Reviews for Alien Rage Unlimited


Good as sci-fi shooter.

Furrek | Sept. 30, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Played demo version which I enjoyed so decided to give a try to full version. How was it? Pretty good I must say. While playing I got this oldschool feeling - the way you fight with bosses and how hard this game can be. Don't get me wrong - I haven't played on most hard difficult level so I must say it's pretty good challenge. Graphics looks great, killing enemies is also fun. Even tho story is rather decent, it's still enjoyable. For a game with sci-fi setting - I must say it's rather good. There was few time when I had fps drops because of game, and had decent fun with multiplayer (trust me, finding a multiplayer game in this one is really annoying...) but that's all. If you want to enjoy some shooting in sci-fi themed game, get Alien Rage.


Alien Rage - review

carlyle | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all carlyle's reviews »

An asteroid hidden in its bowels the Prometheus: an energy source with incredible efficiency. Humans and aliens go together, splitting fields, until the aliens decide to destroy their allies. The plot of this fps is intriguing even if foreseeable. The opponents are very short and often equipped with a jet pack or devices that make them invisible. In addition, most of the shell behind which you will repair will tend to be destroyed if you hit by a grenade or hit repeatedly by bursts of machine gun. The firefights are extremely dynamic, adrenaline, challenging. However, the absence of a large arsenal and artificial intelligence is not particularly well developed, the game becomes boring. I recommend Alien Rage only to die-hard fans of science fiction and chaotic FPS.


Solid and fun shooter

Obsessor | Sept. 3, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Alien Rage features good graphics and fun, old-school shooting experience. Lots of enemies, many weapons, score counter. It's a very good game to play after work, just to let off some steam. Any shooter fan will like this game.


Really good shooter for your daily dose of FPS mayhem

xarabas02 | April 6, 2014 | See all xarabas02's reviews »

This game has all the best ingredients for your enjoyment: excellent graphics, addictive gameplay, cool weapons and amazing yet challenging boss fights. Although singleplayer campaign is fun on its own, the multiplayer portion of the game is where it really shines. You should definitely get it on next sale, game is a blast.


An excellent shooter

gforcesa | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

First of all let's face it, it's better than Aliens:Colonial Marines.The game is has some really nice graphics.Although the game could have been better, because i have ran into some problems.I've had a blast playing through the game but at some points the FPS drops and it could get you killed and i don't think it's only me but the gameplay is kinda fun, it does get repetitive but it's still a good shooter in my opinion.The level designs kind of remind me of Killzone 3 which is weird and why i enjoyed playing this game.Its a fun experience if you don't have anything else to play.


A bit coherent balancing..

XGpredator | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

Alien Rage is not a bad game, very funny some times thanks to the many winks that exist in the game, CI Games' FPS will, for its low price, you give you some enjoyable moments. But the difficulty wrongly calibrated, the monotony of gameplay as environment, short lifetime and the classicism of its multiplayer. Alien Rage is not a success, but not a total failure either. You decide if you want to invest in a not unpleasant and uninhibited adventure, that you'll quickly forget after you finish it.


Challenging and fantastic shooter!

nleibert | Oct. 22, 2013 | See all nleibert's reviews »

I bought Alien Rage from GMG on release day not knowing what to expect but after playing through it I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. This is a fantastic budget shooter from CI Games and it can be very challenging at times which I absolutely loved because I got such a great feeling after I defeated a hard boss or made it past a difficult part. The graphics in Alien Rage are pretty good and were much better then I expected from the Unreal Engine...the scenery of alien ships can get a little bit repetitive but that doesn't prevent them from looking great! There are 14 levels in the game and several huge bosses that really provide a challenge (but they never frustrate you). I honestly can't recommend this game enough, it's a great FPS that any shooter fan will love!


Good Game Fun to Play

davo0677 | Oct. 9, 2013 | See all davo0677's reviews »

Alien Rage is a FPS game which allows you to shoot aliens in Space which is part of the game. The story i couldn't really pay attention to it i thought it was a bit linear but the action is the best part of the game its fantastic! the explosions are awesome and destructible environments all tho every level looks pretty much the same. It also has Multiplayer which is good for the price of 20 dollars but it isn't that good and not many people playing so SinglePlayer is the way to go. Alien Rage is decent and had alot of fun with it too. :)


Hardcore Shooter at Last

Dean_Demon | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all Dean_Demon's reviews »

