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Creative Fighting Game

GeoffAussieSpy | Aug. 30, 2015 | See all GeoffAussieSpy's reviews »

The gameplay is great, fighting is quite complex and will keep your experience very fresh. Not very repetitive really, thanks to all the wonderful mechanics, very creative ideas in this! The game does great to add variety. Cool art-style, the graphics are fine. Gameplay is wonderful, so much fun! The context is good and the story-telling is alright. The core of the game is the gameplay, the fighting, and it's fantastic. If you like fighting games, check this out. I highly recommend buying this, the price is unbeatable. I absolutely love this game just for the amazing gameplay, it's very, very enjoyable and fun to play. So goood!


Insanely creative

MadDemon64 | July 20, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Skullgirls is quite the creative fighting game, something that is difficult to do these days. At first, it seems like every other combo-based fighting game, which it can be played as, but add in how vastly different the playstyles of different characters are and how the number of characters you play as during each battle alters their strength, and whole new strategies become apparent that simply can’t be done in other fighting games. However, the most creative aspect of the game is the characters, setting, and story. It embraces pure ludicrousness that is somehow balanced out by the fact that everything makes sense within the universe; it’s like the creativeness of old comic books was used to create this video game. And the story plays off this ludicrousness and makes the characters believable and sometimes relatable. Of course, you will need to play through the different characters, and you will learn something new every time. Play Skullgirls. Its creativeness is something that deserves to be experienced.


Stylized entry-level fighter that's worth a buy

wuks | June 9, 2015 | See all wuks's reviews »

Usually I don't play that many fighting games, but I was tempted to try this one because of its artstyle. I was not disappointed. Not only is the game beautiful-looking, but it's also easy to comprehend the controls and fighting techniques. Each character feels unique and well-defined. Definitely worth you time.


Not gonna lie. Pretty great.

OmittingCoder | May 4, 2015 | See all OmittingCoder's reviews »

I'm not very good at fighting games but this one is definitely a keeper. The hand drawn style of everything looks beautiful, combat is nice and fluid, story is solid. Another cool thing about this is that (devs did this for the previous DLCs) the dlcs are released free for a week or two then gets a price. So if you claim it in that week it's free DLC which is always nice.


One of the best competitive fighting games out there

gmecca | April 8, 2015 | See all gmecca's reviews »

I have been a fighting game since Street Fighter II. I would bike down to the arcade to play for hours and spent more than my fair share of quarters trying to perfect all the characters. That love for fighting games has continued to this day. Skullgirls is an indie project made by competitive fighting game players, for competitive fighting game players and the love shows through. Each and every character in the game is unique with completely different styles and move sets. The graphics are beautiful in their simplicity, and the backgrounds are often breathtaking. The mechanics in the game are also fantastic, utilizing some of the best aspects of several other fighting games and some that are unique to this game. I think it's particularly interesting how Skullgirls features and anti-infinite mechanic in their combo system that itself can be used as a trap for players who really know what they're doing. Many, many, many details show the details of the competitive nature of this game, from the no accidental pausing mechanic (you have to hold pause for a full second before the game actually pauses during two-player), right down to the super simple button configuration. Also, the game allows you to fight with anywhere between one and three characters by either supercharging a single character or scaling down the power of each character in a team of three. It's a great mechanic that works surprisingly well. I only have two complaints about Skullgirls, only one of which is a real complaint. During the single player, the boss can be absolutely ridiculous. Like throw-your-controller-across-the-room ridiculous. Most people playing this game aren't doing so for the single player, but for those of us who still occasionally want to play it that way, it can be incredibly frustrating. My non-complaint is that due to the crazily competitive nature of the game, it's difficult for non-experts to find games online. The bar is set so extremely high that newer players really don't have much of a chance against those who are highly skilled. This is true of any good fighting game, but games like Street Fighter have large enough communities so that it's a bit easier to find players around the same skill level. If you can pick this up with a few friends, that's probably your ideal scenario. For those with the patience and love of fighting games, you would be hard pressed to find a better competitive fighter than Skullgirls. Grab a friend, grab an extra copy, and have a blast.


No button smashing here

anticerber | March 20, 2015 | See all anticerber's reviews »

So, I've always been into fighters....I'm good at an average level, I could never compete. I have lots of fun. I'm more the type that likes to try all the characters and all their moves.....I saw this pretty early on in development and was instantly excited..So when it came out I bought it right off Holy crap, not your typical fighter. The fighting is a little complex compared to most....In street fighter you can kinda figure out the character as you go along...On this game you kinda need to know what you are doing before hand, unless you just oh so desire a beatdown....So at the beginning it was rather frustrating...but after I figured out what I was doing it became much more enjoyable...The characters are unique and interesting, overall a very fun game.


