Reviews for Saints Row IV NA


Love it, but Hate it.

Hobbs07 | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all Hobbs07's reviews »

This game wants to be a game not a movie like Grand Theft Auto, which makes it amazing the music placements during missions are just perfect and make you feel like you are an utter BA. Running around with awesome superpowers fighting aliens which outrageous guns is just so much fun at first, then the aliens start to get annoying. After completing the game and going after the challenges and achievements the super powers become OP, and the lack of need of vehicles is disappointing because you can just run and fly around the entire city. Recommend this game to anyone and everyone that can take this kind of humor, and that wants a good story.


Crackdown and Prototype, eat your heart out

Snotnarok | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all Snotnarok's reviews »

Saints Row has always been a more comical version of GTA with over the top stuff like dildo swords and cesspool trucks that you can use on houses. Saints Row has gone the whole hog and has given you super powers, super sprint, ice blast, fire blast, lift people with your mind, then fire them several blocks away with ease? Or just lift them to drain health. You can leap several stories high and with an unlock system you progressively get stronger. But Snotnarok, aren't cars now useless? To a degree yes, but you can also power them up so Nitrus allows you to plow through traffic. But Snot! Doesn't these powers make the game easy? ..What? No! The aliens are relentless, they teleport in, or take people over Agent Smith style (Matrix), send UFOs, Terminators, and even super powered aliens after you, and it's not easy to shake them. You've been nerfed as well, you don't have regenerating health, to regain health you need to kill enemies and pick up the health bits they drop. The game is solid, funny and considering how poorly Crackdown 2 and Prototype 2 were made this game really stands alone without competition. Infact if you have played Prototype, Hulks Ultimate Destruction or Crackdown a lot of these powers may seem familiar...and that's a good thing in my book. I'm maybe a bit bias as I've fallen in love with the series, but I can assure you it's a great port and just a fun game to play. Saints Row 4 however doesn't replace Saints Row 3 as they're completely different, SR3 is more GTA styled. Avoid Saints Row 2 on PC, it's an amazing game but the port is very lack luster and you'll need a more powerful machine than typically recommended.


Funny but can be too funny for its own good

spartanss300 | Aug. 28, 2013 | See all spartanss300's reviews »

Saints Row the Third was a pretty ridiculous game, and this one manages to up it up by a considerable amount. The gameplay is solid, a typical 3rd person shooter controls. The weapon variety is off the roof and there are tons of ridiculous weapons. However, sometimes the game feels too silly. I miss the days of Saints Row 2 where it was funny, but had very serious and sentimntal moments that made you go "Damn"


Get it. Get it now!

nightassassin1 | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

Did you like Saints Row 3? Did you like the GTA franchise and wish there was humor in it? Ever wonder what it is like to beat someone with an item you would not get a kid (not allowed to say what it is in this review)? Then you need this game. It is pretty much an even better Saints Row 3 or GTA with some crazy antics and humor. Most of what you can say about what goes on in this game is against the rules of reviews on this site, but the best way to describe it is GTA + dirty humor. Definitely not for kids of any age, but great for adults. If you like dirty humor and violence then this game will bring you hours of joy and you will feel you have spent your money well. Gets a nice 99 from me.


A fantastic superhero game!

Kyosai7 | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all Kyosai7's reviews »

This game is just fantastic. Not the longest in the series. Getting a 90% save file took me about 30 hours. You'll still spend plenty of time just running around the city and having fun. The entire game is an homage to the entire series, while also being incredibly meta and breaking the 4th wall. As an example, you'll have to knowingly fight the default character model from the original Saints Row, and even get some classic people from older games as homies. Seriously, get this game.


A hilarious game.

Augilicious | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all Augilicious's reviews »

This is one of those games you'll probably either love or hate. This is Saints Row the Third, with over the top humor jacked up to ungodly levels. A story built around mocking various movies and games. Gameplay is much like the Third but with powers. This adds a new degree of fun that, without it, would have been a bit stale. Customization has also been improved. However, owners of all the Third's DLC will notice most of the "new" content is basically recycled stuff. Still, a person can have fun with driving around, destroying stuff, and finding collectibles. Graphics for the game hasn't changed. It is visually dated for sure. The audio is also very good, especially the quality of the voice acting. If you loved Saints Row 3, then you'll enjoy Saints Row 4. If you hadn't tried Saints Row 3 but love humor, goofy gameplay, and not concerned with any serious gaming or sense of reality, then this is still the game for you.


