Reviews for Nihilumbra [Playfire]


Fantastic game!

Numbi | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all Numbi's reviews »

I walked into this one thinking that it is going to be a straight platform game but boy was I wrong! The visuals were what drawn me in but the gameplay is unexpectedly great. Using different colors to influence the gameworld and solve puzzles is great fun and the creepy narrator along with the spooky music provides an experience that is second to none. Even if you are tired of Indie platform titles I urge you to try out this one. Oh and stick around for the Void mode after you completed the game. It's worth a second playthrough!


A nice little platformer, which brings new elements to the genre

asiersua | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all asiersua's reviews »

I just got this game, and apart from being beautiful-looking, it's great fun so far! If you enjoy platformers, this one surely won't let you down - shape the world around you to suit your platforming needs, while you listen to a strange voice telling you about yourself, the Void, and how to overcome the difficulties you find each time. Overall, although I haven't finished playing it yet, it looks like a great title, and totally worth the money.