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Guilty Gear!!

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Guilty Gear Isuka is the story of a tournament , the aim of which is to identify the most powerful warrior. The struggle involved mechanically modified athletes whose speed and power moves much human . The tournament next bio - warriors , are also involved unbeaten champions martial arts . Guilty Gear Isuka is an arcade action game under the banner of fighting , in which once can fight even four players ( multiplayer mode ) . The game contains twenty-three players, each with its set of punches. Graphics of the game is two-dimensional and extremely colorful reminiscent performing at the thought ( the rest of the rightly ) anime . Guilty Gear Isuka is another scene of one of the most famous fighting game series in the history of electronic entertainment . If you are fans of Playstation console , it is not possible that you may about the game not heard . The most important innovation in relation to the previous section , with its PlayStation 2 , it is worth mentioning the opportunity to play in a special mode in which the lists is up to four players simultaneously. Of course, there were also options, which traditionally face each other two people. In addition to this mode also includes " three in one " . You can not forget about the option Factory , in which the player gets to disposal robot named Robo- Ky II. The machine that you can learn to ask the individual moves and a combination of impressive offensive techniques . A further , novel mode is optional Boost , which is typically a skill for two players. I highly recommend it because it really worthy brawl interest.