Reviews for Red Faction Collection


Varied styles of gameplay within one pack

shayhidedark | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all shayhidedark's reviews »

The red faction games have changed overtime, and this makes the pack so worthwhile as you get different gameplay experiences from buying just one pack. My favourite of all the games is guerilla as it is so unique to anything else out there in that it focused so much on destruction. Red faction guerilla is a must own: for EVERYONE. 1 & 2 feature good single player campaigns and the multiplayer is pretty awesome as well, 1 & 2 are strong entries to the series. Armageddon however is the least interesting of all the games but has the most interesting weaponry and although the open world gameplay from Guerilla is gone, at least the destruction still remains. If you haven't played at least the first three or two of these games then please, get this pack.


Another great pack

RaTcHeT302 | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Red Faction games are known for the amazing destruction physics from Red Faction Guerilla, one of the most fun game from the whole pack, Guerilla alone being worth a lot more than previous or next Red Faction entries. The first Red Faction games feature a more basic destruction but it's still fairly interesting even if occasional. There's also once in a while vehicle sections but most are rather uninteresting, the gunplay though is really fun. Guerilla's gunplay might not be as great but the building destruction is simply amazing, blowing up bridges and seeing pieces from it slowly falling apart is magic. Red Faction Armageddon pushed the engine with much more impressive weapons and destruction, although it sadly became linear and is not open world anymore back to the original Red Faction style. The Horde mode is pretty fun with another player and the campaign is alright but nothing mind blowing. A must have if you were looking to try the RF series!


Great shooting franchise

lok0812 | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This package contains all the Red Faction game and DLC within the franchise. The first and second Red Fraction plays similar to any FPS title with story through progrssion. The storyline from the game is pretty nice and move in a moderate pace without the feeling of dragging you back. Guerrilla took a new approach for the series by changing it into a TPS point of view and puts the game in an huge open world for players to play within. Great addition for any open world gamers. Armageddon takes it back to its core to its FPS style story driven shooter with the implementation of multiplayer through DM and survival. The DLC also adds story after the game ended. Definitely a great package for the Red Fraction series.