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Bargain shooter

nemesis44uk | Dec. 11, 2013 | See all nemesis44uk's reviews »

When Sniper GW first came out, it took a kicking from the gaming press and players alike. Some of it was justified, but most major bugs were all squashed with subsequent patches, rendering the game very playable. Graphically, Sniper GW looks pretty good and animation is smooth, running well on my moderate system. Shooting people is fun and although it lacks the excellent x-ray damage that Sniper Elite v2 has, you still get a nice POV bullet kill cam. The only thing that doesn't work for me is the close range stuff. This is also true of Sniper Elite v2 - Snipers just don't get involved in that. Having said that, a more realistic depiction would be crawling for a couple of hours and taking one shot. Not fun for a computer game. It is definitely worth a purchase, especially at this ridiculously low price point of £1.99.


Fun and works fine now with the new patches

ficha13 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all ficha13's reviews »

Sniper is a very innovative and fun game, but sometimes has bad level design and the ai is at times idiotic. It has a lot of potential, the mechanics of the game are very fun and it has every kind of difficulty, insuring that casual and hardcore gamers will enjoy it. Graphics are solid, the jungle environment is great but textures look kind of bad when you get too close to some surfaces. Overall, buy it while it's on sale, you won't regret it, just don't except polish like in big budgeted games.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior

palmerrulzah | Sept. 4, 2013 | See all palmerrulzah's reviews »

This game is great in many aspects. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The AI is a tad too good at spotting you, but overall it was a great experience.


I would say above average

suvojit91 | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all suvojit91's reviews »

I bought this game on sale,cost me 1.99$.Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a tactical shooter video game developed and published by City Interactive.The game's objective is to insert players into the role of an elite sniper team sent into a hostile area in an attempt to help the rebels of Isla Trueno, a fictitious Latin American country, fight against the force who has toppled their government in a coup d'état. The game's graphics are fine for something of this price range, the scenery looks quite pretty but there are countless graphical glitches, some slightly dumb UI and invisible walls which always bug me. The sniping mechanic is enjoyable and while the story is pretty awful, you still feel a sense of reward for completing each mission. you can either hide & shoot one by one or you can play as we play in COD/Bf3.. I have completed this game once.i would give 7/10.


A Great Game In The Sale, An Average Game Any Other Time.

uk_trucksim | July 14, 2013 | See all uk_trucksim's reviews »

This game is worth it's sale price, but not it's normal price. If it's less than £4, buy it, it has kept me entertained for the weekend. It's not the best, it's not the worst. Graphics are about 6.5/10 Physics are 5/10, ragdoll but unrealistic. Scenery is 6/10, repeated textures are common and there's so much vegetation. Story is 5/10, it's all just the same, and seems to lack a major storyline, you're a guy, you snipe, things go wrong, and in the next few missions you right your wrongs, that's about it. Gameplay is 8/10, addictive, but not that great. Liked: Sniping Stealth (though it needs some work). Realistically, unlike most FPS shooters, you weren't completely alone in some missions. The price (special offer) Disliked: Shooting missions (none stealth shoot everything). AI, it was too good, you were shot from long range with no trouble from the ai, and they spotted you easily. Multiplayer servers must have been deactivated a while ago. Lack of in game hints. Overall, not worth the full price, definetley worth the sale price.


Not the best sniping game.

jackyboi1014 | June 3, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

This is a great game to pick up on sale. The sniping is solid with decent bullet ballistics and bullet drop. But since you are in the jungle the foliage does tend to get in the way and block your shot. The AI isn't the greatest but they have one hell of an aim. They will hit you from huge distances with an Ak-47 while you are in heavy cover which is very annoying. The missions are varied from protecting a squad of men from a lighthouse to sneaking through enemy camps at night. Overall I would say buy this game on sale because it is not worth full price.


Innovative but poor

kalil | June 2, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Levels quick, simple, and difficulty adjusted poorly differentiated, barely regulates IA, which is stupid and quite delayed for the time, you just bring realism to the game. The graphics engine is very avanzadado, and the graphics are not quite there, especially with details like civilians, very poorly designed, typical of early twentieth century nor bring anything spectacular to the game .... The sound I have not liked anything since, on several occasions, the enemies are 'talking' after being neutralized. Descatable only thing, in my opinion, is innovation, offering a new experience to Shooter not seen before.