"indie" WHERE?!

GatsuRage | Nov. 14, 2014 | See all GatsuRage's reviews »

Ok, "indie" stance for small team of devs, but this game rivals even triple A titles EASILY! It has top animation/graphic quality, at unique graphic engine that give high res sprites, and a very smooth and well tough out gameplay. While the game is not super balanced, it is extremely fun to play, and let's be honest here people, where a tag team based fighting game has been balanced? Always some team combination will rival or beat the other team's choice, but this won't stop the "not so good" team to win, if you are skilled enough you can beat almost ANY team you encounter! We don't have MvsC3 on steam,but this one, will definitely fill the gap. If you love fighting games, this one it's a MUST HAVE in your gaming collection!


Superb entry-level fighter.

Haymaker | Oct. 26, 2014 | See all Haymaker's reviews »

Quick Pros: Overall this is a pretty great game and totally worth the price you see (DLC should probably be nabbed while on sale though or in the other bundles to save the most cash). Quite honestly, I never really liked fighters until this game and it pretty much transformed me into a fan of the genre. It introduces so many basic mechanics from the genre in such an accessible form and all the tutorials are thorough enough to teach you what to do while still allowing for innovation. Quick Cons: Online play is kind of scarce depending on region occasionally. It's honestly a huge downside but it's still a great game to play with friends (offline or online). DLC is free for a set period of time to persons who own the game but then becomes paid (usually at the price of $4.99 per). While this may not seem too horrible it becomes much more so when 3 of the current 4 DLC are all characters and 2 more characters are going to be released. They go on sale as time goes on though and if it's a character you think you'd fancy then it can be picked up then. Otherwise, the longer you go without owning the game, the more it'll cost for a complete version. Artistic Direction: The setting is where this game really shines for me art-wise. The Dark Deco world with the music paired to it is actually kind of incredible and the menus, intro/outro overlays, and special move overlays all add to this feeling. Story and/or lore: The story? Why are you even playing a fighting game for story? Get out of here already. Characterization: Nearly perfect in my opinion. Each character feels unique and well-defined while also spicing up traditional fighting game staple character styles (except one or two, they're pretty basic). Final Verdict: If you're skeptical then you should absolutely check out some gameplay videos and do some research on the characters. Odds are, you're bound to find a character whose fighting style you'll fall in love with if you take some time and check it out. If you still are reluctant then I absolutely recommend you catch it on a sale. As long as you catch this game on a sale and put a bit of effort into learning the basics then you'll probably find it's worth it.


Was skeptical, but turned out to be amazing.

IPaidForWinrar | Oct. 25, 2014 | See all IPaidForWinrar's reviews »

I was initially really hesitant about getting this game, just because it seemed like a lot of fan service. The game turned out to be really fun, with very in depth strategical fighting that reminds me a lot of MvC. If you're a fan of fighting games, I would definitely recommend this game.


Fun and complex.

TigerWolfe | Oct. 19, 2014 | See all TigerWolfe's reviews »

Played this since the beta. It's got good animation and mechanics. Doesn't seem to be very conducive to button mashing, but would really work for a high skill fighting game player (which is I believe one of their goals). I'd recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of fighting games, especially 2d fighters.


I love this

ATA47 | Oct. 8, 2014 | See all ATA47's reviews »

This game really fits in well with my childhood. Since the good old times with street fighter i loved these kind of games, then mortal kombat took over me, but this game is outstanding. If you love 2D fighter games, this is for you. It has a good fighting system and no character seems to be imba( over powered). The graphics (visuals) are just perfect, the animation is swift and it really has good combos! Every character is unique. A controller is a perfect combination with this game, but that doesn't mean that you wont do anything with a keyboard ^^. What else to say? If you like these kinds of indie games then this one is totally for you. Also there are bunch of DLC's which i approve of. there is a free one, but the reason that i approve of its because I am an artist myself and i know how it is to sit infront of your monitor and draw effects and characters.


Okay, You Got Me

emptyhaven | Sept. 30, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

I will admit it: this game got me good. The fighting game experience is amazing. Fighting games have evolved well, and this game is one among others at the helm of it all, punching and kicking its way through the new age of gaming. Okay, it's not as revolutionary as I just made it sound, but for a game I was initially apprehensive about, I could say a lot about it now after it changed my mind. Sure, there may be a lot of pandering, what with the sexualized characters and all. This game makes up for it though somehow, with its smooth combat and engaging storyline, that I'm almost willing to look past their scantily clad bodies bouncing around the stages and appreciate the game for what it is. And while I'm not distracted by other things bouncing around *cough*, I'm most certainly mashing my way past evil opponents with gusto. And I mean, REALLY evil opponents. I always try to stay away from cheap moves, but some fights were won with a little less skill than I would expect from myself. that's the kind of challenge it was. Regardless, this is a fun game that fighting game fanatics should definitely try.


