the set up to allow you to customise how much involvement you have. However, the most outstanding new feature this year is the introduction of the steam workshop. This allows you to download tactics, skins, club logos, transfer updates you name it. All at the click of a button this alone makes it worth any fans of the series even lapsed fans getting this game! Classic mode also simplifies the game giving a nod to the early days of the game that some players may prefer.


Tactical Football Action..

XGpredator | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

The country of football simulations, Football Manager is still king. In addition to the settings into the order detail, we can greet the arrival of financial fair play or the care given to the tactical interface. But this episode is a bit stingy in real news than its predecessor, it is difficult to recommend a player already have the previous game and that the update is not effective for of paramount importance. But if you enjoy challenging experience provided by the title, it is obvious that you will find something to spend long sleepless nights along with your coffee on Football Manager 2014.


Another Fantastic Version

Than | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all Than's reviews »

I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks in beta ahead of its official release today and I have to say additions made to this version are fantastic. Firstly the new ways you interact with news items is brilliant, all interaction such as talking to players and dealing with the media takes place directly on the news screen saving time and allowing you to stay organised. Its a really small but noticeable change which really adds to the game. I am also really enjoying the new board interaction, after a rough patch of games the board will call you in and possibly set you a points target that you must reach in order to save your job. This adds a lot of excitement and realism to previous versions. All in all this is a must have game for fans of the FM series and football in general.