A flawed, yet enjoyable game

mikeper94 | June 2, 2013 | See all mikeper94's reviews »

If you're considering buying this game and it's going for less than a fiver, I would say to go for it. I bought this game for less than £2 and at that price a purchase is in the impulse territory. The game's graphics are fine for something of this price range, the scenery looks quite pretty but there are countless graphical glitches, some slightly dumb UI and invisible walls which always bug me. The sniping mechanic is enjoyable and while the story is pretty awful, you still feel a sense of reward for completing each mission. Most missions can be played tactically and stealthily or Call of Duty run and gun style giving you slight replay value I suppose, although I doubt whether I will ever play through this game again. Some of the stealth missions are quite frustrating but again, some may find the level of patience needed a good thing. All in all, if you're considering getting this game, it's pretty much a no brainer if it's at a sub £5 price tag.


Great but not the best

szami777 | May 31, 2013 | See all szami777's reviews »

I never played before a massive sniper Fps game, this game was my first sniper shooter what i ever played. I was suprised beacause the graphics was totally awesome, and the gameplay was nice and easy. I dont try yet the multiplayer, but i'm sure that it must be fun. The only problem is with the A.I. i think. But no moore negative opinion. I highly recommend this game :)


Good sniping but that's it

britishlad | May 11, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

The sniping elements in this game are fantastic, satisfying and they feel realistic (though I have no idea when it comes to this sort of thing). Sadly for a game that touts being a Ghost Sniper you aren't very stealthy and why are there other portions in this game that FORCE you to use a M4 or other automatic weapon without a silence which is daft considering your supposed to a "ghost" The graphics are dated but decent looking. The character models are pretty bad and the story is non existant I had a great deal of fun during the sniping portions of this game (and even being a spotter for the sniper in one of the later missions), but the automatic weapon sequences were horrible. The sniping was affected by your heart rate (and breathing), wind direction, stance, and bullet trajectory. Those 4 things in conjunction with one another are so rare in games with sniping. It made for a quite interesting, one of a kind experience. Unfortunately the rest of the game was not as much fun and more an exercise in frustration and trial and error Only worth getting if it is very cheap


Good game when bought around $10 or less

karel76 | April 22, 2013 | See all karel76's reviews »

This game is pretty fun, you have to enjoy games that require a little bit of patience, where you sneak around, use cover, and take your time with shots, but if you want a game that uses tactics on pretty much every mission, give this game a go. One thing to remember is this game was released for 30 or 40 dollars originally and has already dropped to 10 on digital download, for that price you can't expect Battlefield or COD but the game is pretty good overall.. Positive - Scenery is nice - Fun to sneak around and use tactics, rather uncommon in modern shooters it seems - Nice shooting ballistics especially on highest difficulty - Price is right! Negatives - AI seems quite lacking - Some silly bugs, not a big deal, you run straight through rocks occasionally and issues like that All in All I would give this game a shot if you are looking for a decent single player campaign with a typical story and decent game play. Don't expect anything revolutionary or you will be very disappointed, I would give this 70 points from 100, considering price and overall gameplay, graphics, and weapon ballistics. With better AI it would give it 75 to 80..


Could have been better.

bradleeh | March 25, 2013 | See all bradleeh's reviews »

The game is a pretty fun. If you enjoy sneaking around, taking stealth kills, and sniping from a long range, then this game is for you. Now, like most stealth games, this one does have alot of bugs. You can be sneaking around and get spotted by a dude that's far away. Sometimes he won't even be looking at you. Next, instead of having to figure out wind and bullet drop yourself, there is a little red dot that appears in your scope that shows you where the bullet is actually going to hit. If the A.I. was better and the sniping was more of a challenge, then this game would have been one of the best games on the market. The graphics on this game are excellent. The world around you is very detailed and diverse. There will be some tall trees here and next to it will be shrubs and bushes along with some open areas. The replayablity of this game isn't so good. Once you beat it once, there will be nothing making you want to do it again. You will already know where the enemies are, their routes, and how to sneak past. Hopefully S.G.W. 2 will improve on all the bugs part 1 had. All in all, you would probably be better off renting the game for a couple of days rather than buy it unless you absolutely love stealth and sniping games. It does't take that long to beat it.


