Reviews for The Guild 2: Platinum Edition


Not as good as the first one.

Rumpel123 | Aug. 27, 2012 | See all Rumpel123's reviews »

I liked the first game a lot. I played it more then 40h and I thought that part two would be much better. Both games are about your family, trying to make your family the leading one in the city. You have to make a good stand in politics and you try to get rich on the market. For this goal you can use legal and some other strategies ;) Rob your Neighbor or claim him a to be a thief, steal his gold and sell it as yours :) Happy neighbourhood! The first game gives you a nice overlook around the city in which you are building your dominance. You can click you shop, your home and the market. Klick and you have the menu open for your task. But in "The Guild 2" you have to walk around in the small village to get to your destination (Its not that bad but it is more then a contextmenu). Maybe developers tried to build a "The Sims"-Feeling but it didnt worked for me. You still have a lot of options to work your way into the important authority you want to be. And there a lot of options to sabotage your opponents. But it seems a bit more repetitive. There is a nice depth of strategy to make you "the king of the hill". But in my eyes it isnt as good as in the first game. But if you need better graphics and a (litte)bit more "The Sims"- Style this game may fit you more. Otherwise try the first game with its expansions :)



jeyko | Aug. 21, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

The Guild 2 is a really cool sequel to the original city building and to some degree city survival game The Guild. It is something of a blend between RPG, RTS and management sim. The first thing you may think is that it's like Tropico, but it actually isn't. But even though it's fun, after the first 5 hours, you are going to get farily bored. Also, at one time you realize that you do not really have that much control over everything. But still, The Guild 2 is a solid sim strategy game; definitely worth checking out.