Somehow more over the top than Saints Row the Third

rstokes | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all rstokes's reviews »

great game, it manages to go totally bat $hit crazy while still managing to keep itself grounded. You are in a simulation trying to fight alien overlords and restore earth. You can travel either conventionally in cars and such or you can just race across the city with your super powers. The main quest line is great and none of the missions feel like something you could otherwise do in sandbox mode. Saints row 3 felt a little hollow while 2 was amazing. Thankfully this game takes more after 2 than 3, its large, its fun, and its about as crazy as you can get.


A gracious conclusion to the series

beatstar | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all beatstar's reviews »

[GMG Mods: A repost from The Global Marketeer, my blog, with minor edits for content] Seven years ago, the first Saints Row was released to the English-speaking world and stunned dozens with its emphasis on customization, gameplay, and storyline. Back then, it could be said that it was little more than a glorified Grand Theft Auto clone, but over time the comparison grew thinner and thinner until Saints Row: The Third hit store shelves in 2011. The title finally set the series apart from its former rival; by elevating its protagonist to a supreme crimelord off the bat (for those unfamiliar with the Saints Row 2 DLC), but the sudden shift in character design as well as the incorporation of wacky, campy humor was often a source of ridicule. Saints Row IV provides nearly the same platform with all the decadence from The Third included. With that said, Volition attempts to make great strides by being inventive once more with its series, even as a once-scrapped DLC project. Does it live up to it’s predecessor, much less the series? Let’s take a look. The game starts with a young British woman recounting a very general history of the Saints from the beginning: the rise of pop culture icons from degenerate street thugs, and from their actions the public voted its leader (the protagonist) into the presidency. It seems like a very unorthodox place to put a protagonist; but then again, it falls in line with the events of the previous title. You are then sent to personally kill Cyrus Temple, anti-gang STAG leader turned terrorist in an international assassination. After that’s done, you’ll disarm a nuke mid-flight and somehow land perfectly in the Oval Office. Enter title card (just in case you forgot what you were playing). After that, you are about to interrupt a press conference until you are warned about the possibility of aliens attacking. Lo and behold, they do, and it’s your duty as President of the United States to stop them. If you are new to the series or haven’t played since the first, the game’s fast-paced action and nonconformity might be a little overwhelming, but it will eventually win you over as one of the most… unique and contradictory games out there right now. There are few similarities to be found comparing the series debut to IV, but the latter frequently phones home to the second title in ways The Third never really took advantage of. Like 2, there is a proportional amount of seriousness just as there are silly moments of camp and satire, and it seems that becoming president the protagonist matures in a way to become an ideal leader for his or her gang. There are countless references and homages to nearly everything in this game. From clichéd Hepler-written Mass Effect 3 romances (which are simplified here as push button, receive sex), to tired 2006 memes (Do A Barrel Roll), to Prototype and MineCraft, to minced lines from William Shakespeare’s plays, 1995 film Hackers, to 1989 film They Live, among plenty of others. None of these insertions prevent the main story from being refreshingly original, though. The writing is excellent both on a superficial and analytical level. Apart from a few awkward moments such as a few lazily written lines at the beginning and forth-wall breakage towards the middle of the story, the writing and execution of the lines are well-done and often amusing in nature. The vivid characterization of the protagonist as a “puckish rogue” (referencing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) compliments the extraterrestrial antagonist Zinyak, who paraphrases a Romeo & Juliet line to counter this sentiment poetically. The fun doesn’t end there, though. Shaundi’s druggie past and unexplained character redesign is also taken into account, as the major plot-point is to rescue your fellow gang members (homies) by living their worst fears with them. As the story progresses, they become increasingly outlandish, and you might be surprised to find out what they exactly are. The game’s dynamics are, at first, similar to Saints Row: The Third. The first things you may know off the bat is a more complex weapons system (upgrading your weapons is paramount if you want them to do the same amount of damage as in the previous game) and the [re]introduction of superpowers, depending on whether you played The Trouble With Clones or not. But your options become increasingly varied as you go along, eventually taking the shape of Tron and early-90s Beat ‘Em Ups. The AI has been greatly improved. This time around, there is an need for actual tactics to take down your enemies, some of which are invulernable to conventional weapons. Your enemies know how to take cover and hide, and the mini-bosses have shields which require the use of your superpowers to break through them and take them down with. With your superpowers, may find yourself doing fine without the need of a car or weapons, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as customizable as its predecessors. You can still pimp out your vehicles as usual, but now you can also change the design or skin of your weapons, which adds a degree of customization to the table. The side-missions (or Quests, as Saints Row has taken to calling them) are better incorporated here than in the last game. Every mission has the description and reward laid out ahead of time, so you don’t end up doing an optional activity by accident thinking it progresses the story. There are also “Loyalty” missions grouped up in this category (another throwback to the Mass Effect series) where you spend quality time with your homies in order to upgrade them with superpowers. Each of these missions are fantastic and jam-packed with action and plenty of humor to go along with it. Then there’s sound. The radio isn’t all that great in my opinion, but the score shines, much like Mass Effect 3′s did. The weapons do sound slightly less spectacular, but it’s made up for in part by the dubstep gun. Yes, you read that right, dubstep gun. Besides that, the voice cast did a good job voicing their lines and I have no complaints relating to the performance. As for the performance of the game itself, the game’s eminence of being in a simulation with intentional glitches is never going to be enough to excuse itself from its occasional crashes. The last thing I want to worry about is crashing to desktop half-way through a lengthy mission. Graphically, it competes with the The Third (obviously, as it was intended to be DLC) and performance is similar. To wrap this up: Yeah — the game will probably confuse the hell out of people not familiar with the series or those who just played the first. But at the same time, it will give Saints Row 2 fans a decent explanation to what happened to their favorite characters, and also give them a bit of closure. Saints Row IV is a risk-taking but fun space opera/comedy. With complete creative control given by Deep Silver, the game is a compromise the sublime and the ridiculous, and you should definitely give it a try. If you’re going for 100%, it’s worth the $50 pricetag, otherwise wait for the sale.



