Reviews for Eets


Great fun for Kids!

AkiMatti | April 8, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I'm always on the lookout for nice little games for my kids to play. Eets is one that delivers well on that aspect! The graphics and sounds are cute, the character is lovable, the interface is easy to understand and the game challenges the mind while still being fun! What's not to like!?


Decent game for fun

imperativa | Oct. 5, 2013 | See all imperativa's reviews »

Eets is a great indie game for make busy your brain. Never found a puzzle game like this. The character is fun too. As gojko said,buy this game for your kids,One thing that this game has many community-made levels and it's like a never ending puzzle for your brain.


Very Fun

DanielZo0 | Aug. 31, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

What a good surprise, this game are fun (with crazy characters) and have a nice touch of "Lemmings" and "The Incredible Machine" gameplay, worth every cent. :)


Brain lvl up

Gojko | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all Gojko's reviews »

This is a great puzzle game that will make busy the gray cells of your brain. Even if game is for kids 12+, also the older players can spend a lot of quality hours playing this game. Buy this for your kid, and watch how you are starting to play this game with him.


Fun & Great Price!

Trollfaceyomama | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

What an unexpected surprise, this game is really fun (with crazy characters) and has a nice touch of "Lemmings" and "The Incredible Machine" gameplay, Worth every cent.


lemmings/worms little big planet

comedychris | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all comedychris's reviews »

its very much like lemmings/worms / indie styled animation, with social/community aspect like little big planet and that fantastic, adds to the replay-ability and fun notion that you are involved in the creation or someones game.. :D who says games need to be AAA mass games this is a keeper :D


Really fun!

hellinperson | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all hellinperson's reviews »

Eets is a downloadable puzzle game developed by Klei Entertainment. I did not expect much from this game, but when I played it, I found out that it was quite good of a game. This game mixes gameplay elements from Lemmings and The Incredible Machine. There are many community-made leveles that you can play after the ones included in the game!