Reviews for March of the Eagles: British Unit Pack


Improves the gaming experience

michalmichal | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

British Unit Pack for March of the Eagles is simply a collection of new models for British units. If you're familiar with Paradox and their marketing model you know the kind of expansion. Although not necessary for the game, it adds to the gaming experience by making the visual side more accurate and detailed. Instead of simply generic units you can get correct and accurate depictions of your famous British units. This will allow you to see Highlanders, King's German Legion, British Dragoons, Guards, Light Infantry, Guard Cavalry, and some others on your battlefields. If you aks me if you should get this one, I will answer in a bit indirect way: If you are only interested in the actual gameplay and don't care much for visuals, you can ignore it. But if you want as good gaming experience as possible (and most of us probably do), you should improve your game by adding these additional units to your game.