Worth A Shot

Dunnykin | March 5, 2013 | See all Dunnykin's reviews »

For a £2 game (so $3 or so?), this game is FUN. Sure, it has its flaws: idiotic AI, occasionally broken landscapes (floating rocks, buildings not touching the ground, etc.) and some infuriating mechanics. However, in spite of all this, I had a lot of fun. The sniping is great, very well done, which is all I could really ask for with a title like this. Once you get used to the idiosyncrasies, such as being unable to crawl under certain areas (even though it looks like you should be able to), occasionally bulletproof chicken wire(!) and the AI's ability to sometimes uncanny ability to spot you long before you spot them, then there is still a lot fun to be had. The focus is on sniping, of course, but the manner in which you progress through levels is varied, from stealthing through a camp at night to providing sniper support to a ground team from a lighthouse a mile away. There is also the occasional turret section, one or two assault rifle-toting levels, and even a section where you take the binoculars and mark targets for another sniper,so I didn't find the game monotonous at all.


Not the best build game, but it looks nice.

DonVercetti | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

Sniper GW is basically just a sniper game, not much more. You eliminate your target from a distance. No extra missions that make you do all other things. The game itself looks quite nice I think, It has a certain charm when it comes to graphics. But this game is a worthy pickup when you feel like sniping some things when you have some spare time, it's not that expensive either most of the time!


maybe for a $1

puppymang | Jan. 24, 2013 | See all puppymang's reviews »

Sniper ghost warrior is something that could've been good but went completely wrong. The sniping physics are really neat but thats pretty much about it. Level design is mediocre, AI is dumb, story is... it has a story?. All i recall is killing dudes because the game told me to and It must've gone on for about 8 hours or so. I don't even remember where it's supposed to take place. All I know is that I was some guy in a wookie suit and I had to kill the bad dudes who spoke spanish and the gameplay felt like any generic shooter except that this game had flashy bullet physics (only for snipers). The multiplayer is pretty awful and is like generic shooter #13193 with everyone being a sniper so its all hiding and waiting with the occasional guy who decides to explore a bit and dies shortly after he moves. But that's not the only thing. Game is dead and the multiplayer might have 1 empty server and that's it.


Poor AI

Lekes | Jan. 3, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Decent FPS if you immerse yourself in the role of trying to be stealthy. If you just run and gun it can be quite disappointing. The enemy AI is really the weak point of the game. They can spot and shoot you from across the map and if you shoot one in a group, the others just seem clueless as to what is going on and just wait for you to shoot them too. Your rifle shots essentially go unheard; enemies don't enter a state of awareness after you shoot from distance. Your own squad immortally absorbs bullets and never die. The bullet-cam is pretty cool feature and the game has respectable graphics. Good bargain bin shooter.


A Decent Game

vjk | Dec. 15, 2012 | See all vjk's reviews »

I bought this for $2. I think I got my $2 worth. The title is mislabeled. I had thought the series to be a pretty stupid gimmick shooter, since it has the word "sniper" in the title. Yes, you do snipe. But you also sneak. There's a decent amount of stealth-action here and that keeps the game fun. The guns are really well done. What I like is that the sniper rifle simulates "bullet drop", though the handgun not so much. Unfortunately, there's no real guide to how the bullet drop formula works. You never really get a chance to learn it. Instead, the real trajectory of the bullet (on medium) is displayed, which will always be slightly off from the crosshairs. On hard this goes away. But there's no wind meter so you can't really know. Also, sniper rifles and silenced pistols are my favorite FPS loadouts. The graphics are surprisingly good. Better than the screenshots suggest. Much better. The game is about the same level of detail as Crysis 1. I do have a few complaints though. First of all, levels are fairly small and linear. Secondly, its sometimes hard to see enemies. This is especially bad while sneaking around, because you won't even notice a guy and then he'll see you and start shooting. In other stealth action games, they make it easier to see the enemy and his FOV. Otherwise, it's a very enjoyable little shooter, one that I recommend, especially at this price.


good, but bad.

sonicntales | Oct. 25, 2012 | See all sonicntales's reviews »

This game looks nice and has nice environments along with a pretty solid control scheme. The sniping is ok, but there are a few kinks that were enough to make me stop playing. one of them was the almost impossible Ai, it's able to hit me with an assault rifle all the way across the map with dead accuracy and I can't even see them with my sniper scope zoomed all the way. another downfall is all the lush looking vegetation that looks beautiful in screenshots are completely static and don't do anything while you move through it. usually doesn't bother me, but considering you're eye level with grass a majority of the time it'd be nice. although it has more downs than ups, it's still worth getting if it's on sale. at least to try it out, because it's always fun to be a sniper sometimes and they did that part right at least.


