Reviews for Hexodius (EU)


Addictive little game

ivangroznyi1 | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all ivangroznyi1's reviews »

Though Hexodius looks like another arcade shooter, it's much more than this. It may seem shallow and simple, but beneath this appearance you get an addictive game of high customizability. I felt it successfully mixes elements typical to several genres into something like a modern dungeon crawler with fast action. Of course, it's not a game for long gaming, as you may get tired with the tension or even bored, but you will soon find yourself returning to the game for more. I's say it's pretty addictive in what it is. Don't expect it to be and look like a high-budget AAA-class production, which it is not. But for an indie game it is interesting and tempting choice for fans of shooting and action.