Literally my favorite game right now

Fourclops | Sept. 1, 2014 | See all Fourclops's reviews »

Skullgirls is a fighting game with amazing gameplay and intense battles. I honestly haven't been into the fighting genre since I was a kid, and this game gives me the same feeling I had when I went to the arcades to play with my friends. The fanservice is just a plus for the game


Amazing Awesome Astounding!

kbullock | Aug. 18, 2014 | See all kbullock's reviews »

Skullgirls is one of the first 2D fighting games to show such passion and connectivity with it's fans. The gameplay is super fluid, the art & the music are truly stylistic in their own way, and the characters have very developed personalities for a fighting game with no voiced story mode. 10/10. Must buy.


Really solid fighting experience.

key2112 | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all key2112's reviews »

I never was a fighting game enthusiast. In fact, this one was the first fighting game I bought. Even then, I can say I'm not disappointed. Here's why: The visuals, oh god, the visuals. The visuals are just incredible. It's really awesome how great the girls look. Plus, the swiftness of the animations and the detail on the sprites is just amazing. All the effects and whatnot are great too. If this game does something right, is being visually impressive. And then the gameplay. Like I said, I never really played a fighting game before, and I didn't play this one that much yet. Even so, I think I can safely say the game is solid and has a great learning curve. Ever heard about a lot of technical terms you never fully understood in fighting games? Well, this game has a nice tutorial that will ensure you know what you're doing when you're fighting for real. The difficulty is nicely adjusted, too. It can be VERY hard but also pretty accesible for people who don't have a lot of experience. Those two points explained, there isn't really a lot more to say. One might argue that there's not a lot of characters, but more are coming via dlc (and free). And even so, each character is perfectly adjusted, so I like it this way. It has a story mode and a great online where you can play. So, yeah, considering this is an indie game, it's just amazing. The lobby online can have a few problems, sometimes, and that's about all the problems I can point at. Seriously, even if you're not into fighting games, buy it.


Fight like in the goold old times!

Seibitsu | July 26, 2014 | See all Seibitsu's reviews »

Skullsgirls is one of those 2d fighting games that will remind you classic arcade fighting games. Most of the characters are female but each of them are so different between them that each time you try a new one you'll have to learn how to play. The story mode is simple, battles followed by dialogue and a final boss( which is really really hard to beat). Note that even if you play on easy , the game is hard to master and hard to learn also (haven't finished the tutorials yet). If you also love learning combos, you'll love Skullgirls as it provides great variety of combos, like classic fighting games. Note that a controller is highly recommended for this.


Pure fighting gold.

reginleifx | July 20, 2014 | See all reginleifx's reviews »

I have to admit, I am not a fan of fighting games, but this is the first game in the genre I have ever felt inmersed in. Considering it was made by an indie company (Lab Zero), the game has gorgeous graphics. Also, the animations are really well-made, which shows how much effort they put into the game. Gameplay is solid, with tons of combos, and a system that punishes players who create endless loops of them. The game may not have much content still, but Lab Zero is constantly working on patches, creating new DLC, most of which are free for three months after release. When it comes to online gameplay, you might have some lag issues from time to time. The Original Soundtrack is awesome.


Solid on the eyecandy, Solid on gameplay aswell.

EDGE1812 | May 8, 2014 | See all EDGE1812's reviews »

This a great fighting game, honestly. I wish, I had more of excuses to play it. Skullgirls is a 2d fighting game which combines a forgiving combo system (similar to MvC3) with a ratio system similar to Capcom vs. SNK (you can have up to 3 weak characters or just one very strong character). The gameplay feels solid,smooth and natural to fans of the fighting game genre.The graphics and sound are well-polished and the style is unique. It has the best training mode in fighting games i have seen as yet which will certainly make you better across all game in this genre. It also has the most sadistic last boss I have ever seen in a fighting game. Seriously, Omega Rugal and Magaki are shaking in their shallow graves. But it if you are a fan of the fighting games genre.


Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

RyuuSix | April 16, 2014 | See all RyuuSix's reviews »

The time I heard about Skullgirls I got impressed because of how the team is drawing with detail each frame of every character and I fell in love with it. The game play is addicting and fun. The music is wonderful and catchy (Dat Under The Bridge Stage Theme) And let's not forget that you are getting the upcoming DLC characters for free if you buy it now. Definitely a must buy!


