Reviews for Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition [Legacy]


Incredible Experience

lachking | May 17, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Deus Ex, although an old game now is still one of the best out there. The game cleverly mixes the genres of FPS, RPG and stealth together to create a superb and engrossing experience. You can play the game as you wish, whether that be killing everyone as a strength character or sneaking around as a stealth character. The story is engaging and what you do will impact on plot points and what characters say to you. The voice acting is top notch with a mix of serious and humorous lines. Throughout the game you will visit a variety of locations such as downtown New York, underground sewers and hidden terrorist bases with many different tasks to complete including optional secondary objectives. The graphics are admittedly dated, and the game appears to always be at night time but the game is much deeper than visual impressions. This is a superb game that should be experienced by everyone.


Phenomenal Masterpiece

jimsteryo2 | May 3, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

This is easily one of the greatest games of all time. I can't recommend it more. It has the best gameplay I've ever seen, and a ton of choices in the way you play the game. The story is one of the best in gaming with its conspiracies and plot twists. The characters are all interesting and fun to interact with. The setting is possibly my favorite part because I'm a huge fan of cyberpunk. Basically it's all good things I have to say for this and I can't say enough, so just play it yourself.


The Definitive FPS/RPG

Nuxaider | April 16, 2013 | See all Nuxaider's reviews »

I was introduced to Deus Ex after discovering that Human Revolutions was actually a prequel. This game set the standard for not only future Deus Ex games but also FPS/RPG-like games later to come. Graphics: What can I say? A game this old obviously has bad graphics but they don't detract from the experience. In terms of the art style, it fits well and the constant darkness in the game complements the mood set in the timeline. Sound: The music is some of the best music I've ever heard. The ambiance sets up mood very well and battle music to menu music is catchy, heart pumping, and sometimes emotional. As for voice acting, the main characters are well done, if a bit monotone at times. The minor characters aren't bad but are cringe-worthy at times. Gameplay: Immediately starting up the game, you'll notice how large Liberty Island is. And it's only the first level. The greatest thing about Deus Ex is that there truly are multiple paths, choices, and playstyles a player can do. Non-lethal, lethal, or straight up avoiding enemies are all valid strategies to completing a level. A minor complaint I have is with the shooting; it's too RPG-like. While that sounds ridiculous since I just praised Deus Ex for that, trying to use a gun when you are low-leveled is near impossible thanks to the large bloom. Only upgrades and skill points can improve it. These aren't bad things, though I wish weapons were a bit more accurate early on. Also, some skills are rather useless (swimming, poison resistance, etc) while others are very good. Some better balance between skills would be nice. Story: The thing that really drives home the story is how it relates to current life. The conspiracy theories and the plot twists make for an interesting and engaging experience that no other game can provide. However, the different elements of the story are vaguely connected and the player often forgets how and why they are in their location and the significance of it in relation to their previous objective. The minor dialogue and events are the most memorable, which is unfortunate since the story has a lot of care put into it. Overall, if you want to see where it started, Deus Ex is a worthy, replayable experience. Oh and it has multiplayer.


Every time you mention it someone will reinstall it

Guardian412 | Feb. 3, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

If I should give the "Best of all time" award to game, Deus Ex would get that award and with a reason. DX has one of the most original, well twisted and detailed storyline ever written, with well designed open world levels, the most memorable soundtrack, phenomenal voice narration for each of the characters, and a very polished gameplay which should be a standard even today. DX has a true cause and effect storyline which reacts for each of your actions throughout the game, twisting the story to be told based on your actions and decisions you make up from the very first minute. No walkthrough is ever the same. At the middle of the 21st century, playing as UNATCO Agent JC Denton, you'll find yourself in a hostage-terrorist situation at Liberty Island, New York. But soon you'll learn than the whole situation is more than it first seems to be, and soon you'll find yourself at the middle of a conspiracy which is embracing and affecting every part of the world from the New York to Hong Kong. You must learn what the truth is, whose are the people responsible for the death of millions, and foremost what your role in the events truly is. Deus Ex is the game every time you mention it someone will reinstall it. And it's true. While the game is more than ten years old, its still considered as the best in the FPS-RPG hybrid genre and one of the all time classics. If you are one of the two or three men in the world who haven't played this game, get Deus Ex to learn why it has turned to an all time classic and the reason why many are calling it the best game of all time. DX is highly-highly-highly recommended for everyone.


