Reviews for Q.U.B.E Pack


A Hidden Gem!

Kief | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all Kief's reviews »

First off, if you loved Portal for the mind bending puzzles, go out and buy this now! This game is packed with very well thought out puzzles that really put a test on your cognitive skills. If you're looking for a similar experience that was obtained from Portal, this game is not for you. You will be left disappointed to find out that this game has no storyline. The minute you play the game is the minute you begin your first puzzle. Really take into consideration that this an indie game, and for the price, you're getting quality stuff! The game is short, about 3 hours or so long depending on how fast you solve the puzzles, and that's why I couldn't give this game a masterpiece score or a 9 for what it's worth. I will really like to see some improvement, maybe a higher budget for a storyline, a set of characters, and a role with a goal for the mysteriously protagonist. This game has the potential to be the next Portal. Definitely pick up this game when it's on sale, you won't regret it!



tv_ | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all tv_'s reviews »

You've come a long way from building blocks mindlessly. This very cheap puzzle game will definitely remind you of Portal, like everyone says, but really you are getting a very solid Puzzle game to make you think. Not much to it. It's cheap price matches the length and replay value of the game...I don't know about you, but it's a great deal for a puzzle. I don't think I'd ever go back to doing a Puzzle--rather I'll bask in the glory of completing it the first time. This game is pointless for those who search for guides. It's not difficult, just think!


Portal clone? Maybe or maybe not, you decide

y1985 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all y1985's reviews »

At the first glance of the game. I'm sure most of the people who play Portal will definitely said "It's a Portal Clone!!!" but If you have played the game you will feel different. There aren't many FPS Puzzle game but that's not mean they're bad mix. Try this game you'll change your mind. Bad thing about this game is the game is too short and didn't have much replay value.


Decently entertaining puzzle game... for a while

Alcatraz_Inmate | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all Alcatraz_Inmate's reviews »

Ok so let me start off the review by saying the time I spent with this game very much gave a "portal" feel of gameplay, which is good. However in my opinion, it is only entertaining for a short while. The puzzles are decently challenging and require a good amount of thought later on, but nothing that will make you pull your hair out of frustration. It's well paced and has some interesting "qube" mechanics. One thing to note is that there is virtually no story here and if there is, it is very minuscule and lacks engagement, but if you don't mind that, this is a title definitely worth looking into at some point if you're into puzzle games.The time trials give a bit of replayability, but for the most part a run through or two will be good enough.


Great puzzle game

lok0812 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Even though this game is nothing like the Portal series in terms of puzzle it is still a very solid game. As the player you have power to manipulate cubes that are in different colors to help you get past the stage that require you to solve puzzle. One interesting aspect of this is you are required to mix between 2 colors to get a new color later on in the stage as well as some pretty challenging puzzles near the end of the game. This package also includes the DLC of the game by adding a time leaderboard of each stage of the game allowing friends to challenge each other to see who can complete the stage quicker as well as additional achievements. Definitely a solid pickup for fans that wants to step away from blasting portals.


Great puzzles!

drafek | Sept. 8, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

This game is amazing, it does remind me of portal (2), it does have a few better but also some element that aren't as good as portal (2). The puzzles are well done and sometimes really hard. Every puzzle is unique. Worth getting and especially with a sale!


A solid first-person puzzler in the spirits of Portal.

McDoenerKing | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all McDoenerKing's reviews »

You are in a space station and have to solve puzzles using 4 different types of cubes. The puzzles are rarely plattforming or timing heavy, so that your puzzler heart got no obstacle to overcome. Many puzzles can be quite tricky, but are rewarding if you solve them in the end. The story is almost non existent, but usually you play puzzle games for the puzzles not the story. The length of the game like with most puzzle games depends heavily on your solving skills. The game's length should be around 3-5 hours depending on your solving skills. The dlc adds about the same amount of content as the main game, but is very focused on the timing and plattforming part of the game. The DLC is a time trial DLC, so do not expect something else. Personally I felt the DLC to be very trial and error type of gameplay. At the end I would still recommend this game to anybody who enjoyed Portal 1 or 2 or Quantum Conundrum.



KillerOnesXx | Sept. 7, 2013 | See all KillerOnesXx's reviews »

REALLY fun puzzle game! Enjoyed it a lot and i highly recommend you picking these up while its on sale!