Reviews for Killing Floor: Community Weapon Pack 2


Cool to use in one map but only has one good weapon

TheForgery | June 15, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

Suffice to say, the Single Piston Long Musket is the best weapon in this DLC, because it functions as a cheap sniper rifle to use in the 2nd wave in many situations. The other weapons are meant for aesthetic purposes and perform rather poorly compared to the other base weapons of their respective class. Their overall design goes best with kf_steamland and can be used to show off to other players. In summary, this DLC receives a C from me due to having only one useful weapon out of the 4 in this pack.


Good pack of steampunk guns

Tiago0 | April 15, 2014 | See all Tiago0's reviews »

It is a good pack to have on Killing Floor. The new Tommy Gun has a larger clip making it a bit more enticing than the original. Orca, well, is a bouncing grenades, somethings helps a lot. Musket somethings is better than LAR and the Zed Thrower is good to push-back.


Cool looking weapons, but looks don't mean much

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 30, 2013 | See all Alcatraz_Inmate's reviews »

To be perfectly honest, the pack only has one useful weapon. The musket. While yes everything looks cool and has that attractive, unique steampunk look to it, there really isn't anything special about any of these guns. They are out performed by nearly every gun in their category. The Orca bomb is less effective than the other grenade launchers, the multi-chamber zed thrower is almost useless, and the Dr.T's Lead delivery system is average at best. About as effective as a bullpup which you can find on the ground. The musket is the only gun that can effectively be used and it's more for the careful sharpshooters in the game rather than the hack and slash zerkers or run and gun commandos. Didn't fit my play style, but maybe if you have some spare money and play killing floor a lot you will enjoy this pack. To each their own I suppose.


Good choice of steampunk weapons

michalmichal | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Killing Floor is mostly a multiplayer game and although it can be played as a singleplayer game with bots, it really was made for multiplayer, and with multiplayer games every chance of customization of your character is always welcome. There are many skins for player characters in Killing Floor, and a good choice of weapons. Now this Community Weapon Pack 2 adds some steampung-themed custom designs. And while I am often pretty cold about such additions, I cannot resist the style presented by these new weapons. They're highly detailed and decorated, with lots of golden-brass touches, and look almost magical. I like steampunk so this pack was a no-brainer choice for me.