Reviews for Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (NA)


Just wow! Not just a Plants vs Zombies game, A damn good shooter

TayburrFripper | Nov. 10, 2015 | See all TayburrFripper's reviews »

I got this in a HumbleBundle a long while ago. I ignored it until a severe boredom bout with all my games happened and i realized this isn't another Plant vs Zombies game, Its an honest to goodness MotherFing Shooter game! Immediatley downloaded it and it's probably the 2nd most played game i have. The Gardens vs Graveyards game mode is ridiculously fun. the company still supports the game. they are about to realease GW2 soon too. it's one crazy addictive shooter game. once you start it, it'll be a new addiction. you should buy it as soon as your wallet allows it. this is a top priority game to get if you want the most zany and fun shooter games probably ever made with tons and tons of things to unlock.


Chill but not super chill shooter

JoshvJericho | Aug. 14, 2015 | See all JoshvJericho's reviews »

This game freaking rocks! It features the classic cartoon art style from the original PvZ but now in a 3rd person shooter. There are 4 main classes on either side and have multiple options of characters within those classes. You can easily play hours and hours online and never really send your blood pressure into the stratosphere, because how can you be mad that a creepy garlic bulb shooting you from high in the sky. If you get tired of playing online multiplayer, you can switch to garden ops, which is sorta like a tower/wave defense mode, and you can co-op with friends!. The controls may not be as tight as some people like, but are far from distracting. The classes aren't 100 percent even between teams in terms of sheer power and abilities ex. zombie commando=/= peashooter but the cool downs on abilities help bridge the gap so one team isn't better by default than the other. Overall, great game and well worth the pocket change it costs. Highly recommended.


Awesome game!

EagleEdge | Dec. 23, 2014 | See all EagleEdge's reviews »

Rating this 90 out of 100 because I really loved it. One thing i just don't like about is the split-screen when playing Multiplayer. But everything else is really good. If you're a fan of zombies, FPS and previous PVZ games, then you'll love this! (Along with this review, I wanna ask you guys what other zombie games you can suggest to me. Thanks!)


Super Fun

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

Although this game might look really stupid at first, once you get playing it, you realize that it's literally an intense third person shooter, but with a more playful like atmosphere to the game. It's altogether a well good looking, and great gameplay game, and it's suitable for ALL ages, but it gives the same experience as a more intense shooter. A very fun game.


Bright, Colorful, and Chaotic

CrimsonWizard | Sept. 21, 2014 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

I have no idea what possessed Popcap to work on a shooting game, but they ended up crafted a wonderful multiplayer game with Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. If you were tired of the grim look of military shooters, Garden Warfare looks fantastic with clear, colorful graphics that look straight out of a Pixar movie. The game takes a good number of cues from Team Fortress 2, but manages to put it's own spin on things, making it feel unique. In particular, there's the fact that certain classes can only play with other classes, it is Plants vs. Zombies after all. You can play as the Football Zombie and punt exploding zombies, and use heavy weaponry, or you could play as the Sunflower, healing allies before frying zombies with your Solar Beam. Garden Warfare has your standard multiplayer shooter modes like capture the flag and arena, but it also has offers a fun players versus computer mode where you have to defend your garden against large zombie hoards. You also have a lot of incentive to keep playing with new abilities, upgrades, and customization unlocked by playing rounds to level up and collect coins. Overall, I had a fun time with this title, and there's a decent community so you won't have too much trouble finding a match or a group play with if you're looking for something a little different from Team Fortress 2, and it's perfect to play with your kids if you want something that isn't ultra violent.


A different kind of multiplayer shooter

BlockAgent | Aug. 31, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Garden Warefare is a fresh take on the multiplayer shooter genre. It definitely looks, plays and vibes different than the usual troops in the desert war games that flood the market. It has a lot of personality too. All your favorite characters are included as well. While the game makes you happy in some ways, it disappoints in others. The controls feel very clunky and cumbersome. This makes aiming and dodging enemy attacks very slow and difficult. Despite the games different personality, there are no unique game play modes. There are just the usual capture the flag, team deathmatch, and hold the base for longer than your opponent modes. I think this game will be a hit with players 12 or younger, while it will leave adult gamers a little short handed.


Great Game!

bclubdave | Aug. 20, 2014 | See all bclubdave's reviews »

Different than other PVZ games, but just as fun and addicting, if not more so. I like it because its just as fun for me as it is my seven year old, and we can play it together! Just good, clean fun. Strategy and many different ways to win make it fun while repeating the same scenes over and over.


