Reviews for Total War: Rome II - Greek States DLC


Great DLC, but worth the money?

tyleroi | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all tyleroi's reviews »

I received this DLC with the pre-order for Rome 2. The three civilizations make for a very different play style as you don't do nearly as much fiddling with the internal politics of your nation. In addition, Greek military units are interesting to field and are far more than just a pallet swap of any of the other civilizations provided. That being said, this is almost certainly a money grab on the part of the company. There is no reason that they couldn't be included in the original game short of wanting to first secure pre-orders, then to make some extra money. That said, it is an addition to the game. Short version? I think the DLC is great and adds to the game. Whether its worth the money is up to you, but definitely don't buy it when buying Rome 2. Play that first and figure out if you think this DLC will add anything for you.


Factions are decent but mixed feelings about prize.

wow120296 | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all wow120296's reviews »

So this DLC got alot of hate,because Sparta was a part of it. Fans began to scream that Creative assembly only cares about money and takes the faction everyone wants to play,and forcefully put it in a DLC with other factions that many do not care about. But putting that aside it is actualy quite good. There is three factions included the intelligent Athenians the infamous spartans and the horse riding Epirus faction. Most people bough it because of sparta and i can understand why. Out of all factions Sparta is probably the best,due to its fun position and good units. So Sparta and Athens have no problem with unit roosters. Epirus suffer from a boring unit rooster and barley has any infantry that is not pikemen and that makes for some pretty boring fights.In the end its fun playing as Sparta and Athens and see the story that plays out,and conquer Greece. So in the end its pretty good and fun.but it just suffer from Epirus,day one release and the fact that Creative assembly forces all factions together when many people might just be after one of them and they simply use this as an excuse for the high cost.


Already DLC?

Thomazen | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all Thomazen's reviews »

The base game for this DLC is Rome II, a newly released strategy-based game for PC, though they have managed to give out a DLC from the beginning? Milking the ever-lasting money-cow? I believe so. But this isn't about the greediness of CA, but about the DLC itself. It's incredible fun to play, finally, as the Spartans themselves, or the more intelligent Athenians, or maybe you prefer the overlapsing Epirusian Empire? All this you get with this DLC, unique units and unique fun for Total War: Rome II. It doesn't ring full stars with me, because of the high price of a DLC that is released alongside the base game itself, on the same day literally.