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One of the best strategy games and now patched

nifeleki | June 9, 2015 | See all nifeleki's reviews »

The total war franchise is one of my most favorite and Rome 2 emperors edition my most played on steam.Creative Assembly is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the game industry but Rome 2 had many problems.Problems that made a but impression in the community and produced a black sheep on their accomplishments. Rome 2 had plenty of bugs and glitches ,bad optimization and a very slow performance.All of that combined to the dlcs that constantly come out on a price made a bad start up for the game.Thankfully all of this belong in the past.Creative Assembly after many updates make it work and offer us the emperors edition of the game that includes all the updates and patches and the Imperator Augustus Campaign pack dlc. As the name precedes players starts their campaign in the era of Rome. The map is large with 65 unplayable factions more than ever, the playable factions are enough to start again and again (10) and the combat system, as you should hope to be with many options to choose for your fighting style.There many changes in the political system, the skill trees of the generals, negotiations with other factions and the artificial intelligence considering the navy battles, sieges etc.Plus the most important, turns are going faster.In the first edition of the game every turn needed at least 1-2 minutes to end ,now is 20-30 seconds.Multiplayer battles are ok and i say ok because it take a long time for a game to start and especially when there more players involved for preparation. The game supports ultra-wide screen monitors without a problem. The visuals are more than ok and Rome 2 is playable on average pcs. Considering the gameplay time well,its limitless you play as long as you wish, i have 300+ hours and i keep going. It is one of the best strategy games out there and now patched.


After updates masterpiece!

kauppinensb | June 4, 2015 | See all kauppinensb's reviews »

I've got this sale last December. Rome 2 is my favourite real time/turn based strategy game after Shogun 2. I have +180h gameplay now (includes two normal difficulty campaign, two legendary difficulty and some multiplayer too). There is lots of content that you will not ever see because massive package. Every faction is historically accurate modeled and have many differences between other factions. Every campaign is differend, also if you play with same faction. Positive things are massive content, unit variety, micromanagering, good performance finally after patches, politics and massive battles (buy also blood and gore dlc;D) Negative things are at graphics (suprice!). Units and vegetation are looking good, buildings are beutiful, but there is lack of msaa antialiasing and use of anisotrophic filtering. These are essential for many pc gamers. Luckily there is modding community with fixes and endless modifications. I always use SweetFX -injector because jaggies and to get more sharpness because anisotrophic filtering is'nt working after patches. Game is basic Total War experience with turn based politics, economy, city building etc. with real time battles with thousands of units on screen. Game was broken before Emperor Edition -update. Now game runs smooth at battles and campaign map. There were many slowdowns at especially siege battles before and Al was always doing stupid things after slowdowns. Now these are fixed, but you still need powerful cpu to run this game properly. Rome 2 is better game than Shogun 2 and have also better potential. Shogun 2 is only better because better graphic quality optimization and better look. Buy this and get some graphic mods!


There's a reason why it's price never drops!

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

I played the Original Total War: Rome for hours on end, and I gladly did it once again with this game, because it continues to deliver the awesome Total War feeling to a game. A lots of people don't like it because of the very clustered feeling to the game, and I DO have to agree with them that it can get a little annoying at times. The graphics in this game are beyond great, they are so unique and original, and defines the beauty of Rome in the RTS game. The game continues to deliver the "All Out War" feeling that Total War IS, and I love it. It's so massive on scale, and it feels epic throughout the entire battle. I honestly loved this game (almost as much as the original) and it will definitely go down in history as one of the better Total War games in the series.


Very good game!!

byE1eKtro | Nov. 3, 2014 | See all byE1eKtro's reviews »

Rome II does reissue the great level of quality of the Total War series, and does so with a conservative but highly recommendable game. Perhaps news has less than expected, and having sometimes are more showy than useful, but with the base of the Creative Assembly series continues demonstrating unusual skill. Loaded with rich content, and a duration that almost exceeds the limits of the imaginable, the new RTS offers us again the best way to experience some of the eternal battles in history of mankind.


Emperor Edition Solve big problems

ansonicte | Oct. 1, 2014 | See all ansonicte's reviews »

Personally I love the Total War series, and may not be objective or bastente may be more demanding, the truth about other games in the series I love the theme reclutamineto of units within an army without having to come from some instead of your empire, some criticize jeugo simple but I have not played enough in higher difficulties if civil war breaks out is quite difficult and must be very careful with the newly conquered cities so they will not revolt. The last emperor free DLC edition fixes many bugs and improves performance personally on my pc that is 4 years old and was in his mid-range day.And also greatly improves the AI ​​errors and faults with boats. Personally this last update, taking into account that the game is cheaper than a year ago is an insured for fans of the franchise purchase.


Total Chore

ROCKLOBSTA | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all ROCKLOBSTA's reviews »

Note: I will not refer to the misleading E3 Pre-Alpha demo because that was just a Pre-Alpha - Even if we expect CA to deliver something better than what is shown on a Pre-Alpha. Rome II was a total disappointment. From when I first installed it I had experienced issues, at one point the game would not work which would mean I had to verify the integrity of the game cache. I remember the dread of the tutorial levels where the enemy would randomly walk away endlessly from my horribly overpowered Hastatii and Triarii before finally dying. If only I could speed this process up, but the problem was that the fast forward function was not working at all. The UI was unintuitive and annoying to use. Building stuff became tedious and it felt like I was playing a touchscreen version of a game. In order to get helpful information about a unit, I have to hover my mouse over the unit card for a while and sometimes I am prompted to open a website because screw people without properly functioning internet connections. Rome (despite being the title and "starter" faction) is hard to play, sometimes maddeningly so. You are literally surrounded by enemies and your townsfolk are never happy; it's like my cities are inhabited by teenagers. So this already confuses the uninitiated and "new" who might want to play this Total War title before the others who are now unwilling to try the others. The game performs poorly, optimization is all over the place. You can run this game on ultra and it will run smoothly, but put it on medium with the overpriced Blood and Gore pack on and the FPS will drop like Skrillex's bass. Performance varies heavily between different GPUs so this doesn't help the consumer choose the right GPU to play this game with. However, the map design is really well done and I must admit that the ability to wait a few days for the weather to improve is nice, even though it is eventually redundant because you always end up with "Dry" climate because that doesn't work against you or the enemy. The opening cinematic is also decently animated but doesn't have the same feel as Napoleon or Empire's openings. Play Shogun II, Empire, Rome I or Medieval II instead and ignore this game's existence like the real fans had to before they got punished even further by Creative Assembly's nonsensical bombardment of stupid DLC like Blood and Gore and the ability to have pirates in the game, both of those are free or already in the game.


2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back.

seacarrot | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all seacarrot's reviews »

Obvious comparison is with the beloved Rome Total War, of which this is a upgrade in all the essentials, graphically a leap and on par with Shogun 2, UI is clean and usable, day one bugs and glitches aside. It does however take a slightly different direction in gameplay, no longer a choice between 3 of the Roman families, its already a unified Rome. Lacking complexity in family and the Senate, it leads to a rather dry campaign experience. Coupled with lazy AI and some downright bizarre battle behavior, it leaves a bittersweet/what could have been taste in the mouth. Worth the go for a fan of the series to make your own judgement, but for a first timer to the series I'd recommend Shogun 2 instead.