Refreshing FPS Experience (Better with recent patch)

Alco4real | July 29, 2014 | See all Alco4real's reviews »

Note: a recent patch has allowed microphone muting, new game modes, and enhanced group playing features. PvZ Garden Warfare has a good mix of casual game play elements and challenges. While both the Plants and the Zombies have classes more suited for less skilled players, the availability of class variations allows you to play each class in a slightly different way and with a higher skill ceiling. For example, the Pea Shooter has a large splash radius on his ranged attacks. You can play as the Toxic Pea instead to trade a smaller splash radius for a damage over time effect on your attacks. These class variations are unlocked by collecting all the components (stickers) that you gain from card packs. You can spend small amounts of in-game coins for smaller amounts of common stickers, or you can save up for a bit to guarantee a new character unlock. Although these unlocks are random and therefore could be a class you rarely play, you gain coins at a fast enough rate to feel rewarded at the end of a play session (not like you are tirelessly grinding for coins) . The game is mostly balanced, although many players tend to lean towards playing the Soldier/Peashooter which can lead to somewhat stale matches. If you play a variety of game modes however, you will see more class variation. If you are a fan of the Plants vs Zombies franchise and/or a fan of FPS games, you really should pick this game up.



philip08533 | July 23, 2014 | See all philip08533's reviews »

This is a very addicting game in which you kill zombies. Because that's what plants are supposed to do, right? Even though it might not make a bit of sense, it is fun to play. once you start you can't stop. Basically a plant COD. Its worth the price.


Nothing like the OG PvZ

77Bottles | July 4, 2014 | See all 77Bottles's reviews »

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is the sequel to Plants vs Zombies. With Garden Warfare there is nearly non-stop action as you blast your way through plenty of zombie enemies. With many different plants, equipment and abilities the game lasts for a while if you like to collect everything in a game, but if not, then the Garden Warfare becomes boring rather quickly unless played with friends.


Easily one of the best multiplayer shooters available

cappincrunch | June 25, 2014 | See all cappincrunch's reviews »

I'd rather play this over any other shooter available today? Why? Because it's more than shoot, reload, and repeat. Strategy comes to play in this game and if you play with caution and as a team, you'll dominate. Try to go Rambo and you won't do much for your team. Multiplayer: There are game modes. Team Vanquish (Team Deathmatch), Gardens and Graveyards, Welcome Mat, and Gnome Bomb Team Vanquish: Your typical team deathmatch. Every game needs this. You kill, respawn, and kill again. First to 50 kills wins, but 1 kill can be taken away with a revive. Every class can revive. Gardens and Graveyards: Battle it out plants vs zombies that spawn defense and offense A.I. and compete to take over territories head on. Welcome Mat: A great place for new players. The more you are killed, the more health you spawn with. This brings a little more balance between skilled and unskilled players. Gnome Bomb: Both teams fight for the bomb which is used to destroy the opponents' base. Classic: This allows players to have access to all characters and upgrades so players who join late don't have to compete with high levels who are better geared. Mixed Mode: A mix of everything Coop: If you've played dungeon defenders, you get the idea. You will always play as plans and you will choose a garden to defend as a team of 4. You can plant defenses in premarked areas. Players take on a total of 10 waves of zombies. Wave 5 and 10 contain boss fights which are randomly picked. You could end up with 1000 coins and 1 Yeti, or you can have 3 yetis, or 1 yeti, 1 disco zombie, and 1 gigantuar. So 3 bosses can spawn in 1 wave. Coin system: Whether you win or lose, you earn coins at the end of every game. The least I've made was 1,000 and the most I've made has been 8,000. You earn coins for just about anything you do to contribute to the team. With these coins, you can purchase booster-pack cards which unlock weapon mods, character skins and costume items, or plants to use in coop. I think this system is a bit unfair. The more multiplayer versus you play, the more coins you earn towards plant defenses in coop. That means players who stick with only coop will eventually have a hard time collecting money and buying booster packs for defenses. Booster packs: There are a series of cards that range anywhere from 1,000 coins to 40,000 coins. Obviously the more you spend, the better the loot and the booster packs give details on if you're guaranteed a certain item or have a high probability of getting a rare/very rare item. Classes: Plants: Short to Long Range Peashooter: Fires at single-round burst. Upgrades: Mounts and fires rapid shots Speed/Jump boost for a short time Chili Bean Bomb that rolls out and explodes for massive damage Chomper: Melee Upgrades: Tunnels underground and pops out and eats the opponent in 1 attack Other upgrades currently unknown Sunflower: Short to Long Range, Support Class Upgrades: Healing pot that heals people nearby Mounts and fires a sunbeam that fires rapidly at your opponents Heal: Channel a heal to 1 friendly at a time Cactus: Long range Upgrades: Defensive barriers Potato mines in the ground that explode for massive damage when stepped on Drone: Allows you to fly a garlic drone that fires rapidly from the sky and is able to call in an airstrike of corn on a selected location. This can go down in 1 hit and does not harm the cactus, but the cactus will be vulnerable during operation. Zombies: Footsoldier: Short to long range Upgrades: Stink bomb that does damage to any enemies within the stink. Also a good way to prevent someone from seeing through it. Rocket Launcher: Takes a couple seconds to fire and has a cooldown. Not as overpowered as you might think but can be very effective when aimed properly. Rocket Jump: Jump a high distance. Great for getting on rooftops or avoiding enemy fire. Engineer: Close range Upgrades: Sonic Grenade that allows the engineer to stun anyone within the radius Other upgrades currently unknown Scientist: Close range/Support Upgrades: Warp that allows the scientist to teleport a short distance in front of them Sticky bomb: a bomb that sticks Heal Station: Heals anyone within the radius All-Star: Close to Middle range Upgrades: Tackle that rapidly sprints a short distance to hit the opponent for damage Shield: Acts as a barrier. It absorbs damage like the cactus' barrier. Imp Put: Launches an exploding imp at the opponent So as you can see, the classes are quite random yet it seems to work well. I can't say I've seen plants or zombies win more games. It really depends on which team plays well together and can play their class. I feel the zombie healer is inferior to the sunflower's heals, but the zombies seem to have slightly better weapons all together. It's really difficult picking one class to play because they're all very fun. I just don't like the scientist, but I play him to offer support heals for my team.


