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Good game but looks like another RPG Maker creation

mahon | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

I am not a fan of the RPG Maker creations and style, but I am always fond of new interesting games, even if they're indie games. Data Hacker Initiation looks exactly as if it was made with RPG Maker (which most likely is the case) but it is luring us into a new series of games, which it begins. The game is set in a cyberpunk setting, with the main protagonist being a hacker, who seeks revenge. His quest will give us over 20 hours of play time, which is pretty good for current standards. And if you like it - there may be new games following this one up soon. Unfortunately I couldn't get used to the visual side, but as I said, I am not a RPG Maker fan. The story and gameplay make up for this and turn this game into something worth playing.