Reviews for Tropico 4: The Academy


East Point, here we come!

mahon | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

The Academy feels like many of the previous smaller DLCs for Tropico 4. They usually add a building or two, new outfit, a trait and sometimes a new mission. Academy is not any different. It covers the subject of a military academy for your country. Much like West Point, but quite unsurprisingly it's called... East Point, and trains military personnel. The new trait allows to make your el presidente a graduate of this academy, which improves his combat efficiency, and the new outfit is a nice female version of an East Point cadet in a pretty uniform. The last addition is a new mission, in which you will have to defend against a massed enemy invasion. But with the addition of all the military enhancements, the mission shouldn't be too difficult for you.