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Ubisoft peaks with this version of Rainbow Six after many years

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Story: Your two squadmates are taken hostage, you must get them back while saving the city of Las Vegas.

Graphics: Great looking, Shader 3.0 required.

Audio: Squad has good communication, weapons sound great, all round well recorded.

Missions: Kill bad guys, defuse a few bombs, save the hosties, etc.

Controls: I prefer the mouse and keyboard to the 360, so IMO superior to the gamepad.

Features: New cover system that works very well and can save your life in many spots.

A.I.: Smart, can flank, and will own you hard if you let them.

Loading Times: Many but never more than a minute long.

Multiplayer: Get your money's worth, cool rank up system.

Requirements: Shader 3.0, Decent Gaming PC.

Weapons: Standard RS M4 :( The Good: Graphics, Cover System, Enemies.

The Bad: Frustrating at times, No M4!

The Ugly: In Games Ads. Meh.

Replay Ability: SP- Average, MP-High.

The Bottom Line: The Best Rainbow Six Game to Date.