Addictive 2D fighting game

xarabas02 | April 13, 2014 | See all xarabas02's reviews »

I got this on GMG for some Playfire credits without expecting much but after only an hour of playtime i was sucked in. Outstanding visuals, intuitive combo system and the art style are one of the selling points of the game (seriously, pretty much every moment in this game is a screenshot material). Learning curve is nicely balanced - easy to learn, hard to master. Just have in mind that the controller is strongly recommended


Came for the art, Stayed for the Mechanics

SpectreKelevra | April 12, 2014 | See all SpectreKelevra's reviews »

When I first saw Skullgirls I was interested in the Art and Animation for it, It was like it was tailor made for my liking, Smooth, Clean cut graphics, Solid line work, Robust coloring, and for its price, Flawless polish. I picked it up hoping its mechanics would hold up to the animation, that it wouldn't be Stiff to play of slow to control, And it wasn't, It's near perfect. Apparently the mechanics (and the game in general) was made y professional fighting game veterans, for professional/Hardcore fighting game veterans. Which is the second concept that's very near and dear to my heart. That someone would find a gap in their favorite field and attempt to fill it themselves. This is a title that caters to a Niche audience; The Hardcore Fighters, HOWEVER, its training mode is the best tutorial ever made for a fighting game, It picks up at the beginner level with basic attacks and combos, and eases you into advanced combos and tactics aimed at this game and most fighting games in a more general aspect. If you're not buying this game to play it, The tutorial holds up on its own to buy it as a "How to play fighting games". There really is not much more to it, It took the very basics of the mechanics, and polished them to perfection, It's the perfect fighting game however underground it may be, suitable for tournaments and casual play.


Solid fighting game

Jorgel | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all Jorgel's reviews »

From it's roost, Skullgirls was developed in order to offer a very solid fighting game experience. Every aspect of the game is well thought, from the inputs to the combos and mechanics. I am not a very good fighting-game player, but Skullgirls still offers me a great game experience. In addition to the great gameplay the game also offers beautifull graphics and nice characters along with a great soundtrack. If you are looking for a competitive fighting game or just want to have fun with your friends, Skullgirls is one of the best choices nowadays, in terms of both gameplay and art.


Great game

thegriffin8or | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all thegriffin8or's reviews »

Very fun fighter and is perfect for people who are new to fighters. It's got an amazing tutorial and the characters are all interesting and fun to play as! The game has a pretty good sizes roster of characters including the currently released free DLC character Squigly and it has more characters on the way! Definitely worth the full price if you have any interest in fighters


A Solid Fighter Inspired by the Classics

ShatokaMTN | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all ShatokaMTN's reviews »

Skullgirls is a game clearly inspired by the fighters many of us grew up with, such as Street Fighter II. The controls are tight, the gameplay is fluid, and each character feels unique enough for everyone to find someone (or a couple of someones, considering the game supports using up to three characters at once!) they feel comfortable playing as. Unfortunately, there's not much else to say about it. The game is your standard fare in regards to fighting games, which means there isn't much innovation in the game. I got my money's worth when I bought it at full price, but if you're not the type of person who pumps a lot of time into a fighting game, I'd recommend getting it on sale.


Good fighting game

lok0812 | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

There really aren't much good fighter games in the recent years and the genre is always filled with Street Fighters or Mortal Kombat but here is another option. While it is a good game it is really just another generic fighter game, that means nothing bad and nothing innovative. The game utilize the same formula as other fighter games allowing the players go 1 on 1 or tag battles. Special moves and chain combos allow players to come up with their own air combo to score as much hits as possible. Overall, this is definitely a new option for fighter genre players to try.


A Solid Fighter, But Not Much Else

Arcadium | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all Arcadium's reviews »

I really don't know what else to say about Skullgirls besides the fact that it’s a competent fighter. It’s one of the most polished fighting games I’ve ever seen for its price and it’s incredibly balanced but that’s about it. There’s nothing here that really helps it stand out to a bigger, mainstream audience like how Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Tekken do. Only the hardcore fighting game fans are going to know this exists and are going to be the people who buy it and that’s fine because these are the people who will dump hours into this game. It’s damn good but that’s about it since the online servers are slowly getting smaller and there’s not really much of a reason to play by yourself. The training mode however is simply brilliant and I’d recommend purchasing the game just for it if you’re interested in getting into fighting games. Not only does it cover the basics, but it’ll ease you into advanced tactics and even show you how to properly play each character in the roster. Almost everything you’ll learn here can help you transition into other fighting games due to the main mechanics being the same in most fighters.