Good and the bad

Joe39 | July 30, 2014 | See all Joe39's reviews »

Lets be honest - i enjoy playing this game, i have enjoyed all of the Total War series - However there are many things that Rome 2 brings that both improve gameplay and still plague it. Number 1 "BAD" - Unit Collision, I am sick of this cluster♥♥♥♥ situation since empire total war where units on the battle field cant ♥♥♥♥ing hack at each other one on another, this is a TOTAL WAR GAME - Not a ♥♥♥♥ing dance fest. Number 2 - "GOOD" - After 10 patches they finally may have fixed the dumb A.I - Perhaps the water supply in CA's department in this has finally been filtered, i can finally play Rome 2 "in rome" without the men getting caught on their ladders and going around in circles. In short, if you delayed playing this game until now then i would buy it if it was on special, plus the MOD's for this game aren't too bad, just don't buy the DLC unless your ready for a whoring feast of same ♥♥♥♥, different outfit.


Dull and Lifeless

Mikester7 | July 17, 2014 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

Aside from faction, unit and map diversity and size, Rome II fails to come close to the previous titles in enjoyment, even after 10 months of updates. The game is quite playable now but is still buggier than Shogun II and most of the features are just dull in comparison. The barbarians seem underrepresented, AI is painfully stupid, especially in the campaign map, unmemorable music (interestingly the first TW title to not have the original composer *snore*), research is HORRIBLE compared to Shogun II, zero charm, building is quite poor and some of the small meta changes I don't really enjoy. Not to mention, the amount of DLC in terms of price is already higher than Shogun II, which for a flawed game, is pretty hilarious. I realise that topping the behemoth that is Shogun II is probably impossible, but Rome II isn't even in the same ballpark. The game is painfully average in enjoyment for a video game and is pretty terrible for a Total war title. I haven't tried mods, but I'll give them a go first before giving up. Rome II is simply by far the poorest Total War game to date and is simply dull and lifeless.


Nope. Just nope

Mixxer5 | Feb. 14, 2014 | See all Mixxer5's reviews »

It's hard to put in words what I feel playing R2. I've been waiting for this game long time, hoping to bring civilization to Europe... Again. What could've gone wrong? Rome 1 was perfect (at least at its release)- it needed polishing, new graphic, bigger armies, better diplomacy and politics. It'd be ultimate strategy game. Instead developers removed everything that added depth to previous games (or rather- pre Empire ones): family tree, interesting trait system, huge pool of units and buildings to choose from and fairly advanced system of dependencies among cities. Instead they added bugs, politic system that doesn't make sense (as it can have only one solution- and always bad one), lack of optimization and above all- completely broken AI acting even worse than it did in previous games... Above may not sound too bad. After all removed pieces didn't look very important in R1, bugs can be ironed out, game can be optimized, politics removed, AI fixed... But that's not true. It's impossible to overlook all these things, because Rome 2 consists almost only of battles. City expanding is dumbed down to ridiculous point (biggest cities can have 8 buildings), generals die so fast that it's not worth to even care about their progress and unit rooster looks empty. there might be plenty of units available, but they're mostly not worth recruiting (while AI recruits only cheapest units- just to fill it's armies). In R1 unit diversity was key to victory, here it's just obstacle between player and battle. But battles aren't worth playing too... Because all the time same armies fight against same armies, commanded by same player (what a surprise) and AI unable to properly react to situation on battlefield. All in all- it's worth to buy it once it's really, really cheap- if only to see how bad this game is.


Total Review: Rome II ------> Buy It or Not?

koticpaxx | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all koticpaxx's reviews »

Long story short, get this game if you're a fan of the TW series. Get it if you don't mind bugginess (is that a word?). HOWEVER, get it when it's on sale! Long story long, TW:R2 was an overall fun experience. The prologue was alright, just standard TW stuff here. The Campaign mode is meh, and the fact that Athens and Sparta are DLC content really pisses me off. The Multiplayer is fun, especially when you have multiple factions fighting. The addition of the army expansion in the Custom Battles allows you to create battles on epic proportions, assuming your computer can handle it. OH, and make sure your computer can handle. Large armies can make your FPS drop down to hell and make sure you never see them again. The graphics on low makes it on par with Empire: Total War on high settings (shout out to Empire: Total War!). Though it may say the minimum system requirements, trust me, get it when you have a better computer. Why? Because one of the main attractions to the game itself is it's stunning graphics. And trust me, you're gonna wanna see it in all of it's 1080p glory. The addition of "Cinematic Mode" make my creative bits all tingly with satisfaction, which I say is one of the better things about it. All in all, as I stated above, get it when its on sale (please listen/read me on this one) because that is when you'll get your full money's worth (and then some). I don't mean to bash on it, but as previous reviews have said before, it did not live up to the hype. However, it is still an awesome game and bravo to Creative Assembly for making such a beautiful looking game. If only they can make the DLC for the other factions cheaper, I would gladly raise your score, and if you fix more of the bugs and glitches then that'd be great.


Pretty damn good.

Iversman | Feb. 2, 2014 | See all Iversman's reviews »

Putting it simply, if you're a total war fan then get this game. If you're not a total war fan/new to the series, again... Buy it! :). It did have some performance issues, but it was still playable! A patch arrived and the performance was better. Overall, I love the game; the combat is brilliant, and the political system is brilliant. The trade system is awesome as well. They have really made a lot of effort for this game and it has paid off! I love this game (first Total War game) and it has made me go and purchase more Total War games! :D. Due to the performance issues at the start, but taking the good into consideration, I'm giving this game a 95/100! Once the performance is sorted, I personally would give this 100/100.


Didn't live up to the hype

Sganotak | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews »

People were expecting a lot from this game since according to Creative Assembly, it was their most ambitious project yet. Also bearing in mind that the first Rome was the best Total War game ever, the hype was unrealistic for this game. Rome II is a great strategy game but not a good Total War game... They removed a lot of fan favorite features like the Family Tree, seasons on the campaign map etc and replaced them with some extremely streamlined new features like an almost useless and broken political system. I have mixed feelings about the AI. In some occasions it can give you a really hard time (like open field battles or siege defenses) but it can also be really incompetent (abandoning siege equipment in a middle of a siege and instead ordering all it's unit to torch your gate) The graphics were upgraded significantly from Shogun 2, but the game still hasn't introduced a proper antialising model. Also there are some new screen filters during battles (like rain drops when it's raining, blurriness when you fight in the desert ) that you may find annoying. The sound design is pretty damn good, the OST is epic and they hired some famous actors like Mark Strong to provide voiceovers for the game. However, they removed the pre-battle speeches which is a major letdown for me What I really like is the unit variety and cultural diversity in the game. Unlike Shogun's almost identical clans, every faction in Rome II offers a lot of unique units and completely different gameplay and strategy than the other ones. The Campaign Map is also huge and gorgeous to look at. I also liked the new Diplomacy system since it introduces a lot of new options like non-aggression pacts defensive alliances etc. and client states/vassals really matter this time. There is now an army and fleet limit which grows as you conquer more provinces. This may sound like a bad thing but it's actually a cool new addition since you will be fighting a lot less unnecessary battles and will need to manage your armies better. General traits and retinues make a return, but there's also a new army tradition system which let's you level up your army as you like, you can also change names of armies and units!!! The game was almost unplayable at launch, but since then Creative Assembly released several patches to fix it as much as they can. However no matter how many patches they release, the game remains flawed at it's core and it will still be an inferior game to previous Total War entries. I'd advice everyone to wait on this one. CA will eventually release a Gold Edition which will include all the DLC, so if you're in no rush to play this, better wait.


