Reviews for Europa Universalis III Complete [Legacy]


Excellent Grand Strategy game but only for a few.

wolfm | Aug. 4, 2013 | See all wolfm's reviews »

Europa Universalis 3 is the definition of a grand strategy game. If you're looking for state of the art graphics you can move along because you will not find anything like that here. This is a game that many people will not understand and like but the ones who do will spend countless hours and days trying to change history by playing any country they want in the world from small african states to the grand Ming Chinese Empire and from small german duchies to France and Spain. The replaybility value of this title is perhaps greater than any other because no game plays the same and you have more than 100 countries big or small to choose and play with for 400+ years of history. This game is a must have but you must be willing to spend quite a lot of time to learn and master it so that you can enjoy it properly.


Steep learning curve, immensely fun once it's overcome

ConorEngelb | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

As with pretty much any Paradox Interactive grand strategy game ever, Europa Universalis III has a very steep learning curve, which is steepened by the dense, information-packed user interface and not very helpful tutorials. But, as with pretty much any Paradox Interactive grand strategy game ever, once you get over the learning curve, it is an experience unlike any other. Where Crusader Kings II has you playing as a single ruler, and their dynasty, EUIII has you playing the realm. Who's in charge doesn't really matter much, so long as you are left to serve the realm itself. Definitely worth playing, and taking the time to get into.


Forge your destiny

TommyC7 | Aug. 2, 2013 | See all TommyC7's reviews »

Europa Universalis 3 is as deep as it is challenging, especially fr first time players. You can choose to inherit a mighty empire and lead them to further glories, or take a smaller realm and mold them to your will. where its a 'brief' campaign in the 18th century or starting all the way from 1399 the scope of E3 is massive. My favorite campaign was taking the Byzantine Empire back from the brink and taking parts of Africa, Asia and even North America. A must play for any hardcore strategy fan. However a lack of a decent starting tutorial and seep learning curve can prove frustrating, it requires a patient player to learn all of E3 tricks.


If Civilization is a game, Europa Universalis is a simulation

mahon | July 25, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

I've been following the Europa Universalis series since the first game, and now the newest one I have is Europa Universalis III. And the whole series can be shortly described by saying that if we compare it to the Civilization series, Civilization feels more like a game (an excellent one) while Europa Universalis feels more serious, like a simulation. It's always been less flashy as far as graphical aspect goes, scale felt more unified and well chosen, and the gameplay seemed to be more serious - yet still amazingly addictive! The third game in the series manages to improve what was already excellent. Yes, it got even better! The interface was improved (anybody notices inspiration from the Civilization series?), military aspect became more detailed (you're building up your nation's martial tradition and using it to recruit commanders, troops types are now determined by regions, etc.), government types and spying. It's more than enough to keep you busy for months, even if the new EU4 is getting released soon. Just bear in mind that there is no focus on personalities, as in Crusader Kings. Here it's more abstract, but it suits the game just perfectly! This pack includes two expansions with two more available separately. And I only mention the bigger expansions, which expand the gameplay and add new options, not just re-skinning DLCs. So bear in mind that you're not buying a complete collection here, but only a product which was complete at the moment of its release and now the name is slightly misleading (which lowers my rating a bit).


Europa Universalis III

ArmokGreyjoy | July 9, 2013 | See all ArmokGreyjoy's reviews »

Another great game from Paradox Europa Universalis III is the first grand strategy I have ever played of paradox and one of the most satisfying buying I have ever done the game lets you chose any country you want from the 15th century all the way to the 19th and each time something new might happen each time you play there will be a different result to how the world will become and like most Paradox games Europa Universalis has many mods you can try if you get bored.


Played it after CK2,almost the same fun,less appealing to me.

WildWest123 | June 6, 2013 | See all WildWest123's reviews »

It is a great game,but after playing the amazing CK2,and I know its not really a good reason,I can't find myself busy with the building of an empire where I am not playing the leader! still worth a try if you love grand stragedies though.


Feel the actual troubling of being a general

Ksiqno | May 10, 2013 | See all Ksiqno's reviews »

And a politician, and an economist... Europa Universalis III is a well balanced, complex and complete game in many aspects. As a general, you'll need to well plan your sieges, troop movements and resources distribution. This is the middle age, your ships are slow, you don't have good roads nor vehicles to transport your troops. Everything is as slow as it should. Technology takes years to research, inflation is a problem early in the game, diplomacy can get complex if not treated with care. You can't go wild and declare war without a proper casus belli, you need to ensure the continuity of your lineage and provide the crown with legitimacy. The world behaves as it actually did.


Nice game

tommy5000 | March 4, 2013 | See all tommy5000's reviews »

EU3 is an amazing game, especially with the expansion packs included in this collection. It is not perfect, however, as Paradox have moved away from historical determinism (why would France inherit Burgundy every game at a set time, even if the Burgundians are a major power and the French are still trying to grab Poitou and Gascogne?). What you lose in the character of each nation (you can still get historical monarchs and other leaders), you gain in a more flexible system. In the end, EU3 is a complex game which will take some getting used to. I can still recall trying to find "Mamlukes" in the tutorial for EU1, and thinking I'd never ever have enough money. Well, I have to get back to my Castile game (which makes me a wimp, many long-time players will only start as some tiny principality in Germany where surviving the first five years is very difficult). Once you get accustomed to the pace of the game, I expect you'll love it. I've played hundreds of hours and I always come back, I just play a bigger country if it's been a month or two because I was playing another Paradox title (Victoria 2 in this case). Enjoy!


Wonderful strategy game, but not "complete"

DaiMonPaul | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Europa Universalis 3 is a fantastic game, one of the best grand strategy games that I've ever played. It's deep, endlessly replayable, and awesomely entertaining for hours on end. It's not one that's easy to learn, but if you can get past the steep learning curve (the Paradox forum, YouTube videos, and AARs/Let's Plays greatly help with this), then this historical sandbox game is one that belongs in every strategy gamer's library. There is one minor problem here, though. This isn't actually the complete version! EU3: Complete contains the base game and the first two expansions. To get the most out of the game, you need to have the next two expansions -- Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind. EU3: Chronicles (the full and truly complete version) gets a perfect 100 score from me.


The perfect game for sandbox players

igzaustion | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

EU3 spans over a long time period and opens up the whole world to the player. This, combined with easy modding and a great community, makes this game the best sandbox playground of all grand strategy games. Furthermore, this game is well supported by both the developers and the fans, and all expansion DLC is recommended as well.


Too grand strategy

tangoak | July 26, 2011 | See all tangoak's reviews »

Europa Universalis is my first grand strategy game and I found it hard to like this game. It didn't never caught my interest. I would rather play civilization than this game. Maybe it would be great game if I had the time to learn it more. One of the problems is that game doesn't tell enough how every choice affect to game. And maybe some sort of goal would assist player to do something. I also found myself wondering where something is happening because I didn't find the place from map there is no option to move camera to every incident. There are also too many menus and options for a novice. However if you like this kind of games this game offer lots of replay value because there is so many things to do. Europa Universalis is also little buggy and tutorials didn't work.


Deeper than 3D

fearon | April 7, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

Europa Universalis is back with new, 3D engine. New map and new graphics comes with new interface. Very good and easy to learn interface. But is the game easier? Absolutely not! This is still EU, whit all complicated features, that everybody loved in recent games. Conquering the world never been so satisfactory.