Reviews for Guild Wars: Eye of the North


Good if you like GW

Iluminatro | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all Iluminatro's reviews »

This is a addon for the normal Guild wars, not a standalone like factions or nightfall. Expect more of the amazing story of guild wars 1 with whole new weapons, armor and regions to explore. Graphics and sounds are amazing as always but there isnt much more in this addon. Its more of the same, nothing more, but nothing less so dont expect too much. The only really new thing is the hall of the north, which kinda acts like an armor, pet and achievement exhibiton. Here you can look at what you can achieve in the game. A nice addition but not needed. After all this is just medicore, but still fun. Think about buying it!


A must-have for Guild Wars fans

Mattiebo | June 19, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

Guild Wars is a great MMO split into 3 different campaigns, with each being a stand-alone game which connects to the others. Eye of the North, however, is an expansion pack which adds new areas, enemies, items, spells and features to Guild Wars. The expansion is designed to be a challenging questline in which you meet several new races including the Asura and Norn, which are both playable races in Guild Wars 2. The questline itself is fun and very rewarding, especially if you are planning on buying Guild Wars 2. The expansion also combines some of the three campaigns best bits, including Nightfall's heroes system and Prophecies' map. Eye of the North also gives the player completely new experiences such as the Norn and Dwarven Fighting Tournaments. The best part of the Eye of the North is the Hall of Monuments, which allows you to display your accomplishements that you have acquired while you've been playing the game and others which you can accomplish with some work. Dedicating things to the Hall of Monuments earns you rewards for the release of Guild Wars 2, and there are a lot of reward to earn, giving you an extra incentive to play the game in ways you've never played it before. Eye of the North is a great expansion to Guild Wars, and I recommend anyone with the game to buy it. After all, it's never to late to earn yourself some Guild Wars 2 rewards.


For those that still can't get enough of Tyria

Jahman | April 5, 2011 | See all Jahman's reviews »

Contrary to the games included in the Guild Wars Trilogy, Eye of the North is more of an expansion pack than a full-blown campaign. While it offers a great deal of varied content & greatly enchances gameplay, it does not unlock any new professions or character slots & does require the player to have at least a decent-powered character. One of the best features of the EotN is that it does not only give you more of the same. For one, most of the storyline is now split into 3 mission paths – those of Azura, Norn and the Vanguard – each taking the player to a different part of Tyria and neither requiring to finish the whole path before pursuing another one. What has really changed, in comparison to the GW Trilogy, is the fact that the missions themselves are not only much more cinematic & engaging, but also offer the players a much more satisfying rewards such as an ability to recruit certain storyline characters as heroes & skills unique to the allays the player is supporting (like the transformation skills of the Norn or “technology” of the Azura). While the main story is still kept on a very high level and is an integral part of the game, it is in the seemingly minor things that the Eye of the North really shines. Things like brawls, one-on-one Norn Fighting Tournament or new reward/reputation scheme of clearing combat-areas of enemies can provide true a breath of fresh air. Another new concept that EotN introduces are the dungeons. While the previous instalments did offer long & difficult sets of areas, the ones introduced in the expansions not only increase the difficulty greatly but also require to construct many new tactics due to the varied challenges they offer. On top of that, both the theme and the main boss each of those dungeons is unique enough so that it’s really hard to get bored while exploring them. Eye of the North also offers a little thing that can go a long way when it comes to players that prefer to play solo. Namely – it adds a lot of new heroes which coupled with the recently-added possibility to add up to 7 heroes into your party can enable them to create their own “dream-teams” and face the new challenges without the frustration of managing the under-powered henchmen. To sum up, while not as grand as the previous games in the series and not really the most revolutionary part of them all, the EotN is nothing to be frowned at. It provides many great experiences & introduces a lot of variety to the already rich world of Guild Wars. Top that with a possibility to pass some of one’s achievements into Guild Wars 2 and it becomes a “must-buy” for any fan of the original Trilogy.