Frantic, fun...

legmaco | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all legmaco's reviews »

This game was a nice suprice, insane abilities, great characters, fun storylines... Reminds me of the old capcom vs snk titles of the PS2 era. It's fun to play even for me who is very bad at fighting games... It's a breath of fresh air into a genre that needs it. You also get DLC character squigly for free if you buy this before 22nd of november, can be downloaded through steam after you buy it here on greenmangaming (Subject to change). Great fun, with hilarious cutscenes (^_^) If you like anime, fighting games or just fun storylines or fun gameplay then you shiould do yourself a favor and buy this (^_^)


A Solid Fighter

rydad | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all rydad's reviews »

As the title says, this is a solid old school style arcade fighting game. The graphics are extremely fluid and nice to look at. An entertaining and bizarre fighting game good for killing some time.


Same old, with a pinch of revolution.

HalexNOR | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all HalexNOR's reviews »

Skullgirls is a lot like your standard fighting game, yet at the same time, it is everything but. While the cast is not in any way gigantic, it is diverse and well balanced (something which not a lot of fighting games can boast about these days). From Cerebella (grappler fighter) to Peacock (pelt-enemy-with-objects-from-afar-while-they-rip-their-hair-out-trying-to-get-close-to-you fighter) to the newly added Squigly (who from my limited playtime I can only assume is more of a strategic "bait and punish" play-style) you'd have to be a pretty special player to not find at least one character in this game who lends well to your preferred play-style. The tutorial in this game will get you up to speed with the basics (and even some advanced stuff!) of fighting games, and really does help the average newbie understand the metagame while not only teaching you neat combos right off the bat but also how to defend against them. In fact, if memory serves me right, the tutorial in this game has an entire section dedicated to the successful blocking of attacks and how to judge your opponent's movement before blocking. Each character has a campaign with different cutscenes and overall the story in this game is surprisingly deep (as deep as a busty redhead using a parachute to shoot molotov orbs at a frankenstein-esque half-zombie half-killing-machine presumably 12 year old can get, anyhow) and fleshed out, and that is a very welcome addition. The online multiplayer in this game works well and I have not encountered any issues with it yet. Prepare to at least finish the tutorial and be able to beat high-difficulty CPU opponents first before you set sail for the fjords of online battling, though. 'Else you'll humiliate yourself by getting stuck in an infinite combo and probably feel discouraged from ever touching online play ever again. The only real negative thing I have to say about this game as it currently is on PC is that using keyboard and mouse to play is an absolutely horrible experience and anybody even remotely interested in playing this game should -for their own good- invest in a 360 controller for PC or something of the sort. I've found the PS3 controller to be hard to use on higher difficulties (due to a the analog stick placement). A fightstick/fightpad would still probably be the best way to go, but if you're just starting out, or hell, if you just like using a gamepad better, there is nothing wrong with using one with this game.


Fresh New Fists of Fury

saiyum | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all saiyum's reviews »

A big fan of fighting game mashups; SNK, Marvel, Capcom, KOF, Guilty Gear to name a few ; I stumbled upon this pearl. Absolutely amazing art style - lots of references and flashy moves - goes GREAT with my pc gamepad. Definitely one of those games that bridges the dimensional gap between console and pc gaming. If you love perky girls of all kinds getting rough in the ring, this is definitely the game for you.


Beat'em up love

Stebsis | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Lately PC has getting a lot of love from the fighting game genre. Capcom has released Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken, and of course Mortal Kombat by NetherRealm. Skullgirls delivers solid fighting game that isn't cheap with infinite combos. Hand drawn character animations are gorgeous and everyone plays differently. Character roster is a bit disappointingly small, though all the fighters play very differently and for the price it's pretty nice. Characters are very japanese in nature and a bit sexualised with miniskirt and cleavage showing, but it doesn't take anything away from the very solid gameplay.


Knock Em Up Then Knock Em Out

Deleo | Sept. 2, 2013 | See all Deleo's reviews »

Probably one of the better street fighter ordeal games I've played my self. If you're looking for a game that is a mixed of skill + entertainment. From the simplest combos to the most advanced combo this game keeps you coming back for more and more every time. The learning curve didn't seem to high, but it definitely has a high skill cap, and once mastered the game becomes so much fun. Other than the combos the customization of the game, so it keeps your attention for a long time. I'd recommend getting this game even before the official release.