A World Of True Choice And Consequence

CrimsonWizard | Feb. 1, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Deus Ex is the legendary shooter released in 2000 built around a future plunging into dystopia. People are dying of a mysterious plague, the economy has fallen off the rails, and governments and shadows organizations secretly vie for control. Throughout this grim and gritty setting, you play as J.C. "Your Name Here" Denton, an new agent of UNATCO who is sent in to deal with terrorists who are occupying the Statue of Liberty. From there however, Deus Ex lets you decide how to deal with the situation. Though it is a shooter, the game also has strong stealth and RPG mechanics as well with experience points earned for dealing with foes and objectives or finding hidden paths or secrets. You can try to gun down every terrorist you see and take back the statue forcefully, but you're also welcome to sneak past, or non-lethally take down foes with the stun and tranquilizer guns. Hacking security and doors, sneaking through secret paths, using nano-tech powers, and laying traps are several of the means the game gives you towards completing your objectives. In fact, boss fights are optional, with running away being a possible solution if you're attempting a pacifist run. One of the best things about Deus Ex because of this system is that the story adapts to your choices. The characters will react differently (for good or worse) if you choose to be aggressive, or to be non-lethal in your approach. You can also radically change the events of the story by your choices. For example, in a later mission a character you were sent to capture is going to be killed by a fellow UNATCO agent. The game gives you no notification of what you should do. You can just walk away, or you can try to protect him and kill the bloodthirsty agent in a small boss fight. In fact, the developers incorporated many responses to your actions, even if logically you shouldn't have done something yet or at all. Honestly, the weakest part of the game is just the actual look of the game. For 2000 these were decent graphics, depicting a dark setting with the characters having pretty good detail. However, they haven't aged too well, and players who prefer crisper textures and fluid animation may want to look into graphics mods for the game if you purchase it. The sound and voice acting do their job fine as well with plenty of ambient sound and the characters have decent voices, though our protagonist does sound a bit wooden like Neo in the Matrix. Despite those issues however, Deus Ex holds up really well against modern shooters in terms of actual entertainment. With all the options in terms of story, action, and exploration, Deus Ex was one of the first games that really felt like it was listening to the character rather than just pulling you along the planned tale and paths. It also managed to combine several genres equally into a great game, rewarding the player no matter which style they choose. If you're looking for a game that engages you throughout the whole playtime, Deus Ex is one of the strongest titles you can choose.


Best Stealth Game

Seibitsu | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Seibitsu's reviews »

One classic game hardcore gamers should not miss. Hard at the beginning but you will get used to it while you advance in your missions, plenty of weapons, breathtaking abilities and after all, the prequel of Human Revolution. If you love FPS and Metal Gear, you may enjoy it.


Holy God Is this game amazing

rstokes | Jan. 25, 2013 | See all rstokes's reviews »

They simply dont make games like this anymore, and im not even looking through the jaded eyes of someone who played the game years ago and has long since forgot most of it. Having just finished this game less than an hour ago I can see why this is hailed as possibly one of the best PC games ever made, the story is just incredible and the overall scale of the whole game is awe inspiring. Most RPGs you really dont feel the impact of your choices and often you are left wondering if what chose changed anything at all. This is not the case for Deus Ex. Some choices are immediately apparent, while others will become clear if you decide for a second playthrough (which you should). What the game does right it does perfectly, but what it does wrong it crashes and burns badly. The graphics are absolutely awful even taking the date of the game into account (although there is a DX10 mod out there that makes it far more bearable), Voice acting is hilariously bad, and there are a handful of (unimportant) areas where walls and floor are missing or horribly misshapen. But for all its issues this game is possibly one of the best games I have ever played and not a single issue is enough for me to take a away a single point. I dont give 100s because there are no perfect games, but this comes as close as any game will.


