Reviews for Might + Magic X Legacy Digital Deluxe Edition


Nice game but beware min requirement

SQW | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all SQW's reviews »

Nice game. Some of the more nostalgic mechanics take a while to get use to if you are more familiar with modern RPGs. If you are playing with Win XP like me, you'll get no voice sound and some of the most god awful texture this side of year 2000. I know it's high time for ppl to give up XP but I can't see any amazing graphics on Let's Plays that justify the new OS.


Back to the 90's

PowerGreen | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all PowerGreen's reviews »

As the name suggests, Might and Magic X - Legacy is a homage to the older Might and Magic series, such as Might and Magic IV. Not to be mistaken with Heroes of Might and Magic series, which are totally different. Its much like The Bards Tale and Dungeon Master, so thankfully you get to create a party of characters will different skills - and you aren't hand-held (something sorely missing from many more modern games). While it is a shame that there are only 4 races, each race does have 3 classes specific to them - giving you an overall choice of 12 character types. Combat and exploration/movement is turn based, so there is no need to scrabble for the right keys to use a potion. Feel fee to take the time to drink a potion from your shared inventory, for example. A bestiary is available to help you defeat your foes, though much can be said for a fireball to the face regardless of the battle. The graphics are also straight out of the 90s with some pretty low quality textures, but there are some modern features such as lighting effects. Still, at least it runs smoothly! The voice acting is terrible, with the "Irish Elf" and "Scottish Dwarf" being amongst the worst impressions I have heard in my life. The music is fairly dull and repetitive. You'll get some joy from the sound effects though - as they have the old familiar tones used in previous Might and Magic games, such as when you level up. Overall, it is still fun to play. I you liked Might & Magic I through IV, then you'll like this one too. If you were born after the year 2000, then you'll maybe want to give it a miss - but who knows, you may still enjoy it anyway!


An enjoyable old school RPG

Sganotak | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

I've been playing this since beta and I didn't like it that much. The available content was very limited and the game overall was very rough and unpolished. However the full release fixes most of these problems. First thing's first, this is an old school first person RPG. You will spend most of the time roaming dungeons and doing quests, the character models of the party you control are not visible and there are no impressive spell and attack animations. So yeah, if you're not familiar with the genre, you should do some research first and see if you like it. At the start of the game you create 4 characters among four different races (human,elf,dwarf,orc) which can be one of three basic classes (Warrior,Mage,Archer). Further class specializations (like Mercenary for Warrior) can be achieved via the class progression system. The combat is pretty accessible and easy to get into but the battles themselves -especially bosses- require a lot of tactical thinking and can be brutal sometimes. Another cool feature is that you learn more things about a monster type each time you defeat it. There is a wide variety of available skills for all classes and the numbers of quests and loot are quite satisfying. However due to the game's low budget a lot of these elements were dumbed down and streamlined compared to previous entries of the series The story is pretty much non existent (as is the case in most games of this type) and no knowledge of Might & Magic lore or events is required to fully enjoy it. The graphics of M&MX are using the Unity 3D engine so don't expect anything impressive. In fact, M&MX resembles a tablet game in graphics quality. However that doesn't stop it from creating a beautiful and believable world This game have been in beta for so long, however a lot of technical issues that users have been reporting all the time still persist. I suffered a lot of framerate drops, crashes and graphical glitches in my high end rig, which forced me to restart the game. There's no point in releasing your game early in beta form if you're not willing to fix these critical issues by launch... M&MX belongs to a genre that you just don't see nowadays, and it's undeniably good to see it making something of a comeback. While it may not have the same amount of polish and options that Legend of Grimrock offers it can still be a very fun pick up and play RPG