Reviews for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gold


Fantastic game!

Thijs272 | Sept. 26, 2014 | See all Thijs272's reviews »

I turn on my internet radio, the game has a interface for it. And then I start the engine and leave the city with my truck and trailer. I enjoy the beautiful graphics and the environment as I drive across Europe. The map is huge, only one loading screen when entering the game and then you drive everywhere! And you can even expand it with mods like ProMods, which add Scandinavia also! The game isn't finished with developing, once per 2 months you will get an update and makes the game better. They also bring out new DLC's which unfortunately are not all on Green Man Gaming, I hope they can also support it here. And as last, an half year ago I heard about multiplayer! Then my dream came true! Everywhere you drive, you see trucks, they are all players. The multiplayer is still in Alpha version but it feels already like the official release, some bugs, but ok. Everything get's updated to be better! Please also support the other DLC's on Green Man Gaming, becouse it's a great game!


Fantastic truck driving simulator

bibboorton | Sept. 13, 2014 | See all bibboorton's reviews »

Driving around Europe is fun and strangely relaxing. It is also very immersive. You can also listen to real-life radio stations to further immerse yourself in the game. The game is not very hard. You can mess up and still turn a profit. Therefore, it's not exactly a very realistic simulation. However, the sense of progression from just delivering shipments is extremely satisfying and the map is pretty huge. Driving is absolutely a blast, though. I'd recommend this game if you just want to relax. I'd also recommend this game if you have a driving wheel or a controller at the least because using keyboard and mouse is very inefficient.


Enjoyable and good replay value

luece | June 11, 2014 | See all luece's reviews »

amazingly fps friendly, even on a lower end laptop with no dedicated graphics card runs surprisingly smooth, and what is apparent, is that it is very good looking with higher capable computers, also includes plenty of graphics tweaks to customize what you want very addicting and well thought out, AI drivers are not utterly useless, and vehicles have definite weight to them and have momentum as such Truck customization is also another big plus where you have 7 different dealers with several different options for customization, sun guard, bull bar, cab design, interior however some downsides have been repetitive terrain patterns, AI stupidity at certain intersections, lack of unique traffic movement, realistic features to avoid: sleep simulation, exhaust brake has very loud choppy sound meshing


Fun & Relaxing To Play

13th | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all 13th's reviews »

This is one of those games that I can't believe how much time I have sunk into as it just such a relaxing game to play. Though not to relaxing as you do nned to concentrate on the driving side of things, which can be engrossing at the best of times. Though at the same time it can get to the point that you wonder why you are playing it. But when you can just sit in the comfort of your own home and drive around various roads in Europe whilst listening to your own music, it can sometimes not get any better. There is also a nice management side to it as well. You can choose what trucks you wish your company to have, what drivers you want and decide their training. Whilst it is basic, it does the job as most of your time will be spent driving. I would suggest picking this up if it is on offer as I do feel the standard asking price is a bit much for what you are getting. But even then it is a rather engrossing sim to play


Looks like a bambi crossing

Gojko | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all Gojko's reviews »

From my fist truck simulation 18WOS to Euro Truck Simulator 2 a lot of water has passed under the bridge. This is not arcade, there is no action, extreme speed, and pressing pedal to the metal, this is a REAL simulation. If you want to feel spirit of truck driver and life on the road this is the right game from you. You have very good graphic, real roads across Europe, traffic regulation, driving skills... real truck diver life! Recommendations from me.


