Reviews for Payday 2 - 4 Pack


Co-op games don't get more fun than this

Highlander9782 | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

If you ever wanted to live the life of a bank robber and recreate some cops vs robbers action scenes from Hollywood movies, then this is the game for you and your friends. There are intense situations and missions that change constantly so that they're never played the same way again. Lots of potential to level up your character are available to upgrade your characters guns, inventory and equipment. Missions can be played guns blazing or with stealth. Graphics are improved from the first Payday along with the variety of missions available. Definite buy if you and friends are in the mood of performing criminal activities in games and being rewarded for it.


Great coop

Stebsis | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

In Payday 2 you have to pull heists, like rob a bank, with 3 of your friends. Things can go smoothly and police might even not be alerted, but usually they will wrong. Very wrong. Police are pouring out from doors and windows while you need to wait for the drill to finish opening the vault, and if you somehow survive you need to carry the heavy money back to the getaway vehicle. You can also pick locks in the vault that might give you some extra cash, but it's risky because it takes a long time to pick, police are coming and it's not guaranteed you even get anything from it. You can play this single player with AI partners, but the AI is just horrible. If you have 3 friends who want to play a great coop game, I don't think you could go wrong with Payday 2 4 pack.


Grab your mask, you will have to rob a bank..

simodeso | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

Maybe you are thinking.. but tobbing a bank all the times will bore me in 10 hours or less.. well not in payday 2. Some details will change every time, so it's always as the first time, maybe a cop appears or a security cam in some place, or maybe the door now is locked at the second try is unlocked. Payday 2 is very funny to play only with friends, because with stranger there is a mess. (robbing a bank is not that easy ) It has a low price and with this pack you can save more money. My advice is to buy immediatly this awesome game.


Amazing Game (even so with friends) 9/10

YYS1995 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all YYS1995's reviews »

Payday 2. life is to be a villain. Not just any villain we haver over here .. a big, bad one. You get to engage in criminal activities (in the game, of course) robbing banks, destroying infrastructure (now that's a re-laxer) and stealing various items... just like the criminal in the real world. With this 4-pack, you get to team up with your best buddies and be the best criminal squad you think you can be. Awesome fun with friends! -The pack being offered at a discounted price on Greenmangaming offers you and your friends an awesome but slightly cheaper pack then you would get elsewhere , such as buying it on the steam platform. Great game, get it!


Payday 2 will pay my day!!

y1985 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all y1985's reviews »

Very nice FPS game with co-op 4 players. Sounds familiar right? Nope it's not Left4Dead, it's about Bank job. Playing single player isn't much fun as you play along with your friends. Graphics were nice, fast pace game play, high replay value (if you still into the game :D) the heist will have a random thing. 70 points for single player, 86 points for co-op with your friends


Grab Some Friends and Grab Some Loot

CrimsonWizard | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Having reviewed Payday 2 already on the main game page, I will instead tell you the benefits of choosing the the 4-pack and sharing with your friends. -You get 4 copies for less than the price of 3, and then can add the current GMG voucher for extra savings, a fantastic deal. -Payday 2 is best played with friends anyways, and is one of my favorite multiplayer experiences of the year. -With all the heist's random variables, you and your friends will get a fresh challenge each time you play. -Most importantly, it's just a fun time, letting you act out the role of a professional bandit with some buddies.


Great game - AI is horrid.

reviri | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all reviri's reviews »

Great game, play it online only. The AI team is horrible and only useful for bullet soaking.


Best coop game out there

ThirstyBob | Sept. 1, 2013 | See all ThirstyBob's reviews »

Payday 2 is a great game, even given that it was released too early and there are a lot of bugs and stuff that needs to be added still, it's easily the best game purchase I've made in quite awhile. The single player is pretty much a non starter, and the random public games can be extremely frustrating, but if you got bros and enjoy coop games like this then there's hundreds of hours here for you to enjoy. Also it's only 30 bucks now. If you are still skeptical, wait til it goes on sale and then it'd be the deal of the decade.