At the start this will seem just like any other modern shooter but with a difference, this game will grind you into the ground because it's build around the formula of classic and old school FPS and this means that it's a difficult game which it's been designed to do so if you are new to this genre or just inexperienced then you will struggle as it's HARD and i love it for this reason. Single player campaign is really nice and has an excellent setting as it's a sci fi shooter the level's are really well designed and it looks great and has some really nice dramatic music which sets the mood and scene really well. This is no open world game and you are confined to narrow corridors so you basically have nowhere to hide so you will always be busy with a constant stream of enemies, oh and the control system is so responsive which is a good feature for this game. 14 levels in this game and gets progressively more difficult, plenty of boss fights and each requires a different tactic to defeat it and plenty of other enemy types and some which you won't find anywhere else such as an invisible enemy and one that warps from one location to another so you need to watch out for those as they'll shoot you in the back, very cool if you ask me. Multiplayer is also very nice and has two types of game modes, deathmatch where it's just you against everyone so if it moves just shoot it and team deathmatch so it's your team against another and the maps here are different from the single player campaign, sure it would be nice to have a few more game modes but it's all good fun, the game isn't overly active on the MP front but you can still find a few games but am sure this will improve as it's a new game. Overall this is a tough blaster but it's so much fun and with plenty of practice if you are not used to games with this difficulty then you will enjoy it, this certainly is the best game that City Interactive has produced and it really shows, so glad to see a game with traditional gaming value's of the past so it's 89 rating for me.


Good old school Shooter

fable2 | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all fable2's reviews »

As like all old school FPS games it depends from your point of view. I found this game very funny. Sometimes repetitiveness, and regenerating health and only 2 weapon limit can annoy you but its still fun. It took me 8 hours to complete this game on hard which is according to FPS games average decent. MP is a hell of a fun too but since many players still cant play it there was lack of players. For any SS, ROTT, DN fans its a great deal with good price.


Brainless and fun

Stebsis | Sept. 26, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

This is quite fun first person shooter, though really generic. There is almost no story to speak of, it's just not important. All you need to know is that aliens are coming to get you and you need to kill them. You have your fairly generic weapon selection from pistols to shotguns and assault rifles etc. They have some interesting secondary fire like shotgun can lift enemies in the air. For the price Alien Rage delivers solid FPS action in decent length campaign that is very challenging even on the "easy" difficulty, but if you want something that has bit more depth I recommend going for Bioshock or something like that.


If you like difficult games...

michalmichal | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Alien Rage is a new shooter from Polish studio CI Games. It surely looks good but does the game play equally well? At the beginning you may wish to quit, but if you just play on and get through the first hour of gameplay, you will let the game spread its wings out and show its potential. The game should please gamers who appreciate difficult and demanding games. Even at easier difficulty settings it can be challenging. Although the storyline is not very interesting and unique, and the game is not very innovative, it can surely be fun to play. Especially the bosses that you will encounter stand out and can remain in your memory for quite some time. Although not easy to beat, they can be defeated with some effort, so I think this good balance of difficulty deserves a special mention.


Epic Alien Shooter

Kevduit | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

Alien Rage is a very well built first person shooter sci-fi game. The game is quite detailed, and the Aliens seem like they have so many different types of soldiers, so it feels diverse and complex. The Graphics of this game are quite impressive, as they have used the latest technology of physics and destructible environments. There's one thing that I do really like about this game, and that is the boss fights. Most FPS games out today do not ever offer a single boss fight throughout the entire game, but Alien Rage actually features them! It's cool to battle your way through an enemy hoard, and then top it off by killing a huge boss, it really feels like you've worked up to something, and then really accomplished it! One thing would be nice to change, and that's the amount of guns in the game. ten guns might sound nice, but when comparing it to other shooters, it's quite lacking. It'd be nice to have more guns with lots of customizations, expanding your arsenal, making it feel like a goal to not only do the missions, but to upgrade your weaponry while your at it. Over all, Alien Rage is a pretty Decent Alien Shooter.


Another generic shooter

lok0812 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game is another one of those generic FPS. The good aspects of the game is its pretty graphic that is wasted due to the poor environmental design. Great mindless shooting against hordes of aliens that turned the game into a repetitive onslaught very quick. The bosses does not provide any type of challenge you simply just need to circle them even the trash aliens are harder. The difficulty of the game is harsh combine with glitch and bugs can become very unforgiving. Alien Rage have a lot of potential aspects but nothing delivered which in turns causing it to be just another generic shooter.