As real as it gets!

murwaz | Oct. 13, 2013 | See all murwaz's reviews »

Many moons ago a company whom also makes a pretty popular Operating System, I'm willing to bet you are using right now! Anyway, they released a game, it was pure madness how fun it was. One thing I found my self enjoying was driving the bus in that game around the city pretending to be a bus driving, stopping at all the lights, picking up people. ETS 2 give me all this but in a more real setting, with real goals, I dont have to make them up my self. In a few months or with in a year we will have busses in ETS 2, the devs are working on it. And since they have added busstops and busstations in the game recently I'm lead to believe you will have these busses along side your trucking operation. They are also working on American Truck Simulator, that will be a standalone game, so you see, they bring us all the things we could ever dream of in terms of driving simulation. I dont know about you, but all this makes me VERY excited and I want to support these guys all the way! And since they dont ask a million euro's for the games or the DLC's its a nobrainer, I even buy this for my friends when I can if I know someone who likes these kinds of games. The game have had its problems, but they have patched it upp really well. The game has support for mods, they have made it less vulnerable to poorly designed mods, it used to be that a mod could easily ruin your save or crash the game. That does not happen much at all now. There are a modteam already that has brought out a mod for Scandinavia wich is so good its DLC quality. They are adding new trucks for free, and more DLC's are coming. There is a video on the u-tube where a guy interviews the SCS boss where he talks for two hours about the future of this game and other similar projects they work on. The trucks feel pretty real, the world feels real enough, the A.I is stupid sometimes but they are just about to release a completely rewritten A.I so that wont be an issue for long. If you love driving, love trucks, or maybe just want a relaxing game and love listening to rain splattering away at a windshield, you will love this! Must buy! My only complaint would be the sound in the truck, engine is too low and the other sounds like blinkers and rain is too loud.


One of the best simulator in years

lok0812 | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game is by far one of the best simulation game that have released in the past years. It consist of big open world of Europe allowing the player to do whatever they want from driving from places to places just to explore a real Europe to taking on assignments to deliver things to the destination. During your travel you will most likely see familiar places as the game world take places from realistic Europe. In addition, this package contains the game first DLC, Going East, giving the player more places to go in Europ by expanding the map eastward. All the things you have done in the main game can be done in the DLC content from customizing your routes or trucks or drive freely to explore the vast world of the game. This is definitely a must get for anyone who is looking for a nice relaxing game to play that will suck you in for many hours.


Comfort Simulator 2

Lunarsilkdragon | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all Lunarsilkdragon's reviews »

There isn't that much to say about this game, except that I have had some of the most comfy gamingmoments of my life within this game. Picture it. You're driving along some half-empty countryroad at night, you're listening to some of your favorite comfy music (you can set your own internet-radiochannels) and then it starts raining. It's a good feeling. Perfect for those dark, tea and a blanket-nights. Other than that, the game is mostly about just driving, with some bussiness-managing at the side. The driving feels good. You can really feel that you're driving a big truck and it feels weighty. When you unload your goods, you have to do some more advanced driving. Backing the truck with your goods still attached can be difficult. The graphics are pretty good. It does it's job at least. I have noticed some texture pop-in and other graphical bugs at times, but it's pretty rare. Now, this isn't a game you play all day. The driving can get really monotone after a while since there isn't much else to do. I recommend starting it up and going for 2 maybe 3 trips at a time. Because of this, I feel the price for this game is a bit steep. It should cost about 10 £ instead of 25. I'll give this game a 75 out of 100 because the devs should have expanded a bit on the bussiness-managing part of the game to make it a little more than just driving from point A to point B. Maybe they could have added some events on the road as well, such as random car accidents and stuff, to make it less monotone. Plus as I said before, I don't really feel you get enough game for your money for this one. I recommend buying it on a sale.


Strangely fun.

Duracell410 | Sept. 19, 2013 | See all Duracell410's reviews »

As someone who doesn't have an interest in cars, trucks and whatnot in real life, I was really shocked to find that I was absolutely glued to this game. Just driving, listening to my music, it was very chill. Earning bank, customizing, it's all just very chilled.


Truck away!

Thomazen | Sept. 16, 2013 | See all Thomazen's reviews »

This game, is for YOU, yes YOU, who just LOOOVES driving in a realistic way on your computer! It's no real truck, but second to best, and it's really something you OUGHT to play if you like trucks! There's many such games as these, even cheaper, but the options and advanced options and details in this game is truly worth the penny!