Reviews for Trainz DLC PRR T1 A Fleet of Modernism [Playfire]


Drive vehicles of the modernism period

mahon | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Design styles also find their way into the world of trains. In the modernism period, the design trend of modernism influenced the way trains looked. And the PRR T1 A Fleet of Modernism addon pack adds some of these trains to the Trainz Simulator. With the usual correctness and accuracy, the developers represented some of historical machines, including T1 Prototype Series Locomotives 6110, 6111, and 5500-5549. There are also new cars to be pulled by these locomotives, and some visual variants of these. If you feel like driving an old historical heavy steel collossus that these beasts are, this expansion makes it possible for every Trainz Simulator player.