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Light strategy

mahon | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Pirates and corsairs is a simple wargame, played on a simple but colorful map in a turn-based sequence. Played exclusively with naval units, that can be combined and moved around the map in order to earn money, which leads to victory. Money can be gained from floating treasure chests or from capturing and connecting ports. Doesn't it sound like something else than most computer games? Maybe a board game? Yes, this is not very different than what I thought about the game. It's a nice and light wargame that plays a bit like a computer adaptation of a boardgame. Or maybe even a mobile adaptation, which sounds like a perfect plan for this game (if there isn't any yet). If you are not discourages by some glitches in the game, and like boardgaming, you are likely to enjoy this one.