Reviews for Gothic 3: Gold Edition


Great story idea and gameplay that could have gone somewhere

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

The Gothic Series has always been the underdog in the RPG world oppresed by greats such as Elder Scrolls and Neverwinter Nights. On paper Gothic 3's story and ideas sound golden but when converted to the real game the result is nerve wrecking. Gothic 3 looks amazing in ads and screenshots but when I loaded up the game for the first time I was in awe of how choppy the gameplay was. I thought that this problem would pass as I continued in the game but it only got worse. The frame rate skips every 5 seconds and is almost unplayable. This is very saddening seeing as my PC can run Oblivion on medium high. The requirements for Gothic 3 are either way too high or there are serious graphics coding issues. Beside the point of near unplayibility Gothic 3 delivers a rich story involving Orcs ruling the Morra land and it being your choice to help them rule or start a revolution to save the human race from extinction. The combat system is simple with click and more click kills and can make some RPG experts weep and noobs rejoice. The game's enemies are well balanced overall but sometimes the bad guys get crazy bursts of power usually ending in the player lieing in a heep of blood with the words "The End" over their head. Overall Gothic 3 could have been an amazing RPG that could have competed with Oblivion and NWN 2 but is ruined due to graphic issues and a simple combat system.


Unique RPG, but be prepared to work at it

villagejim | Jan. 5, 2014 | See all villagejim's reviews »

As others here have said, if you patch this up with the (large) community patch and spend a little time with it this is quite a unique game that I haven't experienced the likes of elsewhere. Admittedly I never got into the earlier Gothic games and Risen just passed me by, but this hooked me and dragged me into its quirky world. The thing about it is that the world is very open - you can kind of do what you want in what order and things adapt and change on that basis. There is a main quest which does have alternate endings, but you can really approach things how you want and there are some adventuring gems in there. Like the tomb that you enter with some orc allies and have to take on a virtual zombie army (like nothing I ever saw in Oblivion). Altering allegiances and the conquest of towns. You can take on the whole orc army if you want to in some large battles (with a very limited number of allies it has to be said). The characterisation is quite quirky - the main hero is more Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti western prime than anything else - and some of the dialogue is cheesy but it builds this kind of believable, quirky, deep world. Performance on moderns PCs will be fine, back when it was released it was a little bit of a hog but will be no problem now. Visuals are rustic but Ok, but it is the world it creates which is worth experiencing. If you haven't already, give it a try, for the price now there is nothing to lose...


A failure, but a very good game if you patch it

davionc | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all davionc's reviews »

Every time sequel is released it is hard to evaluate it. Especially if previous game set quite a high quality plank. I case of Gothic 3 we have two excellent previous games, great setting and nice story. That is why quality plank for Gothic 3 is very high. It is common knowledge that Gohic 3 was released too early, full of bugs and not finished. But later great community patch was released that fixed a lot and gave us real Gothic 3. That is why I won't consider unpatched Gothic 3. In comparison with previous games there are a lot of changes in gameplay, character mechanics and graphics. In general I think that fight mechanics became better, more dynamic than in first two games, but harder too. Graphics is amazing (even some glitches won't spoil experience). Everywhere you could see ideas of the developers, but almost everywhere they are unfortunately not finished. For example, freeing the cities. Great idea! But after first two liberations it gets repetitive and boring. In some cities there are a lot of quests to help you to liberate the city, in rest there are almost none. Somewhat similar character models are also great minus. Story starts with interesting twists and turns but finishes very abruptly. Gothic 3 is a good game, though fans will be probably dissapointed.


Bugged but good RPG

wolfm | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all wolfm's reviews »

The problem with Gothic 3 is not its mediocre story or its dull characters but its many bugs that still exist even after you apply all the official patches. Of course you can also use the "unofficial" community patch that fixes most but not all the bugs. However if you can overlook all of the above you'll find a massive open world game where your choices matter with three different geographic and weather zones (temperate , desert , arctic) , a plethora of quests that have multiple conclusions and a lot of monsters to slay. If the bugs didn't exist we would be talking about an excellent game that could challenge even the mighty Elder Scrolls series. Truly a lost opportunity.


Good RPG, but buggy if unpatched

ConorEngelb | July 30, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

What sticks in my mind most from Gothic 3 is how open the world was. It was perfectly possible to go from the starting point to the frigid north, or the desert in the south (but unadvisable, because pretty much everything wants to kill you [except for the things that wouldn't unless you provoked them, which is a nice touch]) The story finds itself in the back seat a bit, with such an open world. It's possible, right up til the very end, to change your mind and essentially undo everything you may have done for any given faction in favour of another. This could sometimes, in my experience, break the story a little and leave you stuck. Gothic 3 also suffered from many bugs, some small, others potentially game-breaking. Fortunately, there are patches available to fix these. Story: 6/10 - diverting enough for an open world RPG, but suffers because of open-ness World: 8/10 - totally open, populated with hostile, docile and in-between animals Combat: 6/10 - challenging, which is good. But a bit unresponsive and counter-intuitive at times, which isn't Overall Feel: 8/10 - the game invites you in, easy to get invested in your nameless character's life