It's okay.

kaj100 | Oct. 23, 2012 | See all kaj100's reviews »

It lets you be what the title says. You are a sniper. Not a ghost. Don't be silly. Gameplay - Pretty good. The sniping is very detailed, but quite easy because of the game literally giving you the spot where it's going to hit. It's still a cool and well thought out mechanic. The stealthy sections work okay, until the AI spot your pinky finger in a bush 10 miles away. Story - Kill this and that and this. Do you really need one to concentrate on? Get sniping. Graphics - It's okay. Nothing fancy or special, but if you've got a 2 year old laptop like mine, it'll run pretty well. It's not Crysis standard but considering how much backing most shooters get, this does pretty well for it's price and standard. Overall, I'd check it out, get a demo or watch gameplay. If you love sniping, go for it, just wait for a sale :)


Not bad... But meh...

Rangom | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all Rangom's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost warrior isn't all bad. There is nothing more satisfying than to follow the bullet from your location straight into your targets head, but that's about it. The gameplay gets repetitive really fast, you sneak, you shoot and occasionally you play as an attack force with a machine gun. I often found my self getting stuck between cliffs, trees or bushes and having to reload my latest save, which I find unacceptable for an FPS where you're supposed to stick to the bushes and hide. If you enjoy about 5-6 hours of sneaking around and shooting heads following a really standard boring military storyline, then go ahead and by this game.


A game for getting on sale.

MarvinUQ | Sept. 10, 2012 | See all MarvinUQ's reviews »

The sniping part looks nice, it's the only thing in this game that looks ok, the graphics aren't so good, it looks old and the textures and the enemy always hit you, no matter how far or very good hidden you are, that's bad in a game about sniping.


In the bushes ...

maciej2601 | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is produced and released by City Interactive game action with a view to a first person perspective. Players take on the role of an elite sniper, who along with a small team of soldiers is sent to the island of Isla Trueno, to kill members of the military junta dangerous. The game combines elements of shooting and crawling.


Not as bad as what the reviews say but not too good either.

xboxer | Aug. 29, 2012 | See all xboxer's reviews »

I'm neutral towards this game. The sniping aspect is fun enough. But the AI is ridiculously smart and they seem to have supersonic eyes. Even when you are a fair distance away in the bush they can still spot you. But the sniping part is pretty amazing. Except, being a good shooter isn't what makes a sniper. The stealth element plays a crucial role too and that is what makes this game a little unbalanced. Graphics are quite good though. The story is nothing to shout about. Overall, I had a good time being a sniper in this game but I just wish the AI can be a little more balanced.


An overlooked gem

Cooberstooge | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

While not entirely a sniper game, Ghost Warrior provides one of the most true modern sniping simulations out there. Yes, there are parts where you'll be wielding a machine gun and be nice and close to your enemies, but there's also many parts where you'll be hiding in the bushes, miles away from your target, with only your spotter for company. Shockingly beautiful graphics will happily keep your eyes busy while an enemy bullet finds your noggin, and the quiet jungle stillness will be torn asunder by brief, brutal firefights. Rest assured, this is most certainly not another generic modern shooter - enemies can quickly kill you if you're not smart about using cover. The environments you'll be fighting through vary wildly, from collapsed temple ruins to oil rigs, there's lots of stuff to see here. The multiplayer component is fairly hit and miss, since really it's just a bunch of snipers trying to silently kill one another. Matches can take forever to complete, and players often leave early. The campaign is more than worth the purchase price, though. I definitely recommend Sniper: Ghost Warrior for something a little different.


Good attempt, but not worth the full price.

Creatix | Aug. 18, 2012 | See all Creatix's reviews »

Sniper:Ghost Warrior is a game that tried something new, something unique to the standart modern military first-person shooter.Sniper GW tries to be a realistic sniping game, and i can't say that it failed or succeded. Game visually looks nice, for a budget title, environments and models look very nice and the game is running decently enough while still retaining its good visuals. The game is running on Techland's Chrome Engine 4, and it shows, guns have the same issue other Chrome Engine games had with iron sights, where aiming seems sluggish and inaccurate, thankfully this doesn't appear to be the issue with sniper rifles.Ballistics are handled nicely and are fun when you succeed in doing that perfect headshot 500m away. At the beginning the game has a nice concept and is a blast to play, but then you get to your first real sneaking mission, and you'll find the worst problem with this game, the AI, the AI in this game is if you took the brain of a mosquito, bashed it several times, and then put it in a human.That is the equivalent of AI in this game.There have been times where the AI would not see me even though i was on a dirt road 5m away from me and see me 20m away while i was sneaking in a bush. Story doesn't exist in this game, from what i remember it was about some dictator ruling a south american country.But it's not nececary to know the plot to enjoy the game. Verdict: Game is very enjoyable, but needs serious fixes, most of which is the AI. Would not buy at full price 65/100


