Reviews for Crusader Kings II Collection


A great game, but a bad bundle

Hybriz | April 13, 2016 | See all Hybriz's reviews »

I was slightly unsure of how I should rate this bundle. If I was to simply rate CK2 (with or without it's "expansions") I would probably rate this game at 95-100. Apart from the Sunset Invasion expansion (and maybe 1 or 2 music packs) I own every piece of DLC for this game, and with more than 1100 hours clocked in I'm definitely quite the fan. However I decided to rate this bundle at 75, because by including the base game this is clearly meant for new players, who are possibly going to try the game for the first time. Although the bundle includes more than 20 items, only 6 of these have any gameplay impact. My recommendation for new players would be to only ever buy this bundle if it was heavily discounted, but even better than that would be to find a different starter bundle, including more of the actual expansions, and/or less music, portrait and unit packs.


Collection not really worth it

884okeoJ | July 3, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

Crusader Kings II is a fantastic game. It may have a learning curve like a brick wall, but once you get over that, it is pure Paradox Interactive strategy goodness.If you thought Civilization V is too casual for you, Crusader Kings II has you covered. The music is fantastic, and the graphics are passable. The real meat is in the gameplay, where you are given an abundance of freedom to make your own choices on how you want to play. Although Crusader Kings II is a fantastic game, I cannot recommend buying the collection unless you are a diehard fan. The reason for this is that the majority of DLC is unnecessary for a lot of people. While a few pieces of DLC are actually gamechanging, the portrait packs and songs of faith are really not worth it unless you really care about immersion. Unless you're one of those people, just buy Crusader Kings II, and the DLCs that actually give you content, like Sword of Islam. (separately) Unless immersion is the most important thing for you in CK2, odds are you won't need the portrait packs and music.


The Strategy of Politics

xiluxpain | Jan. 12, 2014 | See all xiluxpain's reviews »

At first glance, Crusader Kings II comes off as a military based strategy game, but seconds in, it is anything but the case. From the second you begin, you will be lost without a guide or a proper tutorial. That much is a promise. Crusader Kings II offers you many scenarios, time periods, and great kings and lords of the past. In this game, you learn to delegate your power as a lord, whom to trust, and most importantly, whom not to trust. Those you care for, you hold dear and spoil. Anyone not to be trusted, you plot against them. This is not a game for everyone. There are enough mechanics and features to keep anyone entertained for hundreds of hours, and still not know everything. This is a slow game and primarily for those who enjoy politics and management, especially over the many generations you will have to oversee. From selecting your key advisers, to spying, plotting intrigues, assassinations, alliances, or betrayals, you will be put to the test against multiple nations and lords, all for the sake of having the greatest achievements. Within a specific time frame, have the greatest score to achieve true victory.


Epic strategy of Politics, Intrigue and Warefare!

Generic_Dude | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all Generic_Dude's reviews »

This collection is a gem and i would strongly encourage anyone who enjoys an in depth strategy game with meaningful decisions and consequences to look into buying this pack, especially if its on sale. If diving into intrigue and managing a kingdom from such small details as your fourth daughters wedding for a political advancement or secretly plotting to have your son take over as king by having the current one assassinated sounds like your type of game well your in for a treat. The game does have a steep learning curve and a fairly average tutorial however after watching any of the multitude of youtube tutorial videos you should be ready to rule over what ever subjects you may have at the start of the game. This is also not a game for people who like fast paced action and lots of warefare or a AAA level of graphical quality. While you can and will wage war or quell rebellions these are expensive processes and you wont be at war all the time however there is enough going on to keep you occupied with out the inclusion of constant warefare. Though warefare isnt why in my opinion you should be looking at this game, its for the story that it generates, its political intrigue and massive scale planning that you take part in. If you want a province then marry into it, fabricate a claim or if they are unlucky enough to have the wrong religion then launch a holy crusade. The shear amount of choices and strategic play is amazing. Lay on top all the DLC and the updates which have come out for this and you have a game thick with choices. To anyone who likes an in depth strategy game or is watching A Game of Thrones thinking wouldn't it be interesting to be able to take part in all that intrigue and back stabbing this pack is an easy buy. In fact there is a great A Game of Thrones mod (as well as a multitude of other mods) if your interested in the show. So all in all i would give this an 85/100 because of its great choices and indepth strategy. An amazing system of characters each with their own traits containing strengths and weaknesses as well as a huge variety of DLC and expansion packs which only adds more depth into the game.