A flawless fighting game!

ex1s7 | Aug. 31, 2013 | See all ex1s7's reviews »

While other fighting games transition to 3D and struggle with it, Skullgirls embraces the 2D sprites and delivers one of the best looking 2D fighters yet. The music is also stunning. Every tune for every character/level is simply amazing. Everything from the menus down to the character animations and the background screams style and though it may not appeal to everyone, the developers had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and made it happen. Fighting in Skullgirls is a joy, There aren't 40+ fighters but the game costs much less than other fighting games and each character plays in a much different way then the previous one. There is a character for everyone in this game and comboing with them delivers. Its even easier to combo properly thanks to the lenghty tutorial in the game which explains in great detail every single detail of the combat. This feature is the holy grail for every newb to fighting games looking to learn them because most of the stuff in it applies to pretty much any fighting game out there. On the online side, the game has probably the best netcode from the fighting genre and there are always people to fight with. I can't think of a single thing that the game does wrong. The only downside to the game is the lack of characters but that is being addressed as we speak. I strongly recommend this game to any fighing game fan and anyone looking to get into fighting games. This game is a blast!


An excellent addition to fighting game lovers

jrojas28 | Aug. 31, 2013 | See all jrojas28's reviews »

Skullgirls promoted itself claiming they were making a "fighting game for fans, by fighting games fans" and honestly, they did it right. The game takes arcade fighting games to a pretty decent level, where it could even be one of those EVO games. Combos and chain attacks are easy to learn, but hard to master. Each character plays entirely different. While some might seem like the usual fighters we find in any arcade fighting game, some are completly unexpected, like Peacock, a character that appears to be common, but unlike the others is mostly a ranged character with few tricks when on close combat, or Squigly (one of the latest additions) who takes on cancels and different positions to do most of her attacks. Even tough (at the moment) there are only 9 characters, I highly recommend this game, because those 9 characters are sure to bring you a lot of joy when you master them. Also, be aware that 4 more characters are on the way (they were funded in Kickstarter and one of them, named Big Band, has already had a little sneak peak). In the end, if you love fighting games, this is a MUST BUY. If you don't enjoy fighting games too much, but at least know how to enjoy indie master pieces, you should really check this out, and you will probably love it like i do.


An amazing game for new-comers and those with experience

Impoxdragon | Aug. 29, 2013 | See all Impoxdragon's reviews »

What first brought my attention to this game was the art-style (called "dark-deco" by the developers.) Each hand-drawn character has a unique style (fighting, attitude and feeling) that brings the game to life. The "vanilla" roster of player characters all have a unique design that are appropriate for its universe (though there are some complaints that believe it to be "distracting" and "sexist".) The game's story-telling is what can already be found in most games of its kind (not so much that it may provide a distraction but as much as it needs to immerse the player) and may even be found better. The controls for a gamepad are fully customisable and can make the game as easy or as challenging as you want it to. The controls for the keyboard, like any other fighting game, are not ideal for use on online or offline play (but are, again, fully customisable.) Feature-wise, the game has the training and tutorials to brush up on strategies or create new ones (the training comes with options to see hitboxes and how they are affected throughout combos and blocks.) If you've never played a fighting game, this game has built-in tutorials that cover the basics and advanced moves of most of the fighting-genre games found on consoles and PC but also has an "Infinite Prevention" system so you can actually land a hit on you opponents. If you've already fancied yourself a top player, this game will not disappoint (established as a tournament-grade fighter, this game won't over-simplify controls and the Start button has a 1-second delay to prevent accidental presses.) Quite frankly, it is a great game that is definitely worth the price of $14.99 (or your regional equivalent) with free, upcoming DLC that was funded by an indie-go-go campaign.


A refreshing return to the fight genre

darwings1 | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all darwings1's reviews »

This game has the best learning tutoriasl I ever see, with this game you can learn all the principles behind the fight genre, it features characters with great personallity, good music, sleek controls, an active multiplayer community, and all the challenge you can possibly ask.


A european take on 2d combat

zonzon | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all zonzon's reviews »

This game with an all female roster may remind you of some obscure japanese 2D fighting game. This one is not actually, but was orginally launched on arcade systems with support from Konami. It is a solid game, but definitely not one of the best, as japanese are the king of 2D games. The low price is the only reason to get this over a "classic" 2.5D capcom fighter. (may they be expensive though)


Great arcade beat'em up!

mahon | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

What a great beat'em up game! I participated in the beta of this game and now am playing the full version, and must say it doesn't stop to entertain me. With the graphics drawn in the classic japanese arcade games style, gameplay adjusted for the six button controls, I couldn't help the feeling of playing a real arcade machine. And you know, it was great. That's the way of the old Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games but with modern quality graphics. Not only you can play one-on-one games but also team matches with customizable team sizes. Also your choice of attacks is fully customizable, so it's possible you will be drawn to this game for a long time.


Must have have for any fighting game fan

ironhades | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all ironhades's reviews »

Beautiful art with fast, frantic, and intuitive gameplay make for an awesome fighting game. Great character designs. Option in practise mode to see hitboxes is great for advanced players. Just wish there were more fighters.