Quite subpar, but still fun.

setoraven | Aug. 16, 2012 | See all setoraven's reviews »

This game has some strong aspects, like graphics, sounds and general feeling of the game, but on the gameplay is actually very lackluster, the controls aren't really as tight as a sniping game should be, like in Sniper Elite for example, the game just won't cut. Another aspect is that it's pretty short, and the difficulty settings aren't really up to the task for giving some replay value. Multiplayer, not so good either, but it's hard to make a balanced and fun sniping MP game, so you can't blame the developers much for trying. But still, at two dollars it's actually quite quite worthy and I totally reccomend it, even if the game doesn't shine as much on any particular aspect, it is fun and worth the discount price by a long margin.



sebastyan | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all sebastyan's reviews »

this game is sooo rediculus bad.. grafics are ok... story is not even in the game your enemies are so stupid game is sooo bad scripted i went trough the story in not even 2 and a half hour.. i dont even know a single thing of this game wich is good... when i programmed this game.. i would be ashamed of that.. its not worth a penny.. didnt know that still there so bad games after 5 years of no gaming for me.


An overall good game that carries a few flaws

kamkam01 | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all kamkam01's reviews »

I adore this game. That is, when it does what its best at-sniping. It is very fun and satisfying to watch a slow-motion bullet fly across a forest for a headshot, however it is less fun when his buddy spots and kills you with an assault rifle from half a kilometre away. And, then, there is one issue that plagued me throughout-why is a sniper on an assault mission for a good chunk of the game? Another section where Sniper:GW falls flat is the stretched-out non-sniping sections. It tries to mix the realism of ARMA 2 and the shooting style of COD, an fails miserably. Just a few bullets can kill you, but the enemies are more accurate than you are, forcing you to crouch slightly out of cover, try and hit something, then retreat back into cover. I found that those sections could almost take me fifteen minutes going in and out of a single piece of cover. If that sounds like your cup of tea, by all means by this game- you won't be disappointed. Overall, Sniper is a beautiful (did I mention the graphics? Amazing in their own right.) and fun game, where I found sniping to be better than in any other game I had ever played. If you can handle the assault sections, you're going to have a blast! Final notes-Play this game on hard - any easier and the sniping just gets too easy. Also, have any doubts about the quality? has a 30 minute demo of the game for streaming, which is what compelled me to try this game out.


Close to real thing

millerchrls | Aug. 5, 2012 | See all millerchrls's reviews »

I was an Army Sniper in VietNam,alot of people off side this game they do not under stand what it is like to be a sniper some think it is all fun and games but it is not.


A decent sniping game

Raven | Aug. 1, 2012 | See all Raven's reviews »

I got this game as soon as it came out, because I am a fan of this genre. The game runs ok, graphics are really good, but the sniping part... not so much. I was alot frustrated that enemies could see me even if I was distant 50 meters away hiding in foliage! I heard that they fixed that, but I can't make myself play this game one more time because it doesn't have a replay value. I would really recommend buying this game because of the very low price here on GMG (great job!)!


Budget sniping

Cynaris | Aug. 1, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

City Interactive is known for their low-budget games, mostly First Person Shooters, and Sniper Ghost Warrior is one of them. City Interactive however isn't known for making quality budget games, so even though the trailers looked promising, scepticism was well placed in this game. To start off, the game looks actually decent, and quite nice among low budget. It can be also fun, and the ballistic aspect got a lot of attemtion. However the enemy AI is atrocious, making your life painful. Sometimes it's incredibly dumb, sometimes you don't even know what hit you. I'd rather wait for the sequel to see how it turns out.


A sniping game that sometimes forgets it's location

Refyref | July 20, 2012 | See all Refyref's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a pretty game. Green jungles aren’t exactly a part of many shooters these days. Too bad the game itself is optimized poorly, so it’s hard to enjoy all the view. Anyway, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a sniper game. That means, of course, that it must get the sniping part right or the whole game will fall apart. Thankfully, sniping in this game is fun and satisfying. However, the game strays from the “sniper” parts too often, and that’s where it falls apart. All the other part of the game aren’t very fun. So, if you want a solid sniping game, I can recommend this, if you can bear the parts in between.