An amazing game - Better with friends

Genericllama | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all Genericllama's reviews »

Having already sunk 50+ hours into this game since release, i can say that it`s an all around improvement from the original is every sense. Graphically, this game is nothing special when compared to triple A titles however when compared to it`s prequel its a notch up - More so in scale then is actual graphic quality however, when your trying to hit the FBI's server room while getting away with the coke bags in their evidence locker. The graphics don't seem so important. The team AI is a little on the weaker side, however since your looking at this 4-pack, i suppose that isn't an issue is it? Regardless, the game is better played with friends (or at least "pubbies" with microphones) but still a blast. Graphics 7.5 Gameplay 9 Music/SFX 9 Replayability 9 Well worth the purchase. - At the time of me writing this review, the game is currently 25% off. That + a 20% voucher implies that if you split this purchase with your mates... its an absolute STEAL. Buy it. Do it. (hell, contact me and ill gladly be your team's enforcer)


Perfect Pack

aitk3n | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all aitk3n's reviews »

This game is straight up fun, and with this 4 pack, what better way to spend your time than to grab 3 other friends and rob banks, destroy malls, steal paintings! This is arguably one of the best and most complete co-op experiences you'll find!


Great Value For Money!

gamerroverr | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all gamerroverr's reviews »

Me and a group of friends recently purchased the 4-pack of this game on steam. It offers unbelievable value for money! Not only does it work out cheaper than buying a single copy, but it also ensures that you have friends to play with in the game's excellent coop mode. Although the latest entry in Overkill's "Heist-'Em-up" may not be the most graphically advanced, it sure makes up for this in terms of game-play. The game features a large array of heists, which are the game's equivalent of levels. They have lots of replay value as areas of the map and the locations of various items are randomly generated, meaning that no two playthroughs of a single level are ever the same. This is great as the missions never seem to become dull. Also, Payday 2 features an extended RPG progression system. Basically, this means that your character improves over time and you can unlock new traits and abilities ranging from; improved stealth abilities, to more powerful weaponry, to more explosives to speed up missions... This game feels more fleshed out and worth the while, than the first game in the series did, and it offers a lot more veriety, with at least double the number of heists. Overall, it takes on all of the criticisms of the first game and perfects them to create a very fun and engaging game. My only gripe with this game is its Offline-AI. Playing offline can become tedious, because the AI on your team-mates is very basic. These characters are limited to shooting at enemies and cannot assist you in performing mission objectives, such as carrying sacks of money or planting explosives, making them feel pointless. Also, should you get captured in the singleplayer game, you will fail the mission almost immediately, due to the lack of an intelligent AI, whereas in multiplayer, it is possible that you can respawn, should your team continue to survive without you for a set period of time. Overall: (Each category is measured out of 10) Graphics - 7 Gameplay (Offline) - 7 Gameplay (Online) - 9 Difficulty Balancing - 10 Replayability - 8


Package of fun

lok0812 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Payday 2 have improved in all aspect compared to the original in therms of graphic wise and the overpowered shotgun of the police forces. If you have played the original you will know what Payday is all about. You are a group of 4 that m ust work together to get through the heist and get money and xp to rank up and unlock new perks and gears. New things added is the class system you can choose to be rather you want to do it in stealth or full on aggression is up to you. Another great thing is each playthrough is different depending on the actions or results of each missions so it will add up a bunch of variety when played with your friends. So just like its predecessor, Payday 2 is a party game similar to Left 4 Dead series except replaced zombies with police forces. With this package you can gather your friends and take on the hardest heist in the game.


Great 4 pack!

drafek | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

The payday 2 4-pack is amazing, it includes 4 copies of the sequel from payday: the heist. This game does have alot more features, it includes a online store. The graphics are upgraded. And the AI is smarter. The missions are more detailed, and much larger. This pack is worth full price!


Great Fun, play with ut friends

xXxNOYHIxXx | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all xXxNOYHIxXx's reviews »

You and your crew slowly creep down the back alley that leads behind the jewelry store. You whisper to the team to stop as you peer around the corner scanning for any rent-a-cops that might be suspicious of your activity. "Pop!" One bullet from your partners silenced pistol and the security guard is down, now all that stands before you and thousand of dollars in gold and silver is a thin sheet of glass. "Do I break it and risk being heard?" You think to yourself, knowing that at the flip of a coin everything could go south. "Smash!" The window shatters as the butt of your gun hits it. "AHHH!" Screams a pedestrian, your heart races, then the alarm goes off! "Masks on guys!", it's time to go to work. Welcome to Payday 2, the heist in on!