Wondeful Indie fighter!

Matimoo | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all Matimoo's reviews »

Skullgirls is an excellent fighting game by Lab Zero Games. The roster is quite small but every fighter is unique, be it Cerebella, a circus performer who wears a hat with gigantic sentient arms, or Peacock, a insane retro cartoon character, every character has a different feel, and they're all drawn in beautiful hi-res sprites. Gameplay wise, the fighting is tight and challenging, like you'd expect, but Skullgirls presents it with an interesting twist, the ability to have a 1, 2, or 3 character team, no matter what your opponent chooses. In this case, the characters are appropriately balanced so that a solo character has just as much chance at victory as a team of 3 characters. The game was clearly designed for those who love fighting games, by those who love fighting games! In conclusion, Skullgirls is an exceptionally well-made title for a bargain price!


One of the Best Fighters Out There for PC

DuranDuran | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all DuranDuran's reviews »

TL;DR: If you like fighters, pick this up especially if you like Marvel or anime fighters. If you don't play fighters, this would be a good one to start with. There are only 8 characters (4 or 5 coming soon as free DLC) so to many that may not seem like much, but Lab Zero has taken the "BlazBlue" route and made each other characters completely unique from each other; no "shoto clones" like you would seen in the Street Fighter series. The game is optimized for a variety of arcade sticks and gamepads and is even playable with a keyboard. Online is really smooth even with high pings thanks to GGPO netcode. Fighting games are usually not beginner friendly but there is a very well done tutorial that doesn't just show you the tutorial of the system mechanics but the actual fundamentals of a fighting game like block strings and mix-ups. Lastly, the tutorial mode is really robust showing you hit-stun, hit boxes as well as save states. If you're looking for a Marvel style tag fighting game with a ratio system a la CvS2, then Skullgirls will be the game for you.


A $15 fighter with a punch.

helters | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all helters's reviews »

Plays like: A slightly slower Marvel. This is a good thing or a bad thing depending on what your background in fighting games is. If you've only played street fighter and never marvel vs capcom(or one of the many "anime" fighters out there), this isn't a bad place to start. Skull girls is a much faster game, focused much more heavily on the combos you can perform. But no worries, even if you've never played a combo heavy game, it has an excellent tutorial to get you ready to crack some skulls(lolol). Visuals: Boobs. Uh, I mean, looks like someone put the simpsons, anime, and a rainbow in a blender. SkullGirl's art direction is hit or miss, if you like you probably love it and if you don't like it you probably hate it. It might be too much to ask that one should play the game even if they don't enjoy the art style, so while this is a quality game, feel free to pass on it if you just can't get beyond how it looks. Problems: It just lacks polish. The biggest problem fighting games face is other fighting games. They stay around much longer and people are typically dedicated to only one or two. Some balance issues between the characters(too be expected for what is a tiny team), and some issues(admittedly personal) with game feel make for minor set backs. They are, however, enough for me not to want to walk away from Street Fighter. Here's the deal: It's on PC now(and you get one more character!). If you haven't given this game a shot, this is the best version of it to go with. It's also only $15! If you like fighting games, no reason not to at least give it a go.


Awesome game!

hellinperson | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all hellinperson's reviews »

Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game developed by Autumn Games, a independent developer. This game is pretty good. It has fantastic gameplay, controls, art-style and sound. The game play has a lot of depth and it is really fun. The art-style and the animations are incredible. The characters are well balanced. This game lacks a movelist sadly, but you can find it online. Get this game!


that good

toasterflakes | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all toasterflakes's reviews »

ok to be truthful im not a big fighter video game at all, in fact i hate them, but i gotta say this game made an exception to that. i got this game because my friends recommended me, and i had credits and discounts. this was not a bad purchase at all it actually quickly grew into to my top favorite games list. why? easy - its easy to play - its very pretty and fluent - the anti infinite ai really helps the game be more balance for new players and season vets - there's actually something for everyone in the skullgirls way in this game - its training mode offers tons of useful tools to practice, like slow time down, block after second strike(improving combo chain timing) - you can choose to play with 1, 2, 3 character in your team. each additional character divides up attack and hp very well did i mention i hate fighting games, yet this game made the exception. if theres any complain i have is that, well i actually cant think of any so the question now is. whens skullgirls?