Not a bad game but not a good game either

StewartX | July 6, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

I've got mixed feelings for Sniper: Ghost Warrior, the sniper part of this game is great but the AI is just beyond stupid. The number of times I shot someone in front of their friend and they didn't even react sucked any challenge out of this game. The main campaign in single player doesn't really let you explore that much and somewhat forces you to move along the path the devs set out. The story is very basic as well "Go kill this guy, because he is bad". Multiplayer just ends up being a camping match where no one moves and sadly most of the servers have dried up. This game had so much potential. Graphics: 6/10 (Everything is a tinge of green) Gameplay: 4/10 Multiplayer: Yes but why bother, empty servers and a camp fest. Final thought: Unless on sale I would give this a miss.


Satisfying, but its flaws are showing

Creatix | May 13, 2012 | See all Creatix's reviews »

When i started playing this game, i felt the need to silently headshot everybody and everything i could.The gave offered me this and even encouraged it while i crawled in high grass areas waiting for guards to leave, but somehow they never did, what they did however, was see me 200m away while i was camouflaged.The stealth system is broken in this game, and you have better luck running though the level than trying to sneak past the some levels the game turns into Call of Duty and makes you go iron-sighting special ops soldier(which i didn't mind) they made the sniper sections gameplay more enjoyable.Multiplayer, while enjoyable is just luck whether you can spot the enemy sniper faster than he can.


A fairly average experience.

Cyrosis | Feb. 15, 2012 | See all Cyrosis's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a budget first person shooter using the Chrome game engine. The engine is put to pretty good use, with mostly good draw distances, and thick jungle foliage. At times, the shadow map resolution in the distance can be low resolution and distracting, but otherwise the graphics are pretty solid. The gameplay is a mix mostly between stealth, and sniping. The stealth plays out by either avoiding hostiles completely, or taking them out silently mostly with either a knife (which can be thrown) or silenced pistol. Of course you don't always have to play stealthy, but it's often encouraged. The sniping, which is obviously the selling point of the game, is entertaining enough in itself. The way the gun sways and ballistics work makes shooting fairly satisfying; perhaps not enough to base an entire game on however. The AI and general design of the levels is what keeps the sniping from being all that entertaining. You will often find yourself simply shooting enemies moving about in the open, in fairly convenient, ready to be picked off areas. If the AI used cover, and the levels had some more creativity to make the sniping more challenging, it could be much funner.


A masterpiece between low-budget games

FreeMan85 | Jan. 9, 2012 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is really a masterpiece, because City Interactive known by his low-budget games. Nothing fancy or unique, simply just the game. After Terrorist Takedown: Covert Ops - which also developed by City Interactive and uses Chrome Engine too - I'm eager to play Sniper! And I'm not disappointed. The game has nothing extraordinary, it just try's to entertain you. First the game takes you South Amerca's beautifully rendered lush jungle thanks to Chrome4 Engine. It's really a shame only 3 game uses the 4th engine of Techland. And not much engine as well optimized like this one: I can run on max settings with an old 8600 GT. So we play several members of an elite sniper squad, sometimes we play from multiple angle with multiple characters the same mission. Like in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, and you find more similar game elements between these two games. The story is simple: we must eliminate General Vasquez, a dictator who taken hostages, hurting people... the usual things. But he's escaped and we must hunt down him and his terrorist organisation. Most of the time we must snipe, but sometimes we take a small commando and go to face-to-face fight. Sadly these parts are very clumsy and hard. The sniper weapons handling and efficiency are good, but other weapons feels weak and useless. But sniping is good, if you make lot of headshots you can watch in bullet time how effective was your shot. Of course you can turn it off. Of course you can use grenades, knifes, silenced pistol, but who needs them? If you can shoot the enemy from 200 meters without notice? The graphics are spectacular. The whole jungle, rivers, bushes, the sunshine. Maybe in technical parts doesn't beat Crysis, but in atmosphere does. We see daylight, afternoon, night, rain, fog, waterfalls, beach, Inca/Mayan ruins. The art design is very good. The sounds of the jungle is good to, you gonna feel like in the jungle. Chrome engine handles environmental sounds pretty well, better then the most games. The voice-acting isn't bad, better then TT Covert Ops by the way. You can also hear many spanish speak from the enemies. At least they don't speak in English! I like this game pretty much. It doesn't try to change the view from FPS, just try to entertain you and it's sure turn you off for a few hours. If you like challange play on Hard difficulty and look for secrets, it's usually a collactable laptop. If you like low-budget games or Chrome engine or jungle themed games Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a perfect choice. Don't make high expectations and you won't be disappointed. Beautiful graphics, a few nice tones and a lot of sniping.