Good Strategy Game but not Without Flaws

Percyro | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all Percyro's reviews »

This game is pretty good. The graphics look pretty nice, they could be better, but they are plenty good for this type of game. The battles are fun and the map is different than the original Rome. Now yes when this game was first released it had many bugs and was rather difficult to play and enjoy, but after many patches the game runs perfectly fine for me. The new map layout shows cities more clearly than some previous games and the overall graphics are pretty good. The difficulty of the game itself seems kind of toned down though. It doesn't seem that hard compared to some of its predecessors. Other than that, it is still fun to fight in real time and obliterate the enemy. If you love TW games, then I'd say it's worth full price, but if you are just looking for a strategy game, I'd advice picking this up during a sale.


must buy when on sale

travelbug | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all travelbug's reviews »

this is the only game out there that lets you control legions (pun intended) of troops in glorious hand to hand combat. graphically, its one of the best looking games out there. tactically, it has no competition. the game ai however, is no Caesar (just like most game ai's) and because of the battlefield setup, the (battlefield)ai can hardly cheat as it does in other games, thus its shortcomings are exposed. for a better challenge, pit your skills in multiplayer battles. the campaign is robust but imho, the total war series has always been about the battles. personally id be happier playing dozens of skirmish/multiplayer battles than wade into the grand campaign. however for some, the grand campaign gives meaning to what you are fighting for and becomes a great 'role play' experience. the campaign has seen many changes, many of which were geared towards handling a bigger empire (in the mid to late game) more efficiently. a lot of people complain about these changes, but for me they make the game more streamlined in the end. a lot campaign glitches and bugs have also been squashed after 8 patches. the game is quite stable in its present state. most of the remaining issues are ai related which the developer will address in the next patch. however, it will be hard to make an ai that can actually challenge a good player in open battlefield. if you truly want to see rome 2 battles in all its glory, you need to play multiplayer.


Not bad now

raeldrikp | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all raeldrikp's reviews »

If you're coming from any other Total War game, you know what you're getting into. A slightly sloppy release generally, either with buggy gameplay or horribly optimized, not saying its acceptable, but you know what you're getting into. But, now after 8 patches the game is quite playable, the game runs well enough on most setups and there's enough Steam Workshop mods to shore up certain flaws in the game. However, they have failed to deliver on certain things still, i.e. family system and seasons.


Pretty good

Gester24 | Dec. 2, 2013 | See all Gester24's reviews »

its up there on the tops of the total war. Love the animation deaths and all the other cool factors. Wish they kept the old ways back in the old Rome such as the family tree and standard armor throughout. Also a good mixture of different faces would have been great along with a religion conversion like in the old day. Its great to paly but only on difficult as easy or normal is not satisfying. Pretty content and i look forward to the next expansion.


Lots of hype very little payoff.

wolfister1590 | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all wolfister1590's reviews »

Sadly Creative Assembly has done it; they managed to outdo the mess that was the launch of Empire Total War. This game is flawed in so many ways that it would almost be funny if it were not so frustrating and sad. Even after seven (quite large) patches this game has gone from a total mess to a slightly smaller mess. That is the good news I guess? The A.I. is if I am honest is not up to par with that of the original Rome: Total War and that was released in 2004. There is still a massive issue with overall performance; specifically when it comes to frame rate drops on even extremely high end machines. The game itself feels as though it was made to appeal to a "wider audience" by this I mean it has been dumbed down extremely. The UI for example is very barren when it comes to information, the research screen is poor in choice, and the government screen is close to pointless. It just seems that the two steps forward Shogun 2 gave this franchise are gone and instead CA have not only taken three steps back, but have stumbled from those three steps down a massive canyon, into a river, floated miles away, and washed up in the middle of nowhere. The final thought from me is to just wait on this one. Wait not only for a price drop, but I would say at least a year or so till CA has managed to make this into a complete and working game. This was highly disappointing.


Good but could have been better

blofeld | Nov. 28, 2013 | See all blofeld's reviews »

Oh as I was looking forward to Rome 2. I have played Rome 1 so many times I cannot remember how many times it is. Sadly, I was let down, even though I still play Rome 2. Having been with the Total war games since the start I cannot say I am surprised of the state of Rome 2. Creative Assembly (the games creator) has a tendency to release one good game, followed by a less than good game. Rome 2 TW is similar to what Empire TW was like. So many lost opportunities and left out functionalities. After launch, it is quite clear why they decided not ot release a demo for the game. Still, Rome 2 is better today than it was at launch. This due to 7(!) patches to date with 2 more incoming. Before you decide on buying, check out the official forum for soome insight on the game itself. If you are a die hard TW fan, you most likely already own the game. If you are a first time TW player, wait until prices drop a bit (and they release more patches) before buying.


Getting better with each patch

haystack84 | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all haystack84's reviews »

Unlike some people, I was able to run Total War: Rome from the first day. However, it was laggy, units blobbed together in huge mosh pits when they clashed, the the speed of battles was arcade-like (5 minute battles), and the AI was terrible. After 7 patches though, the game is much better. The AI is better, the battles are slower and more strategic, and performance is vastly improved. CA is doing a good job with their patching and each time they patch it, the game gets better. They seem to really be listening to their customers, which is a welcome change from past CA games which only had a few patches that didn't address their customers demands. With a full modding community, I can only see this game get better with time.



brandonm87 | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all brandonm87's reviews »

The game at launch was pretty horrific, but its slowly becoming the game it should have been as they patch it. Which means they released the game before it was even complete. Now they are releasing DLC packs of 3 civilizations for almost 10 bucks and blood textures for 4 bucks. Due to those two reasons I give this game a 70/100, Definitely not the greatest or most innovative title in the series. It in no way shape of form lives us to its predecessor but it is on par with Empire as being very streamlined.


Absolutely Gripping

Morgan_Little | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all Morgan_Little's reviews »

This has to be the most compelling of the Total War II series [Medieval, Shogun, Rome]. It captures the sense of scale that Medieval had, but retains the tense combat of the original Rome. Tutorials on the combined land/sea battles could have been more thorough, but they aren't hard to master. The world map is more engaging than any previous entry. Cities now grow and restructure, to reflect the level of development within them, You can instantly see whether a settlement is worth capturing.


In the attack!

XGpredator | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

The Creative Assembly has once again booked strong surprises for fans for this Rome Total War 2. Campaigns are both more interesting, richer and deeper than in previous games while battles endow very interesting strategic elements. Pity that the form was not as refined as the background without some untimely crashes. No doubt the patches will fix these problems, but for now, it is unfortunately impossible not to punish these recurring technical problems.


Nice addition to the series but with terrible launch

Userhand9365 | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all Userhand9365's reviews »

Here are the pros and cons that I complied for this game: Pros: Large Campaign Map - Rome II offers large campaign map for players to fight for like in Medieval II Total War so it can easily take more time for player to reach victory condition than in Shogun II Total War. Victory Conditions - Instead of plainly destroy your enemies nations or even allies, this game offers cultural and economic victory conditions (similar to Civilization 5). They also group those short-term, long-term and domination victory condition which previous titles have into military victory. Steam Workshop - Just like Shogun II Total War, Creative Assembly (CA) offers modders to contribute to this game by providing a platform for the mod to be easily download, install, and use by many other players to enhance their gaming experience with Rome II. This feature is included in patch 5 of the game. Naval Battles - The naval battle in Rome II is pretty fun as it challenges player to use certain tactics to protect transports or to ram enemy's general or the entire unit into the bottom of the sea. The hybrid of naval and land battle provides a new way to secure a victory, especially in siege battles. Units - Romans, Chariots, Elephants, Hoplites. Enough said. Graphics - Similar to Shogun II Total War, this game delivers stunning graphics but with some flaws. Cons: The major issue about this game is the bugs and bot reaction to the players' actions. These problems are heavily affecting the game quality when it first launches. The reason is that Rome II bots are worst than any other previous titles as they are unresponsive to what building player build or units that they train. Even in Legendary difficulty, the bots are still too passive and will only build bunch of useless units to defend themselves. Also the diplomatic system is also a disappointment as bots do not care to trade with the player even when they are the player's client states or allies. The battles are also way too short (like 5-10 mins) due to the ridiculous morale setting for the units. However, to be fair, majority of these issues are fixed and addressed by CA patches (5 in total for now) and if not, by the mods that are available to the players. The battles also got improvement with the unit morale and damages but the time needed to win or lose a fight is still too short (like around 8-15 mins per battle). Co-op Campaign - CA patches are more focus on the single player campaign fixes which left out the important problems that exist in the Co-op campaign. Although recent patch stabilizes the game, the Co-op campaign still need further fixing to address some bugs and crashes. Victory Points in Battle - One of the major change in battle is that CA decide to put stupid victory point in siege battle or any type or assault on general's fortification. I do not like this system as it seems totally pointless when you can just defeat enemy's army and win. Overall, I think Total War Rome II is a fun, interesting RTS game with unexplored potential and bugs that needed to be addressed. It is a nice installment to Total War franchise. To me, I think the game does worth 80 points for now (60 at launch) and $30.