Garden Warfare Review

mrminecrafter1 | June 24, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

This game is pretty fun. Not made for hardcore gamers, so don't expect too much for this game. After all this game is marketed for casual shooters and children, so the game might not appeal to you. The artistic style and graphic fidelity of the game is wonderful. Sound design is excellent and the soundtrack barely loops. The game is fun to play, but only at short bursts of 1-2 hour sessions. Depth and customization is fairly limited compared to shooters like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4. But I think it deserves the slide here. Overall this is a fairly fun game that you should get. But only at a discount.



vofenn | June 24, 2014 | See all vofenn's reviews »

First off, the game is fun, but as of launch, here are some issues you need to be aware of. There is no way to mute your own Mic in game, you can mute other people (Every new person who joins the lobby must be muted additionaly). This is not good because I am constantly talking on Teamspeak, so I am basically adding white noise to the lobbies. There is no in-game party system unless you count Garden ops which allows lobby play. As of this review me and my roomie could not play a single match together. These issues may be fixed in the future, I will update this review accordingly.


Pretty good

emperor20 | May 21, 2014 | See all emperor20's reviews »

You kill zombies in waves and have other people to play with. You also drop down various plants that heal or help you in certain places with pots and get bonuses from them killing zombies. Your plants level through accomplishing objectives like getting a number of kills or planting X number of plants.



Orea | April 2, 2014 | See all Orea's reviews »

Alot more fun then i thought it would be. guns and plant play pretty well but i feel it a bit to high in cost not alot to do in the game


Better than mobile.

BigEarsCross | Dec. 10, 2013 | See all BigEarsCross's reviews »

First off this game was not made for a "hardcore" gamer, it was more made for children and maybe your casual gamer. If you look at this game like that then you will defiantly like it. I have played this game for about 3 hours and its not good but its not bad But i would say it was enjoyable seeing plants slaughtering each other its pretty amusing. After i was done i let my 6 year old cousin play it for a bit and all I could hear was laughter because he enjoyed the game that much. So to conclude as a casual game and a game that you would let your kid play as a replacement for Call of Duty than I say this game is a solid 77 (there are some bugs but not game breaking). for a hard core gamer if any actually play this game than i would say don't think about this game as a AAA title think as it as a fun game you would play to just relax. the verdict 77/100