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What works on a mobile, doesn't have to impress on a computer

michalmichal | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

I think the game is a port of a mobile app, but I cannot be sure if it wasn't the other way around. And if it's the way I suspect, the game seems to be better suited for a mobile device than a full-sized computer. When playing on a computer I expect something more from the game than just being an endless runner. Maybe it's a matter of my misplaced expectations, but what is fun on a mobile, doesn't have to win my attention on a computer just because it has to compete with so many other games. All in all the game is not bad if you like this kind of games, and it surely looks good (especially for a mobile device, because we've seen better things on computers). You just ride ahead throughout a randomly generated world and sometimes joust an enemy. With an additional (but light) storyline the game certainly can be fun, but I am afraid that not fun enough for me.