Decent shooter marred by glaring flaws

niniendowarrior | Jan. 8, 2012 | See all niniendowarrior's reviews »

Sniper - Ghost Warrior is a military first person shooter powered by Chrome Engine 4, the very same engine that brought us Call of Juarez. The game attempts to present a unique spin in the shooter genre by emphasizing the sniper role. For the most part, City Interactive succeeds yet the game stumbles way too often to really shine. First person shooters hardly innovate and Sniper is no exception. Where the picture changes is the attention City Interactive pays to realism of the actual act of sniping. You can feel the difference of its shooting mechanic when compared to other shooters. Wind, range and your hearbeat all affects how easily you can line up your shots. When you move around, it makes great sense that it affects your heartbeat and how accurate your aim is. To assist players with the trajectory of the shot, the game displays a red marker on the sniper scope to tell players where the bullet is really going to go. It works really well and feels very natural. Visually, the game looks very impressive. There's plenty of green foliage in this game and they look very real. As one of the primary means of hiding, it's imperative to get it right. You can tell that the developers worked extremely hard with their environments, it's a shame that they didn't pour as much effort on the people. The face models look stiff and very basic. Nevertheless, the excellent use of ray tracing, depth of field and other modern graphical touches masks the little visual faults of this game. The biggest problem the game has that keeps it from shining is its woefully inconsistent AI. The AI tends to be either extremely dumb or psychic with nothing inbetween. There are moments when you can peek around and take them out one by one. Unfortunately, there are moments when your brief presence is enough to get enemies from miles away to open fire at you. At times, you're not even sure how they manage to find you. They just know where you are and start shooting. Everything the game worked so hard to achieve is completely undone at that point as the game degenerates into save/load thus making the entire ordeal a case of trial and error. Equally disappointing are the times when the game departs from its sniper-based mechanics turning the game into a watered down jungle shooter. Without its stealth and sniper rifle, it's hard to see any significant merits to it. At the end of it, what you have is a mixed bag. Sniper - Ghost Warrior is a game that is easy to like as it is to hate. It's got many things going for it, but you'll have to overlook its glaring faults. Can you? That is the question.


Don't judge a game by its looks

mevidek | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a stealth action game that puts you in the role of a sniper, dropped into a South American country to stop a corrupt government. With amazing visuals, but terrible, frustrating gameplay, S:GW is honestly one of the biggest disappointments in the gaming industry. Although not boasting to be the next Splinter Cell or Call of Duty, it does try to be it, and fails. Miserably. Awful level design, stupid AI, and despite being realistic, a poorly made ballistic system when compared to Bad Company. This game is not worth the price, so I'd recommend buying this only if you're a hardcore sniping fan.



Quizn0s | Aug. 14, 2011 | See all Quizn0s's reviews »

This game had great potential. The sniping system is excellent, but it's ruined by terrible AI, impossible stealth, and gun fights, which shouldn't exist in this game. The only redeeming qualities are the great ballistics system and the pretty graphics.


Maybe the best sniper game around.

Rzepak01 | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a polish developers first foray into the world of high budget games. In Poland the company is known for its budget titles. As a Pole I am happy to say that Sniper is a great first attempt to conquer the world. The game is not without flaws but its pretty unique because of its focus on sniping instead of simple running and gunning. The sniping mechanics are not the most realistic, but they are no so simple as to take away the satisfaction of a well placed shot, which is punctuated by a slow mo of the bullets flight. The story is forgetable. The game is the standard length for todays shooter. Graphically the game looks great. The weapons are very nicely modeld, the jungle looks very good, but unfortunately the games linear nature prevents you from exploring the lush environment like in Crysis for example. At first the linearity feel pretty confing but in the end it does not take away from the fun of sniping. The biggest problem with this game is probably the below avarage AI of the enemies. Saying that they are not the brightest bunch would be an understatment. Besides the single player campaign the game also has a multiplayer component, though it was never as popular as it should have been. The focus on snipers and well designed maps made for some very tense gameplay.


