Reviews for Battlefield 4 Premium Service (NA)


If you're a BF fan, then you'll enjoy it

klusps | July 22, 2015 | See all klusps's reviews »

I know $40 might seem like a lot to shell out for DLC maps, but I personally found the maps to be worth it, especially if you play Battlefield 4 regularly. Each DLC content is loaded with bunch of new content from new weapons, vehicles, and game modes. The maps themselves are also to be admire because they're highly detailed and beautiful to look at. I don't really care about the premium skins, but they're there for people who are interested in unlocking them. Overall get it if you're into Battlefield.


Its worth it if you plan to play this for hours on end

Dflychamp | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all Dflychamp's reviews »

The premium membership is worth it if you plan to play this game for many hours and also if you're planning to get all the dlc then getting the membership would be cheaper overall. There are a lot of thing that you get for the premium membership like premium camo, skins and emblems but the main thing of this membership is the 2 weeks early access to the dlc and all the upcoming dlc. Overall if you're the type of person that only plays Battlefield 4 just a couple of hours then this is not for you but if you're planning to get all the dlc and putting a lot of hours into this game then you won't regret purchasing this membership especially when GMG offers their 20% coupons to get this in a lower price.



Th3o | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all Th3o's reviews »

This dlc is already worth the money. Not only are exclusives a very nice addition to your onslaught, the new maps look absolutely amazing. Also being someone that didn't pre order the Limited edition of the game, I lost out on China Rising...well with this I subtracted 10$ extra for limited + 10$ extra from the 20% off coupon from green man....which comes out to 30$ for this dlc....and there is more coming for it! The gold packs are awesome and the new knives are lots of fun! Definite buy for any Battlefield fan!


Is it "Premium"?

rafa507 | Dec. 11, 2013 | See all rafa507's reviews »

I bought Premium service for battlefield 4 for 2 reasons only: DLC is cheaper if you buy premium, each one is 14.99x4= $59.96. And the "extras" that you get for being a premium member. Extras include: Server queue priority, double XP once a month, gold battlepacks and premium battlepacks once a month and other stuff that you actually get by just playing ( though it will take longer to unlock ). Now the questions that you should be asking are: - Is 49.99 worth it for the DLC maps that I might not like? (Happened to me in BF3, I ended up just playing the original maps + B2K maps). - Do I really need a "premium knife" or a "premium" paint for my weapon? - Do I need server priority when there are over 100 servers with the same game mode and map that I want to play? There are the things that you should take into consideration before spending your hard earned money into this "Premium" Service. I don't regret spending the money because I received credit for future game purchases here in GMG, but if I wouldn't have, I think I might still be considering whether the purchase would be worth it or not.


If you want more advantage over others

mahon | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Although Battlefield 4 is still a new game, there are already many competitive players playing this game. If you want to get yourself some advantage over others, you should consider getting this Premium pack. Although it's not a standalone product but more of an update to the game, it is a good choice for those who like Battlefield enough to invest a bit more money into it. Not only it includes additional expansion packs with new maps and content, but there's additional advantage of getting all expansion packs with early access, which grants you two weeks of time to build up your advantage over other players. And it's very convenient for every player because it grants them higher priority in server queues, so you can wait less and play more.