Reviews for Elven Legacy Collection [Playfire]


Interesting story...

newn | Aug. 13, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

I think that this game has a very unique and interesting story: a human sorcerer breaks into a citadel and learns a spell that was never meant to be learned and was locked away for thousands of years. It can destroy the entire world. Afterwards, he evades the capture and disappears, which gives him the ability to teach the spell to others. The Elves fears that such treat is unleashed on the world again, and so they dispatch two of their greatest warriors to track down the human sorcerer. To play the game, you have to select a mission from one of the three campaigns and choose a difficulty level. Every map has a different unit cap, which you can reach by summoning new units or finding troops that are loyal to you. Your goal is to move your troops from one point to another. The interesting part about moving the units is that they get affected by the environment. For example some units will have defensive bonuses in the woods. Another good thing is that you can actually heal the soldiers, which means that you won't have to infinitely gather the troops during the gameplay. This is an awesome possibility and saves you a lot of saves/loads and nerves. I recommend buying this game only if you are a hardcore gamer, otherwise - it will be too hard for you and you'll probably leave it alone. It is a really hard game, but if you like games like that - it's absolutely worth every cent.


Improved Fantasy Wars

steamisbetter | April 7, 2011 | See all steamisbetter's reviews »

Elven Legacy is a sequel to a fantasy strategy game Fantasy Wars, which are both similar to an older strategy game called Fantasy General. The game is more or less the same as Fantasy Wars. Same menus, same interface and same gameplay mechanics. The campaign works a bit differently: unlike Fantasy Wars which was completely linear, Elven Legacy has a few branching paths with different missions. So instead of having to do just Mission 2, you get to choose between Mission 2a and Mission 2b. It doesn't have any effect on the overall storyline, but it adds some replay value to the game. Another new campaign feature is bonus missions. When you get a gold rating on certain storyline missions, you unlock an optional bonus mission. These bonus missions are usually about the characters from Fantasy Wars, which is why I recommend you play Fantasy Wars before Elven Legacy. Elven Legacy Collection contains the base game and all 3 content packs: Ranger, Siege and Magic. These content packs add a new campaign each, which is nice as the base game had just one campaign, whereas Fantasy Wars had 3 campaigns. Do note that none of the content packs contain any original voice acting, but then again it's a strategy game. So, in short, if you liked Fantasy Wars, you will like Elven Legacy and vice versa.