A great german rpg with a poor story and dull combat system

crazybear86 | Oct. 4, 2012 | See all crazybear86's reviews »

While Gothic 3 had some really heavy issues shortly after its release (constantly crashes, countless bugs, dull combat system ...), the game nowadays is not only playable but also a very enjoying experience for every rpg fan. It offers a large area with different weather zones (snow, dessert, woods), tons of different items, quests with multiple possible solutions, 50hours+ of gameplay, lots of different skills and many more. The only real downside are the (very) poor story and the still flawed combat system. But if you like rpgs, don't get repelled by its bad reputation and definitely take a look. I for myself had a lot fun with it!


An amazing game, but only after you patch it up.

fable2 | Sept. 18, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Yes the bug infested gothic 3 might not be as "tight" as the other gothics, but after a few minor patches the game becomes stable and you will spend thousands of hours questing and playing.... until your brain melts :P As always the vast world in Gothic is yet to be made by any other rpg game, only Morrowind can compare to the open end style you find here, Oblivion is a cheap empty world with nice graphics and the Witcher is linear compared to Gothic 3. Yes my friends the Gothic games live on, and to a true gamer are gems of the PC gaming world. Now I find myself here in 2012 wondering why is the gaming world sinking into hell, and I find no answer.... I only find fun and amusement in games like Gothic 2 and 3, and more recently Risen, and soon Arcania which I await on hot lava :P if you don't mind DL a little patch for Gothic 3, then get the game install it, patch it up and play you brains out, and honestly what game doesn't need a patch, even world of warcraft and starcraft needed patches. The game play is hard, the quest is vast and amazing, the graphics are good, and the atmosphere is .... gothic :)


A great, but demanding RPG

Cooberstooge | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

This is one of the most enjoyable free-roaming experiences out there, especially if you're into the Gothic games. Tons of locations to discover, multitudes of monsters to slay, and piles of quests to complete will ensure this one keeps you busy for many hours. The one and only negative, though, is how demanding on your machine the game will be - despite its age, Gothic 3 needs a rather beastly computer to run well. The quests are often very long, and some of them are quite difficult to complete, ensuring a good sense of satisfaction many times, even for something as simple as locating a lost shipment. The main story is very long, but you can wander off and do your own thing whenever you like. Graphics-wise, Gothic 3 is a very beautiful game. Even now, I still find stuff that has a massive "wow" factor. Wandering into the forest right around sunset is always especially rewarding. The characters are all very well-detailed, and most are recognizable from a distance after you've met them. Unfortunately, the one thing I hate about this game, along with many others, is how demanding it is. Gothic 3 tried its best upon release to break machines that were top of the line then, and it still pushes the heck out of computers from now. There are mods that help alleviate this, but the best solution is to manually increase the amount of RAM it has access to - you'll potentially get it running as smooth as butter by doing this. Even with its problems, I still think Gothic 3 is one of the best, most original RPGs ever made, and absolutely recommend every gamer play it.


Good RPG but not a masterpiece like its predecessors

panz3r88 | Aug. 6, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Gothic 3 is a RPG that continues the story of the first two Gothic. The hero reach Myrtana, the main continent and its actions will determine the fate of the world. The map is really huge with respect to the previous titles and you will explore different zones: the deserts of Varant in the south, the forests of Myrtana in the center and the snowy mountains of Nordmar in the north. In the expansion Forsaken Gods you will explore only Myrtana One of the weak element of Gothic 3 is the story, that is not amazing like in the previous chapter. The main problem of the game is that at a certain point you will feel lost due to this huge map where usually it's not clear where you must go. An other element that contribute to make the game frustating is that the quest log is not clear, so you will hardly understand the story and where to go to complete the various quests. The game contains all the feature that many Gothic fun loved in the previous game.The gold version of the game contains also all the patch that many players who love this game have made during this year to remove many of the bug and defects of the main version



xgatto | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all xgatto's reviews »

Pretty good RPG, Gothic 3 is a big game. A really big game, it has a big world, an immersive story, and lots, lots of adventure. If you're and adventurer, or explorer, you'll probably find yourself free roaming around, rather than following quests. The game counts with a new dynamic lighting system. This helps a lot in the immersion, since when its night and COMPLETELY dark, you'll need a torch or a light spell, or you wont see anything. At all. This also applies to dark caves, where you will really need to have the guts to explore. All in all, isn't that what RPG's are supposed to be like? Big worlds to explore with your character, gathering equipment, creating your own hero? Well that's where Gothic 3 shines. Unfortunately, not everything is so awesome in Gothic 3. For example, the story is very lacklusting, or at least it feels so with the high expectations from the predecessors Gothic 1/2 So if youre a fan of RPG's, really check this out, even tho it has some bugs and the story isnt 10/10, its worth trying for its high exploration and fun value.


