Reviews for Deadfall Adventures: Digital Deluxe Edition


total garbage

Shaide | March 31, 2015 | See all Shaide's reviews »

This game takes place in the Alan Quatermain universe and puts you in the boots of his great grandson. Why great grandson? Because, while this is based on Alan Quatermain (which is public domain) it's very clearly an Indiana Jones ripoff. You see, by having you play his great grandson, means your character exists during the events of WWII, which means you can wrestle mystical artifacts from the hands of nazis. Bottom line, the game lacks originality. It has an Indiana Jones feel, many mechanics from the uncharted games, and the Alan Wake usage of a flashlight to weaken your foes. All of that wrapped up in a FPS style game, and you got deadfall in a nutshell. Lastly, the game has some of the worst voice acting I have ever heard! Not only does it seem like the lines are being read as they are being recorded, but the voices don't fit the characters. Combine that with the lame and cheesy script, and you will end up thinking kingdom of the crystal skull is a masterpiece! That being said, the game does have some pluses. It's got good graphics, decent music and since it's really just a FPS, it has easy to understand controls. controls. Unfortunately for me those pluses just aren't enough to save the game for me.


Fun and Challenging

robbin505 | Feb. 1, 2014 | See all robbin505's reviews »

I really thought this was one off the best games of 2013. It really makes the player feel like an 80's action/adventure hero like Indiana Jones or Alain Quartermain. I thought the story and puzzles were fun and challenging. The guns felt great and the mechanics were good. I really feel like this is a game that doesn't hold your hand. I am so tired of corridor shooters that hold your hand and walk you through with lines, arrows, or flashing items. This game felt much more like Half-Life 2 in which you are thrown into a level and have to find your own way through. This game has mummies, Nazi's, Aztec gods and all of this is spread out around the world in different and unique locations. This game has some very nice graphics too if your PC can handle it. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good time.