Reviews for The Sims 4 Limited Edition (NA)


From What I've seen it looks alright.

BigEarsCross | Dec. 10, 2013 | See all BigEarsCross's reviews »

From the little bit of game play and images i have seen of this game i can say that i am somewhat impressed with how the game will play but not impressed with how it is going to look. The new "Smart Sim" tech we will have looks pretty dang cool and makes the sims feel more alive and not so much a robot who will reset after a action is complete. Animations look smoother and more realistic than any other Sims game before. The graphics on the other hand suck like I wasn't asking for Frost Bite 3 or Cry Engine but instead something that looked smoother and over all better not something that looks like Disney made it. This game looks to childish and cartoony but then again if we make it look more realistic we start to get into uncanny valley, What I mean to say is that this game looks like a free to play game and to compare it look at The Sims 4 and then look at The Sims FreePlay they look almost the same. but i can get over the graphics because they do grow on you over time so that's why i give this game a unofficle score of 78.