One of the best RPG ever

ojotas | June 25, 2012 | See all ojotas's reviews »

The World of Gothic 3 is huge, it has 3 big areas, with a lot of towns to visit in each. I have to say that i played this game at the release date, when it was buggy as hell. It took me like 70 hours to end it, even it was buggy it was fun. But now with the comunity patches, the game has improved a lot, and by a lot i mean a LOT. The graphics are better, the gameplay is better, the IA is better. For example the first minutes of the game you free a small town from the orcs, without the comunity patch it was really easy the orcs dont even look at you, you can just slash their back and kill them. WIth the new comunity patch 1.75. The IA improved a lot, the orcs are smart, if you slash their back, you will aggro them and they will attack you and you have to dodge, block, etc. In conclusion: If you played Gothic 1 and 2, and you skipped this one because of the bugs, you no longer have that excuse.


Gothic still rules over the rpg world ...

blacky | May 25, 2012 | See all blacky's reviews »

Gothic. One word describing a wide range of options that keeps you alive knowing there is nothing as atmospheric, magic and beautiful as Gothic series. Part 3 is a superb game. To be honest, it isn't better than Gothic 2, but definitely better than first one. The nameless one finds himself in Myrtana where dangerous orcs keep destroying the land and small groups of resistance are waiting for the right moments to make surprise attacks on the ugly monsters. You can go everywhere you want, do everything you want and kill anybody you ..want. To collect the plants, or mushrooms? Yes you can. To make potions? Of course. To become a mage, warrior, hunter, or something between? No problem. From green valleys and dense forests, through deep rivers and majestic waterfalls to hot sands of deserts and cold peaks of mountains the player has an unbelievable experience as never so far and so powerful and various gameplay with multiple endings. The graphics are breathtaking even these days ( trees! the trees!) and music score deserves an aplausse, because firstly it is simply the best score in the series and secondly, the music is so kind, melodic, and also romantically poetic. Every true fan of Gothic series should own it and worship it, and every common rpg player should "at least" play it and of course like it. Hmm..what about bugs? Every open world game have it, there is nothing special about that thing ....(Note: The review does not containing the reviewing of the Forsaken Gods)


Good game, but not for fans of previous games.

Comros | Aug. 1, 2011 | See all Comros's reviews »

Since I am a fan of the previous parts Gothic's the three waited impatiently and in part be disappointed. Let's start with bugs, which the game is MASA, fortunately, came out fansites patches, which allow for convenient gameplay. Simple but captivating story - Oh we save the whole land of Myrtana-or invented by the creators of the game. Talking about the game world is worth mentioning that it is GREAT, we have three smaller states (?). The three will meet a lot of old and popular form. It's what keeps this game alive climate, which in this game until it boils. We have lots of character development paths, a lot of side quest. Game enough for a lot of cool nights and would recommend it to anyone who does not depend on comparing the various parts of the series.



hotmando1 | July 15, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Gothic3 is by far not the best but ONE of the best among the four. Gothic3 is really vast..really. The world looks amazing..the view distance makes you feel amazingly small. If it weren't for the maps, you wouldn't know where to go besides the signposts. It is YOUR world! However..there is a lack of equipment. There is barely any armor variety in the game. Weapons are the same as well. There is no lack of trolls or spells though. You'll find plenty of enemies throughout the world. It is not easy...A pack of dinos can easily tear you to pieces. The game is a challenge and it appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers! Rpg fans should totally check this out.


Gothic Forsaken

mitzager | April 7, 2011 | See all mitzager's reviews »

Gothic 1 is my favorite RPG. Ever. The first two installments of the Gothic franchise are excellent games, which despite their bugs manage to create an immersive experience, doubled by an unique atmosphere. The problem with Gothic 3 is that it kept only the bugs and let the rest aside. The story is pretty good, but below it's predecessors, but the quests are very boring and repetitive...and 90% are the same with those in MMORPGs (bring me 10 wolf hides :| ). The graphics are okay, but that's not what the Gothic series is about, and the soundtrack is excellent, composed by the genius Kai Rosenkranz. Forsaken Gods is the disastrous expansion of Gothic 3. I didn't play it with the community patch that that was released lately, but back then it was horrible. I was having major stuttering on the rig that ran Gothic 3 on high details, the story is just awful and the bugs are way too many. This shouldn't have existed. Gothic 3 is worth playing for Gothic fans, but forget about Forsaken Gods. Note: Even if this is a review of Gothic 3: Gold, I won't rate Forsaken Gods.


great but buggy adventure

keeveek | April 7, 2011 | See all keeveek's reviews »

Damn, this game has a lot of bugs! Especially the expansion - without many comunity patches it's almost unplayable. But if you're patient and ready for many crashes, youll probably find this game very entertaining and addicting. Dozens of hours of gameplay, tons of items and monsters. This is one of the biggest worlds in the gaming history, and most realistic you can find (only Oblivion could compete) The graphics looks very nice (also better after community patches), battle mechanics are complex, you may create any kind of hero you want. If you loved Gohtic II , youll definitly love Gothic 3 even more.