OmittingCoder | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all OmittingCoder's reviews »

Wow this game amazed me, i loved SR3 so I had to buy this one. Pros and cons here we go! PROS: Nolan North voice is always a plus Around 17 hour campaign (Actually took me 24 hours to 100% it) Saints Row 1 and 2 throwbacks! Wooo! (Goes back to how SR2 was on a couple missions) Excellent voice acting (Especially Zinyak [Bad guy]) SUPAH POWAHS! Character Customization from Sr3 is back and better than ever Funny dialog and references DUBSTEP GUN I could go on for awhile but now down to the cons. CONS: Gain super powers way too early in the game and it kind of makes it easy Having to go back and fourth, back and fourth to turn in side quests. Random freezes and crashes (Only happened to me twice) Cars are pretty much useless because you can get to your destination in half the time with the super powers. Graphics basically the same. Maybe slightly better than SR3 (doesn't bother me that much.) Honestly can't think of any more cons. Anyway this game is so over the top and hilarious that it was such a great game to play. You need this game now!


Very fun

AngryCharlie182 | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all AngryCharlie182's reviews »

I pre-ordered this game and have been playing it for the past few nights, I didn't expect it to be so addicting. So many customization options, many weapons to use, awesome super powers including super sprint/jump and freeze blasts. Many references and characters from the past games and some pretty funny dialogue. There are also references to other games like Dead Island, Mass Effect and so much more. I've been a Saints Row fan since the very first game on the Xbox 360 and it's been one crazy trip through the franchise and it just gets more insane with this game. Fighting the Zin with super powers and guns as the President of the United States is thrilling and fun, as well as the missions, activities, side quests and other gameplay. Definitely worth it for the fans of the series and open-world games, or for those who want to try something crazy.


Great Game

idobadbymyselfi | Aug. 21, 2013 | See all idobadbymyselfi's reviews »

The game is very entertaining. The soundtrack goes PERFECTLY with the game. It's a great addition to the franchise. The only problems I've had are a few minor gameplay problems that are actually more entertaining than annoying. Volition did a great job in taking Saints Row: The Third and making it bigger and better.