Unpolished but improving

achinberg | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all achinberg's reviews »

Like many of the recent releases Total War:Rome 2 was FULL of bugs at release. The load times were terrible even on my speedy SSD, the AI was somewhat smart in basic situations, but downright handicapped in most. Gamers new to the series get a shotty introduction with minimal explanation of the buildings, economy, and other ways to win besides conquest. To be honest I never actually finished a game win or lose. My first save was corrupted and even though I put hours into my second attempt I was no where close to resolution. I get the feeling this will be just as lengthy regardless of difficulty or other settings. With my complaints out of the way I still found Total War to be an addicting experience. The combat is my favorite part of the game and it happens often. I cannot comment on multiplayer as I have not yet played any, but I imagine it would be a nice reprieve after witnessing countless AI blunders. There have been a few patches since my initial experience with this game. Load Tim's have been decreased and many of the bugs have been resolved. Sadly the initial disappointment and frustration with Total War all but ruined the experience for me. It's a shame because this game has a lot of potential and as time goes on I expect gameplay to improve to the level I had expected when I first played. This will be one I come back to, but for now has lost its hard earned spot on my SSD.


It could tear the world

rogat100 | Nov. 6, 2013 | See all rogat100's reviews »

if this game would listen to its fans then It could be the greatest strategy game ever made. I preordered the game, they game was very good but some graphics problems and bad AI and the diplomacy wasn't really exciting but mods fixes everything. I am saying bad things about this game not because I hate it because It could be better, I enjoyed this game, the expansions were really cool, the combat simulation is fantastic and the tactics are just what you need in an ancient time strategy game :) I am looking forward to the next patches and everything this company had to offer! I am recommending this game BUT DONT PREORDER ANYTHING IN GOD SAKE


Changes - But not too many

blackmagemerc | Nov. 3, 2013 | See all blackmagemerc's reviews »

Rome 2 promised a great deal, Live and Fight for Rome, how far will you go for Rome... But ultimately, it delivers somewhat less then the impressive trailers would have you hoping. Rome 2 delivers a classic experience with some changes, the most notable would be the creation of provinces, grouping two to four territories into one lump, and only allowing the fortification of one city. This has interesting results in war, and in the economy (for instance, food production/cost). Rome's army experience has changed as well, now each army can earn different upgrades, and while I did read about reviewers who spoke of, siege legions, and other specializations, that ultimately isn't very effective. While it's interesting to grow your legion, I rarely ever felt as if one Legion would preform the job better then than another based on it's skills, rather it was always what units the Legion held. Some of Rome's late game units are oddly steps backwards (Equities for example, actually have slightly better stats then Legionary Calvary, Eagle Cohorts are weaker then Veterans. ) This is of course just balance items, and Rome has been getting weekly large patches. The game has changed, not in a significant way, but in a way, since release because of these large patches. (Bear this in mind if your watching any campaign footage from release). Ultimately it's another TW experience. Mixed Navy / Army battles are interesting, but perhaps arn't quite where they need to be yet. Like most TW experiences, mod's will add even more life into an already interesting game.


Total war lives on!

Brachra | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all Brachra's reviews »

Let me just start saying that while Total war Rome II may not have been the biggest success, and even though it was definitely big enough in terms of hype it did not fail completely. If you can get past the general quality of buggy gameplay, the lack of optimization and seemingly terrible graphic textures no matter what hardware you are currently using, Rome II is a great game, or at can be. Lets Begin with the campaign, I thought it was a refreshing new addition to redo the campaign mechanics, I felt the older versions to be boring and slow. They managed to fit a fun and easy to manage system into the new campaign mechanic and allow users to know at all times what was going on, the only complaint I have with the map screen so far? It too is horribly slow and buggy. Now for the gameplay, This is where the game excels...oh did I say excels? I mean Should excel; the battles are great, the first thing myself and many others notice when starting up a battle for the first time is the fact that your soldiers move much quicker and respond to commands quickly. Whereas in the previous games a command would be given and it would take a few seconds to register. The fights themselves are great to watch and tactics usually do need to be applied but I find again that the buggyness and lack of optimization makes the entire point of the game fail as it currently stands, it is all around unenjoyable after a period of time because it will literally force the player to stop what he is doing and obsess over the fact that his game not only looks like its 10-12 years old, but it also runs terribly. I am rating Rome II with an 85 because you do have to take it for what it is. A great product with a poor release. They should have left this one in development for a bit longer before shoving it out into the public, but hey given time maybe they will fix all of their mistakes and our purchase wont be in vain.


Bad, but becoming better.

totte1015 | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all totte1015's reviews »

At the first month this game was TOTALLY unplayable. Horrible AI turn time, super bad optimization and bad AI handling. Now? It has become alot better. The AI turn time is SUPER fast now, faster than in any other game. And the optimizations... has become better. But there is a road left to go. BUT; the AI handling is still horrible. A full attackforce goes striaght forwards to you and then suddenly stops right infront of your troops... At launch 0/5 Now 3/5


Needs some polishing but not bad

thorgasm2 | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all thorgasm2's reviews »

The 2013 take on the total war franchise was disappointing but was interesting nonetheless. I had high hopes for this game but bad optimization on almost any hardware makes this game frustratingly unplayable at times. I hate to turn down graphics settings but it is a must for this game. I am running a gtx 780 and this game stresses the hell out of it. frame drops down to 15 fps at heavy battles. Game mechanics are simplified but also feel clunky and there is a lot of glitches. The ai isn't very smart so if you want a good experience i suggest playing multiplayer.


Worth It: Enjoyable Game

Sockertop | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Sockertop's reviews »

I start off that i've never played Total War games before this one. And i must say it is one of the best strategy games i've ever tried out. The Detailed Graphics are just stunning you can actually see how detailed it is if you zoom in on your army for example. The world in this game is just massive - it will take you a long time to walk from one end of the map to another end of it which makes the game a long substainable game that you can play for weeks and your choise of actions are in your hands. I would rate this game 100 if it had for example blood options (rumors that it will be a dlc some time) and if there were more factions to play. It is up to you who you want to be, the fearful leader? or the defensive ally. I recommend this game.


Dont expect a Rome 1 sequel, and its a great game

waya264 | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all waya264's reviews »

There's a lot of hate for the game because it is not the great update to Rome 1 that many veterans want, and complaints that it caters more to the casual crowd. After 5 patches, and some free DLC, this game is a strong title in the Total War Series. There is a lack of immersion in some aspects but I love the new unit cards and updated province system. No more dealing with exponential squalor, or build everything in every city. Province specialization is really important (but would matter more if the AI wasn't so dumb). Give it a couple more months to iron out the AI and you will spend hours lost in Ancient Rome.


