Reviews for Cities XL 2011


Pretty, but ultimately an empty city builder

lachking | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

On first impressions, Cities XL 2011 looks great. The graphical style is really nice, there are lots of different maps to choose from and there are many different types of structures and services at your disposal in building the city of your dreams. There are some other nice features such as being able to trade resources between cities and you can also zoom right in to see cars and people at close-up. It is also quite convenient that you can zone properties very quickly rather than having to click for each new house you would like to place. Unfortunately, the initial great impression is only skin deep and the game is at its core, quite lifeless. There is very little feedback given to you as the player, forcing you to rely merely on the text presented to you. Despite the fact you see cars and people travelling around the city, it just feels really empty and lacking in life. The music while decent, has the potential to make you fall asleep at the desk, and the interface is quite clunky with many different tabs which I constantly get lost in. The game's optimisation is also not great, with even my new computer struggling to cope once cities reach a certain size or when you zoom out entirely. At the end of the day, Cities XL 2011 succeeds in presentation, but lets itself down in its implementation. If you want a great city builder I would suggest you pick up Simcity 4 or Tropico 4 instead.


Are you coming to my city?

kalil | June 3, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The dynamics starts out very good and varied but time just playing, I feel that something is missing to round that dynamic and how cool experience seemed. The interface is intuitive but at first will seem very extensive. The graphics are good (and optimized for midrange computer) moves with a fluidity unexpected by the dimensions of the map. The best: -Never do two towns alike. -What you will spend great organizing traffic and city structure. The worst: -When you exceed the 10,000 inhabitants are very unstable cities economically if you have not specialized in any resource. -Very difficult to keep a big city if you live in petrodollars. -Is missing unexpected events such as fires, accidents, riots (which if present in other titles such as the ever named simscity. But even with all its flaws the game is highly recommended and will raise many challenges. Finally a tip for future players: Tomaros calmly and meditate when expand and grow the city.


SimCity but better

Stebsis | April 6, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Cities XL 2011 is really impressive and huge. If you've played city builders before you already know what to expect, Cities XL doesn't do anything really new or different other than the area where you build is really big. If you liked SimCity games I can recommend this. You build land for industry, houses, hotels, entertainment and all sorts of things cities have, and wait for people to start building their houses and start populating. You need to plan a bit where you put stuff, like shops and hotels so that people have easy access to them and not just put everything in the same area, and try to make it so that power plants and industry aren't that near the houses, but near enough that that they can easily get to work. It's also neat that there are kind of like premade cheats in the options menu that can give you stuff like money and all buildings, this is handy if you just want to build whatever you want from the beginning and not progress naturally, and it's handy for newcomers too.


Impressive city builder

oginer | Nov. 10, 2012 | See all oginer's reviews »

This game is quite impressive from the build point of view, specially if you come from the Sim City games where everything is tile based. This game isn't and allows you to build roads and buildings in any direction or possition you want, without limiting you to a grid. Graphically is also outstanding, very good looking and with a lot of details. When it comes to the simulation part it's more limited. In this aspect Sim City games are more complex and interesting.


If EA wont do it, someone else will

trinest | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all trinest's reviews »

Over the years there has been one missing element in the world of simulation video games. That is the elusive city simulator, which used to be dominated by EA with their Sim City series. However after the casulaization and slowing down of the series, it ended up been lost in time. However now a new developer has updated their own city simulator to be something magical and up there as one of the greatest city simulators. However when your starved for a title in a certain genre it can get a bit of "it can do", however don't be turned off yet, that isn't the case with Cities XL, which provides an amazing experience following up from the previous Cities XL and other titles in its series. The game features an elaborate economy function which has your maps been created with goals of tourism, oil digging or other city altering changes. They make the game easier or harder too, depending on your skills you would defiantly want to start off with more resources, which is one disappointing fact about Cities XL, its a "take what you can" manner when it comes the world, with the worlds been auto generated, you wont find any custom maps shaped like New York or any other city you can imagine.


The ultimate city builder

gege_le_keke | May 9, 2011 | See all gege_le_keke's reviews »

If you loved the Sim City games, you can't miss Cities XL 2011. The diversity of the game is stunning, there are loads of content like buildings and monuments which ensure that your city will be unique. You can create connections between your cities in order to trade between them, which is a sweet feature. If you played Sim City 4: Rush hour, you'll be familiar with the transport system that lets you build bridges and public transportation. The economy part of the game is also very neat, you have access to all the information you need in order to balance the taxes and cut fundings. A must have for any sim-loving fan!