Probably one of the best games of all time, a true classic.

lushteinas | Jan. 18, 2013 | See all lushteinas's reviews »

Deus Ex is a first person RPG that mixes stealth, RPG and shooter elements into one. You play as JC Denton, a nano-augmented agent of UNATCO. The gameplay and story complement each other really well, with open levels to explore and find your way through, which always offer a multitude of ways to accomplish your objective, for example sneaking your way through or going in guns blazing. Or maybe you'll unlock the sewers and crawl through there while hacking the security systems? The story is rather intriguing and intelligently written. This game causes a healthy paranoia, the feeling that you missed something, somewhere. There are tons of weapons for you to find and use and the non-linear gameplay will give you quite a few playthroughs. A must play to anyone and everyone.


One of the best games of all time

Lekes | Jan. 7, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

This game is as good as a fps game can get in storyline and complex gameplay. I had this game since it came out, and I played through Deus Ex like 4 or 5 times, and yet, no matter how many times I play through this game, I always find something new all the time. This game was a revolutionary piece when it came out, but yet not much praise? It truly deserves so much more. Also playing through the storyline, Deus Ex reacts to every decision you make in gameplay. And you come across major plot twists and for every choice you make, there comes a consequence. Deus Ex is a phenomenal game, I can't think a game with a better storyline than this game, its truly a epic experience. One of the best games of all time, truly.


Truly Outstanding, Timeless Classic!

Brumbek | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Brumbek's reviews »

This is a classic for a reason: it's a powerful game-play experience you won't soon forget. Granted, it's showing its age and it does take a commitment. It's not a guns blazing FPS. But for those who want a thinking man's FPS, this is it. Great characters, great environment, and great plot. Be sure to also download a few select Deus Ex mods for the best experience, such as New Vision, Shifter, Project HDTP, Deus Ex Enhanced, & Kentie's Deus Exe. Seriously, just play this game. If you don't like it, then you need to reevaluate your life. Seriously, EPIC GAME-MUST PLAY.


The Greatest

makosuite | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all makosuite's reviews »

This game has terrible voice acting. Horrendous character animations. Spotty textures in its unmodded form. Yet, it is the greatest game I've ever played. It features a fleshed-out story that completely revolutionized the way PC Gaming worked. Major characters could die and the game would continue to roll without a huge "GAME OVER" screen. The deaths were seamlessly weaved into the overarching plot. It featured a unique blend of settings--a futuristic, cyberpunk dystopia--a dystopia which was brought about by Medieval-era issues. It is a careful examination of human issues. It is a conspiracy-laden game. It makes you think. And in a market saturated with games that force you to do the opposite of thinking, that makes this game historic.


Total Classic, Even Years Later, Must Play

Brumbek | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all Brumbek's reviews »

This is a classic for a reason: it's a powerful game-play experience you won't soon forget. Granted, it's showing its age and it does take a commitment. It's not a guns blazing FPS. But for those who want a thinking man's FPS, this is it. Great characters, great environment, and great plot. Be sure to also download a few select Deus Ex mods for the best experience, such as New Vision, Shifter, Project HDTP, Deus Ex Enhanced, & Kentie's Deus Exe. Seriously, just play this game. If you don't like it, then you need to reevaluate your life. DX3 may be way more accessible, but you must play this to appreciate gamings roots.


Deus Ex - review

carlyle | Dec. 20, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

The game is very similar to the layout in System Shock 2, so it's virtually identical in the mode of interaction. The game is clearly focused on interactivity that our character has with the people who live and inhabit the virtual world of Deus Ex, this means that we can converse with anyone but also pick up and move almost everything that is within our reach. The setting is in a not too distant future, where we are beginning to see the first bionic man, the world economy is near collapse, social classes are deeply divided between too rich or too poor. Our alter ego is an agent of UNATCO, a kind of special body well organized and trained in terrorist activity. The game uses the Unreal engine even if the code has been heavily modificato.L 'artificial intelligence is very good. The enemies if encountered individually, when they are seriously injured, rather than perish flee for help, if they can aim in a few seconds will return with reinforcements and their attack will be much more violent. The game is very nice, I've never seen a level of interaction so complex and enjoyable.