A fresh look after patch 5 (20th Oct 2013)

Achilles_90 | Oct. 20, 2013 | See all Achilles_90's reviews »

To begin, yes Rome II was a embarrassing mess at launch, that even made myself, a hardcore Total War fan, question whether I would even bother with this series any more. However that has been well documented and the game has received numerous patches, and now is in a much better state. As of the 20th of October 2013, the game is finally in a playable state. The game has undergone a huge amount of optimisation, not only in the graphical department to reduce stutter and painful end turn times, but also in the AI decision making and battle tactics. My current game is around 200 turns in, and remains incredibly smooth and lag free. Additionally, the AI opponents will now recruit deadly combinations of elite troops in their armies and press you hard, especially in sieges where they now (finally) use siege towers and ladders. Nations will now ally with each other, and major players such as Carthage are no longer annihilated by desert tribes. As I said above the game is now completely playable and very enjoyable however, there is room for improvement. The UI and certain political aspects of the game, are not very well represented and are quite dull in comparison to previous Total War games. It is manageable though and I'm sure high on CA's list to improve. Look out for changes to these features in coming patches. As of today, the game also received it's 5th official patch and free DLC adding the Seleucids to the game, who are incredibly interesting, not only in starting position but in terms of the wide unit variety available to them. In its current state, 8.5/10 (and this will only increase with time and patches from CA)


Needs Improvement, but I'm hopeful

Rawnblade1213 | Oct. 7, 2013 | See all Rawnblade1213's reviews »

I preordered this instantly way back in April but so far I'm slightly disappointed. After the relatively well polished and well put together Shogun 2 I was hoping CA learned its lesson in making decent first impressions, but Rome 2 looks poorer and runs worse than Shogun. It also omits things like Family Trees and the politcal system isnt ever explained. The tutorial is much shorter too, and the AI is literally incapable of sieging without throwing those damn torches at the main gates. They also don't really build any siege towers :( If someone had played this game for more than an hour they would've found out these errors, btu I am hopeful that everything will be fixed evnetualyl and we will get the Rome we were promised.


Not bad will be better

alex2987 | Oct. 5, 2013 | See all alex2987's reviews »

This game could be buggy and some features have been removed/changed but its addicting they made so u wont finish a campaign in weekend its takes now a lot of time i am playing my roman campaign for about week and half now. and remember the expansions CA never disappoints



fenetic | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all fenetic's reviews »

I've been waiting for this game with hope since I'm Total War fan, i played all titles in series since first Shogun. I would not tell that this is worst launch in Total War series history but it's close to Empire. But since CA have so much experience now in 2013 I'm surprised that this game came out in such terrible condition. I can't point out pros for this game because just can't enjoy playing it right now, there are so many bugs and glitches that eh... - Horrible optimalization, horrible performance even on high-end machines. - Clunky UI - Loading times - False advertising, they showed something different on thieir alpha version. - Way too fast battles, every battle ends in under 10 mins. Big, big disapointment...


Has Potential

ker0ppi | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all ker0ppi's reviews »

I looked forward to this game for many years since I'm a huge fan of the Total War series, but this game on release was a total disappointment. The amount of stupid things the AI would do especially in diplomacy where even if you were clearly superior to them, they would refuse to be your vessel or trade with you. Also the AI tends to run away from any battle when they have the higher chance of losing even if it's their last city. The removal of the siege mechanic was one of the worst things they could of done. Now it is no longer required to actually build rams or siege towers since units can just throw torches and burn down the "iron" gates.


Rome wasn't debugged in a day

Vitrugo | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all Vitrugo's reviews »

Rushing games hurts everyone; it hurts the gamer´s experience, sales plumit but distributors and software houses still think it will be a good idea to launch a unfinished game into the market. Creative Assembly usualy doesn´t disappoint it´s fans but this year´s new Total War title came with a few issues that almost ruined the game for everyone. Visually its gorgeous, its definitely the most polished game in the series; the mediterranean scenery is full of life and detail and contributes to an imersive experience but it come with a high price; only the most powerfull machines out there will run Rome in its full glory without lagging. Pretty graphics alone don´t make a good game and its in everything else that Rome 2 starts to show it´s flaws; Stability issues and random crashes, texture problems and the enemy A.I. that most of the times is simply...dumb, Despite all its flaws on release, Rome 2 still has room for improvement, hopefully new patches, add ons and DLC´s will bring glory to, not only Rome, but to the Total War franchise as well.


This game is Massive!

manu981 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all manu981's reviews »

The scale of the game is massive! Campaigns are great and meaningful. The number of factions they have included in this title is astounding, both playable and unplayable. There are a few issues with interface performance and AI but the Total war series has had a history of great support in terms of patches/new content/DLCs etc in the long term.


Good here, bad there

Xillion | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all Xillion's reviews »

Not everyone can get into RTS type games. If you are new to the genre, i highly recommend not playing this. I played it so far and i found it to be acceptable. In my first play through, there were many bugs and glitches. The graphics are really great. It not really what it's hyped up to be. I didn't find it all that much fun.


Good game but lacks solid mechanics

Rolezn | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all Rolezn's reviews »

As most vanilla total wars, they lack content and solid mechanics, this one is not different. But with the help of Total war modding community the game is improving day by day making the game enjoyable and fitting as its successor to Total War Rome. As of now the game is not much as it was promised and shown to be, but in time I can guarantee its greatness.



Painmace | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all Painmace's reviews »

The Total War series are great and i was really pumped for this release. Sadly SEGA forced the game to be released to early and you basically get to play a game that's in beta stage. The AI is horrible and only have one tactic on the battlefield, swarming. But since this is a Total War game and Rome i still like it very much and the game is still good, allot of new features have been added and I generally like the game. You should not buy the game at this time and instead wait till Christmas when the game propably goes on sale and have been patched.


Rough Start, but Good Game!

guywiththegun1 | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all guywiththegun1's reviews »

Although the game had a rough start with graphic issues, those have been quickly resolved with new and upcoming patches, making the game fun and playable again. The game does great in follolwing its series in its unique RTS battles, as it brings a whole new flavour to the strategy. I can't help but say that I don't like the on-field flags which can sometimes smother strategy, but in a normal battle, the battles are even more fun! CA has been doing as much as they can to reach out to the Total War community, and so far they've been great. The campaign map is new and incredibly large. New details give a sense of life to the campaing map that previous total war games haven't done. The campaign has been simplified for new-comers, and the progression of the player's growing empire is friendly to new players as they learn more how to play as their empire expands. Its a great game with fresh ideas, but some of those hit the mark a little short.


Very Good - And Bad

BigglesGames | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all BigglesGames's reviews »

The Total War series in general can get dry after a while, if you are a hardcore strategy gamer, than this game is for you, but if you are the type of person that likes CoH or Civ, they have things similar to those types of games, but it is different in a way, over all the game is gorgeous, and for a history buff like myself, is fun to play out the battles of the ancient Romans, even with a crappy PC, it can be played because of the very low graphics option


Not great, but coming along

Settaz | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all Settaz's reviews »

The game was released with so many bugs, it's ridiculous. But, CA has been working to release weekly patches for this mess they shouldn't have released in the first place. With these patches the game has been improving, though it's nowhere near where it should be yet, because the AI behavior is still really bad. For example, your opponent's plan is basically to completely ignore you and to charge directly to some sort of victory point that they can use to win the battle without even fighting you, which can get very annoying. But, you will see in the coming weeks that it will improve gradually with more beta releases for patches.


Solid Sequel. Nothing groundbreaking

Knctrnl1 | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all Knctrnl1's reviews »

Slightly disappointed with the Day 1 DLC. Nothing really groundbreaking. Solid gameplay. Graphics about the same as Shogun but still its hardware intensive. Was not disappointed but I would suggest if you have other games then just hold off till the price drops.


