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Newer games, but alot of genre

drafek | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

Demigod is a fantasy action strategy game. There are 8 demigods, and you control one of them, you've to get the power in your area. Pretty great gameplay, gets boring after a while though, alot of fun with friends. And a amazing soundtrack! Fallen Enchantress is a older strategy game, it runs on every computer. It's fine for a few games, but it hasn't aged that well. Galactic Civilisation I/II. I'll these games at once, because the only difference between them are the graphics, and a little bit of the story. The graphics are alright, ofcourse 2 is better than one but no really big difference. The story is alright, not the best in the world but alright. The gameplay is nice, it's a nice strategy game. The online gameplay is alright, not the best in the world but alright. Sins of the Solar Empire Rebellion is my favorite game in this pack. This is a amazing game! The graphics are fantastic! The story is great too. The multiplayer is great, I had alot of fun in it. Political Machine 2012 is more for the role players along us. You can become the next president, you can play 20+ canidates! You can make your own goals, and try and get them. Overal this is a amazing pack, worth getting!