Reviews for Brink: Agents of Change (AU)


Best expansion for Brink

mahon | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Brink may not be everybody's game but if you like it, you might want to expand it a bit and the Agents of Change pack is surely the best of them all. It packs a lot of value for its price and is not a simple reskinning DLC. You get much more than just the two new outfits (sad punk and limey) but also two new interesting maps (Founders' Tower and Labs) and new weapon attachments (bayonets giving advantage in hand-to-hand combat and weapon shields than protect you from enemy fire to some extent). Still the coolest thing to me seemed to be the new player's abilities. So there is a tactical scanner, field regeneration unit, pyro mine, napalm grenade, and an unmanned aerial vehicle allowing to mark targets. With so much new stuff this pack should be every Brink player's first choice.