Just Pure Awesomeness

Sinjin | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all Sinjin's reviews »

This is the Total War I have been waiting for!! It is very similar to the very first Rome in terms of game play, but with the beautiful graphics and play-ability like Medieval 2 and Shogun 2. There are so many new features in the single player campaign mode, which is the core component of the game. Multiplayer and servers haven't been so popular, since many just play with their friends, but it is a great game nonetheless. I would Highly recommend buying this game if you were a huge fan of the Roman era.


Truly Amazing

republic58 | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all republic58's reviews »

Some say this game is slow frame rates and jumpy graphics, but i say no this game has proven to run smoothly for myself. The game has improved incredibly from its earlier counterparts in the total war series. Now with naval cross land battles creating a whole new aspect to the game mechanic. Graphics are unreal they are truly amazing and will run smoothly if you have a decent gaming build. As a long time total war player this would be at the top of the list and I highly recommend it to anyone!


Rome II: Totally Worth

Harcard | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all Harcard's reviews »

I've been waiting for the sequel of "Rome: Total War" since Creative Assembly released "Medieval II: Total War" back in 2006. You no longer need to play supermods like "Roma Surrectum II" just because there isn't anything better... To all those people saying things like 1>"huge step back" or 2>"the game is bugged", I say: 1- Go back to Rome TW (which I used to love so much) and enjoy its completely obsolete graphics engine, unrealistic/much fewer factions, lack of naval battles/landings, bugs and crashes, lame/unclear diplomacy, considerably less unit/character/agent abilities, battle exploits (like cavalry automatically beating the enemy by simply charging its flank/rear while already in combat),etc. 2- Name a game of similar magnitude that wasn't bugged when it was released (Blizzard games don't count. They don't have this kind of magnitude and, though small, they still had bugs when were released). It's true that there are some games which were unplayable when released ("Silent Hunter V" and "IL2:Cliffs of Dover" are a couple of well-known examples), but Rome 2 isn't one of them. There are things called patches that eventually solve most of the problems, and there are other things called modding communities that improve the game so much it becomes immensely better (compare "Rome TW" with "Roma Surrectum II" if you don't believe me.) You could see this kind of game as a potentially modified one...yes, you could complain about the price Creative Assembly charges for Rome II (55 euros in my country) but as a basic mod platform is pretty cheap and will last for decades, just take a look at the modding community of Rome TW, the game was released in 2004 and now, nearly 10 years later, there are still people working on it. Of course this doesn't apply to all games, but it does apply to Rome II (in fact, I think there are already a few mods being developed) the way, most mods are free. Rome II is everything I expected it to be and more. -Graphics are absolutely astounding, I can't believe I can play Rome II at decent fps, considering the 3000/4000+ insanely detailed units + thousands of other detailed elements loaded in every battle (the only exception being 2D tree models arranged in cross so you think they are 3D when looking at them from afar and become 3D when you zoom in. But I guess it's all for performance sake so I can live with that) -Tons of historical factions/regions/cities have been added in Rome II, a huge improvement over the original Rome TW. Most of them are unplayable, but maybe future addons/mods will change this. -Diplomacy has, at last, become clear. Now you know why your allies turned on you or why that faction didn't want your trinkets. -Naval battles, ship ramming and my favorite, LANDINGS...awesome features all. -War machines and missile units are amazingly destructive (maybe a little too much), it's wonderful to see enemy units blown away by the blast of your ballista's projectiles or being decimated by your archers/slingers from a safe distance. -Cavalry and infantry charges send men flying away or crush them into the ground (I miss the blood, though). Corpses pile up and dying men take their last breath beside their fallen comrades. -Settlements are arranged in provinces, which makes macromanagement really fast and easy (micromanagement is still possible, of course, but not in the detail of "Rome: Total War"). I haven't counted them yet, but I'd say there are less buildings in Rome II (but not by many). I've finished the prologue and almost completed an entire custom campaign and I don't think more buildings are really needed (a mod could easily add/modify buildings, if you wanted more). Several management options have been included in Rome II, like provincial edicts or tax exemption, which help fighting unrest. (Word of advice, keep an eye on the squalor modifier a building produces and how this will affect your ENTIRE PROVINCE before building it. You must build temples/public buildings which produce public order to counter squalor. If you choose to only counter the squalor level in a given settlement, you might never succeed in keeping people happy as another settlement IN THE SAME PROVINCE could be producing the squalor that is affecting this one. Always think in provincial terms not in individual settlement terms as you would in "Rome: Total War".) -New agent types and abilities similar to that of Shogun II. Right now I can't think of more features but sure there are more. Rome II has its issues II, of course. As I said before, who the hell expects a TW v1.00 to be flawless? I surely didn't. -Simply put, AI borders pathetic both in campaign and battle maps and it's really unrealistic/annoying (I know future patches/mods will fix this as they have in other TW games.) -Sometimes ships don't land properly and crew won't disembark There are a noticeable amount of minor glitches throughout the game: -The battle summary shows unit kills that haven't happened, -Some trees on the campaign map have texture issues. -Sometimes when a general kills another on the campaign map a "phantom" of that general appears. -Food surplus changes along with taxation when you apply tax exemption to a settlement (it has already been fixed, I think). -In rare occasions battles won't even autoresolve, the enemy general and his 2000+ troops are directly killed without any effect on your troops (happened once to me). -If you choose to sack a settlement after completely anihilating its garrison you don't occupy it, you just plunder it. You must then right-click on the settlement again and select occupy, which forces you to fight another battle against a very tiny force of...I don't know, zombies? I don't know if this is a bug or if CA designed it this way but you can always autoresolve the battle at the cost of nearly no casualties. In conslusion, Rome II is a great game, a huge improvement over "Rome: TW" if you enjoy TW games, you'll probably love this one, and if not, well, who cares? It's just a game.


Not the best but not the worst

BlueSharkTheOne | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all BlueSharkTheOne's reviews »

I am sure that 95% of the players who were looking forward for this game have been disappointed. It is, indeed, not quite what we all were expecting from this new total war game. Graphics are not better than Shogun 2 and even less beautiful. Aliasing is too present for a 2013 game... I'm not usually annoying about graphics but when they demand a lot from your computer for nothing, then I can be the greatest bastard this world has ever known. It is simple, there is NO optimization at all for the moment (09/15/2013). I am pretty sure that they will correct it and make it run fluidly one day but when I buy a game, it has to be correctly finished ! Concerning the gameplay, it is quite the same as the others episodes. So nothing really new here. There is maybe more "powers" than before which is quite a good thing in my opinion. Unities are more varied than Shogun 2 so it is a good thing they went back to this diversity that made them famous. Sadly battles don't last long due to a low moral... The campaign mode is maybe the biggest change (and the greatest in my opinion). They include a concept of region to help us to rule over our territory more easily. It is good because you can specialize each city to make it complementary to the others cities of your region. No more twins cities ! To conclude I would say that this game could have 10 points more if they correct this optimization issue because they really improved the campaign mode even if the battles hasn't changed a lot and should last a little bit longer.


What can I say?

DanJamesStone12 | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all DanJamesStone12's reviews »

At first, I thought this was a great game- and I still sort of do. The graphics, well they're something out of this world, and the gameplay mechanics are good, but it does require a pretty awesome rig to run, especially on large battles. I'd recommend it, but with caution.


Great sequel

paddyg | Sept. 14, 2013 | See all paddyg's reviews »

The first Rome Total War was superb. Great gameplay and a super example of a RTS. Rome 2 takes nothing away from that and a great improvement is the graphics. This game looks phenomenal. It might take a good 20Gigs of space but it's worth it! I love it. Fully recommend.


