Reviews for Full Spectrum Warrior


A new breed of RTS games

KingTed | Dec. 31, 2014 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Like Kingdom Under Fire Crusaders, Full Spectrum Warrior is a RTS game with a twist : there is no map of the whole terrain here or an entire army waiting for your orders. No, this time you control only twos squads and the camera is set right next to them, like in any third person shooter. You have direct control on eight soldiers sent to Middle East. It's like a RTS game developped specifically for consoles (Well it was developped for consoles back in 2004). The campaign is fun and requires a bit of tactics... But don't expect too much. Full Spectrum Warrior was one of the first games of its kind.


Something I Didn't Expect

pouchey2 | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all pouchey2's reviews »

This game literally changed my perspective on what i would say is the RTS genre. The idea behind this game is that you indirectly control a squad of US Soldiers fighting for their country, but instead of from an FPS perspective, or a Top Down perspective, it's from a 3rd person, RTS style perspective. In my opinion, the game works best on PC, but was also released on XBOX and PS2. The controls seem much more fluent and a lot easier to control within a combat situation, but at times do feel a bit clunky and slow with the action menus. The graphics aren't amazing, but what do you expect for a game released in 2004. I could sit here and tell you about the game mechanics, but that's not my job. I say it's a one of a kind, ingenious game which i really enjoyed, and i seriously recommend it. Give it a go for yourself. HOOAH