A perfect game for fans of fast paced fighters

PfantzyPantz | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all PfantzyPantz's reviews »

A warning to all new players, you will get frustrated and salty when you first play online, as you will get caught in long combos and mix ups, but don't give up! It's an insanely fun game with every character being completely different in playstyle, super fast paced and flashy as all heck. The style and music add tons of charm, and the animation quality is superb. It's beautiful to look at, and to play. It's a great place to start if you're completely new to the genre, as the tutorial is the best of the best, teaching you mechanics that will help you in every fighting game. The story mode is interesting, but very short as each character has a story to go through. They're full of great art, just wish they were voice acted... All in all, just buy it.


I'm still not good at fighting games

flawlesslogic | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all flawlesslogic's reviews »

I started playing Skull Girls recently and I've never been good at fighting games. But I am especially bad at Skull Girls. For my experience I spent the majority of the game using a controller vs using it with a keyboard. While the characters are interesting and the overall animations are nice I didn't find myself becoming hooked on the game. My main problem with this game is that the training mode doesn't allow you to perform moves outside of the movie they are trying to teach you. This can lead to it being especially confusing since the game tells you to LP(low punch) instead of what button LP is on the controller. Since you can't plush the button to see the animation this lead to button mashing until the move was performed. Once a friend got the game we hopped into multiplayer to face off for a few rounds. Multiplayer was a good time since my friend and I both didn't really know what we were doing. We started focusing on performing combos we couldn't do in training and eventually the game became slightly easier to play. Traditional games will have move commands similar to Left+punch+punch which usually means push left and hit punch twice to perform two punches. However, in Skull Girls this action means push left and two different types of punches all at the same time. I don't remember seeing this anywhere in the game but once my friend told me about it it became clear and made pulling off special moves easier. I found the timing in combat to be a little off for me and I'm wasn't really able to pull off the moves I wanted. Maybe with more practice I could become better at this game but like I said I've always been bad at fighting games. It doesn't seem like button mashing in this game will lead to a win like it could in other games. Overall this game wasn't for me.


Fighting, without abusive tactics.

berthor | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all berthor's reviews »

A very solid game from technical aspects, smooth responsive control with all the great things you've come to love from the genre, minus the things you hate most - balance frustrations and tier characters. One might not enjoy the aesthetics or the all female cast, but the characters do cover a wide enough range of unique personality and game-play behavior that you should find something you like. ...and as I've said, from a technical standpoint this one is a beauty.


The Best PC Port of a Modern Fighter

skullodream | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all skullodream's reviews »

Skullgirls essentially plays like a less broken Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (aside from a few key differences mentioned on the store page). Air combos, assists, snapbacks, push blocking, ridiculous supers -- most of the staple mechanics are here and it all feels just as familiar as you’d expect it to. Don’t know what any of that means? Thankfully the game offers a surprisingly in-depth and easy to understand tutorial that covers basic fighting game fundamentals, the nuances of Skullgirls, and a few things about each individual character to get you started. The character select screen may seem barren, but the uniqueness of the characters along with all of the potential team combinations and custom assists keep it from feeling monotonous. Animation is fluid and detailed, the soundtrack -- partially composed by Michiru Yamane -- fits perfectly, story is relatively entertaining, netcode is the best you can get from a PC fighter... it’s a pretty good game.



ianbeale | Aug. 23, 2013 | See all ianbeale's reviews »

If your finding yourself bored by the new iterations of classic fighting game franchises or are even new to the genre and are looking for somewhere to start Skullgirls is perfect. It blends two of the most popular fighting game franchises street fighter and marvel vs capcom whilst still presenting itself in an original manner. The characters are completely unique there aren't any clone characters that are essentially reskins, the number of characters is currently quite low but I believe an additional 3 should be on the way in the form of DLC that's free if you purchase within the first 3 months. The 'dark-deco' style is a really nice touch, distancing itself stylistically from other 2D fighters whilst still seeming old school enough for those that crave it. The game is very easy to pick up and play, it has an incredible feel gameplay wise which cannot be explained until you try. The tutorial is one of the most in-depth out there and introduces you to many genre wide techniques used in competitive play. If you've watched EVO and really wanted to get into the scene Skullgirls is a great game to start out with, it has enough to depth technically so as time passes I'm sure it'll become a staple of the competitive fighting game roster


Great arcade beat'em up!

mahon | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

What a great beat'em up game! I am participating in the beta of this game, and must say it doesn't stop to entertain me. With the graphics drawn in the classic japanese arcade games style, gameplay adjusted for the six button controls, I couldn't help the feeling of playing a real arcade machine. And you know, it was great. That's the way of the old Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games but with modern quality graphics. Not only you can play one-on-one games but also team matches with customizable team sizes. Also your choice of attacks is fully customizable, so it's possible you will be drawn to this game for a long time. And furthermore, by getting the game now you will also get access to the beta so you will be able to enjoy Skullgirls even before the official release, which is what I recommend!