If Shogun II was a step forward, this is two steps backward.

Lunarsilkdragon | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Lunarsilkdragon's reviews »

To start off I want to say that this game definitely has a lot of potential, but it is plagued by a lot of bugs and wierd design decisions. It has been a long time since I was this hyped for a game, and maybe that's why I was so dissapointed. As I said, there's a lot of bugs ruining the experience, such as AI pathfinding bugs, textures not rendering correctly, wierd battlefield and campaign AI and unit formations almost not working at all. Some of the wierd design decisions I spoke about are the removal of loose/tight formations, no family trees, too large UI, simplified campaign map and capture points on ALL maps, not just in settlements. Now, I think this game has a lot of potential to be good - it is pretty similar to the original Rome: Total War gameplay-wise. CA just have to fix the bugs (especially the AI bugs), and reimplement things like the family trees and loose/tight formations. I'll give this a 65/100, although it really does deserve a much lower score, because CA has announced weekly patches and I believe there is a chance that they will turn this game into something good.


A Worthy Successor?

Etaren | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all Etaren's reviews »

I spent a long time looking forward to this game, and I was not disappointed. I'll get back to that later, but first the bad things. Bugs and the sorts for instance. I've mostly played the multiplayer campaign with a friend, and the waiting time between turns are horrendous. The AI processing time takes a lot of time. At the start of a new game, when no factions have been wiped out, we could wait for 10 minutes before a full cycle of turns. That's the most "game-breaking" one I've been subject to, so let's leave it at that and start looking at the game. The graphics are fantastic, both on the campaign map and in the battles. Zooming in on the soldiers is amazing as you can see a lot of different faces, helmets and shield markings for instance. The details are great. The battle maps are great as well, you really feel like you're fighting in the area that your army is positioned. If you fight in the vicinity of a city, you can see the city in the outskirts of the battle. The cities look stunning when you fight in them, the only thing that drags it down for me is that you can't have walls in certain cities, the "minor" ones. That in turn makes it easier to expand, not forcing you to have war machines or siege engines to take the minor cities. But that is more of a game mechanic kind of thing. Speaking of the mechanics, Total War: Rome II has been simplifying things, a minimalist UI with simple choices for cities. It does the job, but it feels a bit empty. And as I noted before, I really don't like not being able to have at least palisades around the minor cities. There's no family tree either, which takes another aspect out of the game. In short, it feels a bit hollowed out, made easier for the mainstream consumer. I do like the battle mechanics however, it's intuitive and does require strategy to be successful, at least on the higher difficulties. Ship combat is great and it feels just the right amount of "fast-paced action". I also like the abilities your generals can learn, different abilities for the three different attributes. And although the traits and household items are fun, it can sometime feel a bit like "filler" items. Tradition is a new and very fun concept though. The more an army fights, the more experience it gets, and every level the army can gain a new tradition. They can be known as great spearmen with a grand camp following, making them more effective with spears and lowering their upkeep. Or they can be known as something else, there's quite a lot of different traditions. It makes you really connect with your generals and armies. So one positive, one negative to finish the review off. + The variety of the maps you battle on - The amount of time it takes to finish a full turn in multiplayer


Sadly dissapointed

Oblaque | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all Oblaque's reviews »

Huge step back =( Played this game 10 hours looking for the promised experience, but it lacks strategy, depth and is bugged as hell. Here the things that bothers me the most: - family trees removed no connection to my nation - passive campaign AI - too easy, too fast and too acardish battles with lack of strategy - UI is horrible (why didn´t they just copy the perfect Shogun II ???) - the sound is boring compared to the other TW Games - bugs everywhere This game really feels like a beta!!! I do like the campaign graphics and it´s maybe the best TW game to start with for beginners, but TW veterans will be disappointed.


Fun But.....

noobboy191 | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all noobboy191's reviews »

This is another grade A title by Creative assembly but it has a huge amounts of flaws. The gameplay is very similar to other games. The difference here is that that the overall arcadeyness of the game feels very unrealistic. For one the battles on the map now have flags REQUIRED for victory. If you hold this point then you win. This leaves out all means of defense because you will constantly have to agressive towards a random point on the map. This also appears on siege maps meaning you aren't defending your city, you're defending a point outside of your city sometimes, leaving to completely useless walls. Along with very bad glitches and poor A.I. I would wait for a price drop or a patch until you buy this game


Caution - Reviews here are based on first impressions.

Jethro777 | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all Jethro777's reviews »

Extreme caution is recommended. This is a significant step BACK from Shogun two and you are likely to be very disappointed. I would strongly recommend visiting the forums and in particular taking a look at Angry Joe's review before making a decision. Diplomacy placeholder system in place, political system unfinished and barely working, no family tree (Yes, NO FAMILY TREE) and broken AI, useless navy kill this. People who posted reviews a day after release need to take a deep breath and retract some of this nonsense. I own all TW titles and am a fan, but steer away from Rome II for now.


A good game with some "but"-s

bala1201 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all bala1201's reviews »

This year this game was waited by me the most. Well is is a work of art. But don't start it if you haven't got the time. Although the battles can be long (and very enjoyable) the main issue for me is the too long waiting time for the computer movements at the end of turns. The traits and skills of the generals are too complicated without any serious reason. Large battles need serious hardware. With 100 units on the battlefield my computer gave it up and so did I. All together it is still epic, and I am still scrathing the surface of it.


Coming of age!

Thomazen | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all Thomazen's reviews »

This game, shortly, is THE best strategy-experience of the year! Yes, the game needs some fixes, but CA, the creators, has promised to come with WEEKLY updates, hopefully soon making this game THE game of the YEAR. It's amazing in so many ways, that any fans just liking any part of strategy-games needs to play this. Try it out, but get it here, because it is certainly THE cheapest here on Greenmangaming!


Be realistic ...

kalil | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Well here's my review about Rome 2 and shall explain in steps I have found the game in each section. Gameplay: This point may be one of those who waver. Despite having developed the game interface with new aspects, of which some have been good, as the system of provinces, seems to have been slightly worse since less information added and simplified sometimes becoming something unfinished. Anyway have had the hassle of changing it, and I'm sure that will improve for the next installment. Learns from mistakes. Technology and Graphics: Well I'll link both because I think the same of them. Im-pressurants. These sections are the most improved with the new graphics engine whilst adding new battle camera, which displays perfectly all the fighting in spectacular fashion. About this I have no complaints and I think in this aspect CA is overcome with each new release. Sound: Pretty good with special effects and all the sounds of battle as screams, crashes swords ... Perhaps the soundtrack has lacked a touch. I have not noticed many songs such as the Shogun 2 seemed precious. Although I have to admit that the trailer music was just perfect. Innovation: The last aspect, which so much controversy unleashed. The game has innovated, that's for sure. But she did it better? I'll leave it there, because I do not want enzarzarme posts. As a final point I would emphasize that there are people putting notes misunderstandings causing laughter. We must be realistic and take into account all aspects.


Very good

Bolo | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

The game varies considerably and it's not just from Rome and from the other, but also with the Total War series. The game is a lot more complex.Great battles, even if by that you need to send a landing party. Otherwise I do not see if the army the enemy moves or stands still, or not going to a group from the back.There is no longer a problem with the maintenance of the fleet, because each branch can move by sea, immediately changing in a vessel:) is it bad or good, we shall see after long playing. The land is divided into regions, these in turn. To the region, which we raised was obedient to us, it is best to conquer all. The fight also does not look too bad. The only problem is too fast moving in gear. Infantry is actually fought in terms of speed! However, I do not like the interface. Covers quite a bit, so you have to go off every now and then during the battle. Construction of buildings, etc. It is now a completely different (for me, but that's my personal feeling). Greater the downside is the lack of number of soldiers


Good, but needs work.