An interesting position, though not very good

Comros | Aug. 1, 2011 | See all Comros's reviews »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is one of the few games City Interactive study, which achieved considerable success in the world, but to me this game is not won the hearts (It's not about graphics, because it is high, but for the rest). The game contains a lot of errors, and the story is like the bottom of the ocean bottom. Oh we are sent to the island "Isla Trueno" to offering direct we have to fight the ruling regime there. The big plus of this game is just being a sniper, which makes a real fun, for most of the game will sit in the bushes and to send the ball straight to the enemy. While some missions are "sneaking" - lead to madness. Sniper: GW is an interesting position for which you should take a moment.



hotmando1 | July 18, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

The first thing you'll notice is that it looks pretty. Looks can be deceiving indeed. There are a ton of bugs. But the core of my irritation from this game is the STUPID AI. Sometimes they'll be aimbots, and sometimes they'l be dead AI. One person can die nearby and no one can hear a body thump or anything! Really, I think the multiplayer saves this game by a bit. Hell...even the multiplayer is crap. It's a lot of base camp. Stand in one place and hope to NOT DIE. So much potential wasted on this game. Sigh...


Don'judge this game by critics reviews.

BoilingJD | June 21, 2011 | See all BoilingJD's reviews »

Yes, this game isn't Call of duty and yes, it tries to copy it. But, It's ain't bad game, in fact I have even played through it two times. Let's just say you can feel how developers known for bad games, wanted to finally make something good, and they did, it really feels. Besides it's the only game series dedicated to sniping. This game is good, as long as if you're not a CoD fanboy.


When we wan't to rest

fearon | April 11, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

Sniper is great potion for all new FPS games like Call of Duty, where're lots of explosions and stupid actions. Sniper is quite, slow and very nice. Killing silently never been so much fun. Also multiplayer is a new experience. Now all players are this hated snipers. Good, solid game. Worth buying.


Nice suprise

matesko_ | April 9, 2011 | See all matesko_'s reviews »

Reading many reviews before playing the game is not always good idea. If I believed them, i wouldn't buy Sniper. There aren't many stealth shooters, so Sniper had a chance to like it. I did; It's pretty, enjoyable simulation of sniper. It's short, but not boring; story is weak, music too. First Person Shooters' fans will be satisfied; game's good, but not great.


Definitely some potential..

robertification | April 9, 2011 | See all robertification's reviews »

I must say, I looked forward to buying this game, but I was dissapointed after the first few hours of playing it. This is a sniping game, so it started out as a lot of fun. Decent graphics, nice gameplay and so on. But the reason this game is so underrated, is because of the lack of decent AI . Sometimes they're as stupid as you can imagine, and way too easy to kill. And most of the time, they shoot you, while you can't even see them from a gigantic distance. It can get very frustrating dying, especially whilst playing on harder difficulties. The story was also very boring. This game had a lot of potential, but failed to make this a good game. Therefore, if you like sniping, you can better do it in a decent first person shooter, because this will be a letdown.


Super game

neir45 | April 5, 2011 | See all neir45's reviews »

This is a polish game. I don't like polish games, but i from Poland i tried this game and I love her. This is super shoter with very pretty graphics. The best Polish game ever but game have a lot of bugs.


Quite a nice surprise

moomphas | April 4, 2011 | See all moomphas's reviews »

When I was reading reviews they weren't convincing me at all to buy this game. So I waited till it appeared at a discount price and gave it a try. And I was quite surprised, I must say. Although the system requirements are quite low, the graphics are astonishing. And the bullet time effect rocks :) Not many game developers decided to create a sniper game, so it's always nice to see a product which not only lets you play as a sniper, but which is also interesting. The only one disadvantage is the length of the game. Sniper: Ghost Warrior can be finished in something like 4 hours. But still - worth buying!


Underrated Stealth Shooter

GMGReviewer | April 4, 2011 | See all GMGReviewer's reviews »

This has to be the most underrated games that came out last year! The gameplay itself is what you expect from snipe sequences in other major FPS games, but it's very well executed in Sniper Ghost Warrior. You would think it gets repetitive but it mixes it up a bit and it's nicely paced actually. Pro: Graphics are comparable to Crysis! Easy to pick-up and play. Sniping feels very satisfying with wind, gravity and velocity. Multiple ways to complete some levels (stealth or shooting). Slow motion head shots never gets old! Multiplayer if fun if you can get a game going. Cons: Short game. Took me about 6 hours on normal and died a few times. Weak story. Mediocre cut-scenes, voice, dialogue and sound. The assault rifle shooting in this game sucks, it's below average. Not a lot of depth. No upgrades and barely any weapons to choose from. The A.I. is decent but since thick bushes block your view but not theirs, they will shoot right through it. Multiplayer is pretty much dead. I say if you like sniping in games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, you would love this! Forget what the critics say, they like games with a lot of depth and a great story. Sniper Ghost Warrior is the best sniping game to date.