Ghost101 | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all Ghost101's reviews »

As someone who started playing at the first Medieval Total War, I've been a fan of the series for a long time. RTW2 mostly plays pretty well, but as of launch performance isn't very good, and there are some strange design choices. For instance, armies cannot exist without a general now. Armies are also able to embark on their own to travel across oceans with little to no penalty. The combat is still solid, though Rome feels a bit overpowered right now; even with Hastati and other basic units I haven't met the force that can stop them yet. The diplmomatic AI feels a bit better, with it still being tricky to negotiate with, but not constantly backstabbing or going against you for no reason. I've been impressed to see smaller countries actually offer to be a client state once they notice my military moving around. Overall I'd say RTW2 is a solid entry in the series. It still needs a lot of work, but I've yet to play a Total War game that had a perfect, non-buggy release. Empire definitely had a rockier release, and I predict good things for this game as time goes on.


Great Idea- Rough implentation

ethunter90 | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all ethunter90's reviews »

Total War: Rome 2 is a return to the series roots. With impressive graphics and the ability to combine naval and land assaults, the game is truly a wonder. Many moments in game I just stared watching my armies fight to the death. The new user interface helps to simplify the complex strategy game and is more forgiving to new players. However, explanations about characters traits and many game play items are hard to come by which leave the player guessing for hours of game play (this comes from a veteran player of the series). On launch day, the game is plagued with bugs, long loading times and game crashes. Creative Assembly has pledged to fix these, but for many players this game is unplayable. The bottom line is Rome 2 took on ambitious goals that ultimately weighed down the game. I would not expect it to be in it's form for at least a month.


A very good game

Hetzau | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all Hetzau's reviews »

I am a fan of strategy games, and as a strategy lover, I have to say that Rome 2 is pleasant in every aspect; its graphics, its amazing music, its gameplay, etc. You will hear some people complain that there are too many graphical glitches, errors, and the such. Ignore them. Whoever is a fan of Total War franchises will know that not one game was released polished, but as patches were released, they became flawless games. If you are a fan of strategy games, especially those on an enormous scale, buy this game. Now.


A new Total War game!

Koomazaz | Sept. 5, 2013 | See all Koomazaz's reviews »

This game is an insanely beautiful resource hog. I have been a big fan of the Total War games, and they are known for their resource-intensive engines that operate on a massive scale. Well, Rome II needs some work before it is playable on anything besides a ridiculous monster of a gaming rig. My computer is good, but it is not anyway close to being able to max out the graphics in this. Gameplay-wise, Creative Assembly has improved several things, but the AI takes forever to move, resulting in somewhat boring gameplay. Throw poor framerate on top of that, and you have a beautiful but un-optimized game that needs more work. Consider picking this one up after CA releases some patches!


Rome 2 - Ambitious but should wait if you don't like issues

Dangerman1337 | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all Dangerman1337's reviews »

Rome 2 is a very ambitious game likewise with the Total War series, large scale combat and continental+ spanning (well most of the titles) on a strategic scale and offers a Turn-based strategy and Real Time Tactics combination like no other. You can play a highly varied amount of factions such as Rome, Carthage, Averni (Gauls) and more and others soon to come as DLC (some free like the upcoming free Seleucid faction and the Nomadic culture pack and more to come afterwards). This game has you either going in with three Victory conditions being Military, Economic and Cultural victories which either assume you conquering, becoming prosperous or spreading your faction's culture to other factions and nations and you can switch to any condition and are not fixed at one condition at any time and can achieve them if you change your mind in the campaign. The battles feature from small-scale skirmishes to large scale battles which can be intense and exciting as you can possibly end it quickly with a decisive shock to your foes (and can have them start fleeing the battle early) or turn into a long drag if your forces are equal and are at equal terms. However there are a noticeable issues as of now including performance issues with optimization in general, the AI can be problematic and not be challenging at times from what is reported to be even on legendary/very hard (both difficulties are the same except legendary is where you cannot re-load to an earlier save and more realistic battle UI). Also I found the UI problematic compared to the likes of Shogun 2 which makes managing your empire hard, one problem includes that agents, fleets and armies are in the same tab compared to Shogun 2 where each three where in separate tabs. Though however CA seem to have committed to start to patching the game with the first patch coming on Friday of this week of writing and have said they'll keep patching it unlike another particular company or patched their game with a gap of 3 or more months (*cough DICE* *cough BF3 patch that only came with DLC*). Overall Rome 2 is an ambitious game where other games these days IMO feel like they are either quirky or they keep to small scale in terms off gameplay (not meaning in spectacle but Rome 2 does offer that through highly detailed graphics combined with large scale combat). However if you seem daunted by the issues you may want to wait out until they get ironed out more or it goes on sale next time.


Good but not the best

gdog0211 | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all gdog0211's reviews »

As with pretty much every total war game thats been released there are a lot of bugs and poor AI. But the good thing is behind all the issues that are present right now there is a really good game. I know some people will disagree but I rather enjoy the new province system and makes it much easier to manage your cities.


Rome 2 first impressions

Silverance | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all Silverance's reviews »

If you enjoy a grand strategy with turn-based campaign and massive real-time battles, with amazing graphics then Total War: Rome II might be something for you. The game have a prologue campaign where most of the games new features and mechanics get shown off and explained. Pros: - Amazing graphics, looks pretty sweet on normal and stunningly good on extreme graphic settings. - New features and mechanics which have not been in other Total War games. - New camera angles which lets you to literally walk with your troop in battle. - Bigger and somewhat more complex than previous Total War games. - Unit animations and speech, gives a more immersion during battles. Cons: - Long loading times, should hopefully be fixed shortly after launch. - The game is graphics and processor intense, will most likely be more optimized post launch. - Need more optimization so the game can run more smoothly. Now keep in mind, I am just pointing out some flaws, most of which will probably be fixed by the end of the week.


Solid game

thejoakim | Sept. 3, 2013 | See all thejoakim's reviews »

The maps are amazingly lush and realistic unlike previous installations of the Total War series. I'm really enjoying the region building making you not have to click on every city that you control every round; although this sometimes makes me build in the wrong cities it makes for much faster turns on the campaign map. There are some bugs which I'm sure will be hammered out over time such as wardogs not being able to disembark from boats during battle. Some people have said it's poorly optimized. I don't really agree with this. Running everything on max on my HD7970 i5 3570k rig. I'm not really a fan of the rain splashing effect on the screen but this is just a design choice. Some things could do with mouse over explanations like zeal and authority. Other than that it's pretty straight forward if you have played Total War before. I have to say the diplomacy aspect is much more sensible this time around and actually worth investing some time in. The brutal Total War grind is still there and that's all I'm really there for. Overall so far it seems like a solid effort.


Amazing Accomplishment by Creative Assembly!

Trollfaceyomama | Sept. 3, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

I waited years for this and I am being rewarded! Although the AI is still as stupid as a donkey, the game is great! A mod or patch soon too come will fix the donkey AI! And now that they support modders, I am sure the game will be greater than ever! The vanilla game is only meant to be played in the beginning! Looking forward to the Lord of the Rings mod they will make for this! 10/10



Juan_22 | Sept. 3, 2013 | See all Juan_22's reviews »

Great game, i recommend buy it, if you like rome I, you will like Rome II


Different Kind of RTS

Adoran2 | Sept. 3, 2013 | See all Adoran2's reviews »

I've played since Rome Total War and this game is simply an improvement. More than 80 hrs of campaign time. Multiplayer battles are well designed.