Just Amazing..............Too Amazing

Evilotto | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all Evilotto's reviews »

Best RPG ever? yes! Really? YES! it has a very good story line, has pretty much ALL AND MORE rpg elements ( what you decide makes the story change) the thing i never knew this game had was HACKING, you can hack camaras and turrets. Tranquilize enemies to make them unconscious and steal thair stuff! (I have NOT played too much of the campaign btw) there are SO SO SOOOO many ways to finish a level (eg. use stealth to get past enemies, turrets, and so on. You can be aggressive and fight EVERYONE you meet or avoid EVERYTHING, you choose!) you can upgrade "Augmetations" (robotic body parts) if all your HP points in your legs go down, guess what? You loose them. (well i think you do) This is a very long review i better finish up Over all Deus EX is a MUST PLAY 100/100 10/10 5/5


Excellent game, nostalgia optional

Lunk | Nov. 28, 2012 | See all Lunk's reviews »

I played a tiny bit of Deus Ex when it was first released, but I don't think I ever made it beyond the first mission. In the 12+ years since then, it has been repeatedly recommended to me in terms so glowing that I began to doubt those recommendations. I had a feeling that it might be a situation where the combination of nostalgia and the experience of playing it at release when it was a groundbreaking title would mean it wouldn't hold up for someone who's perception wasn't tinted by fond memories, and who had already played many of the games that had built on the innovations that made Deus Ex so specials years earlier. I was wrong. This is still an excellent game even if you're just picking it up for the first time, with solid gameplay and compelling writing. Even in areas where newer games have eclipsed it, such as the ability to make dynamic choices that impact the story, Deus Ex does a really nice job of masking its flaws such that you might not even notice the flaws until a second or third playthrough, and if you're playing it two or three times chances are you found plenty to like about it elsewhere. That said, this IS an old game and there are two areas where that is abundantly clear: the graphics, and the controls. I'm pretty quick to get over old graphics when I get into a game, and the same was true here, but it was hard not to notice that the graphics looked extremely dated, even more so than other games from the same era. And the controls... well, they're kind of a mess. Remapping may help some, but there's only so much you can do to streamline controls so expansive that they require the mouse, both sides of the keyboard, and the entire row of F keys to be used frequently. I gather that there are mods that update the graphics a bit and automate some of the routine actions that necessitate the sprawling controls, but the graphics didn't bother me and by the time I had gotten many of the abilities that expanded the controls I found that I was so into the game I didn't want to stop to fiddle around with installing and configuring mods. Plus, the game was shockingly stable (1 crash in 20+ hours) on a modern OS with no mods that I didn't want to risk upsetting that. Highly recommended!


One of the best games ever made

acard87 | Oct. 21, 2012 | See all acard87's reviews »

It's hard to say if this game is more a role playing game or a first person shooter. Deus Ex is a game unique in its kind, that mixed perfectly elements taken from both: you shoot enemies in first person visual, but you also have to improve your skills as you go on through the game, and the skills you decide to improve alter your character's style of play, always leading to new playing experiences with every playthrough. The game is set in the future, in a cyberpunk world with a very dark atmosphere in which you will find yourself involved in a world-scale conspiracy and you'll have to investigate and fight for your survival. The story is a main point of strength of this game, with an umpredictable story that has a couple of plot turns that depend only on the way you played the game until that point. The game is technically outdated now, but its graphics remain pleasant and the control system, even if it may be hard to master at first, quickly becomes natural. Three different endings and different possible character developments guarantee the game some replayability factor, but the single playthrough is pretty long and challenging too.


Ahead of its time, now surpassed, but still worth playing

sweetcuppincake | Oct. 18, 2012 | See all sweetcuppincake's reviews »

Deus Ex was like nothing else when it first came out. The setting and story were very complex compared to other FPS RPG hybrids. You had genuine freedom to complete missions however you wanted. You could blast your way through or you could nonviolently sneak. The greatest part was that both were viable options, and both had an effect on the story. Characters reacted differently to you depending on what kind of agent you chose to be. The game was designed to give you a rich, complete experience however you wanted to play it. The one negative thing I'll say is that it hasn't aged well visually. It looks pretty darn ugly now. But if you can look beyond that (and you're missing out if you can't) you will be rewarded with a great gaming experience.


One of the best RPGs

dark2025 | Sept. 26, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

Deus Ex was a superb RPG with a focus on story. The plot twists and choices you make (and not just black and white ones like in Mass Effect) really make the game more interesting. The choices aren't all plot based either, but simple things like how to get through a door - whether to bash it down, hack it, finding the key, or maybe talking somebody else into opening it for you. The game really lets you play it how you want to - exactly what you'd want in an RPG. Highly recommended if you can get over the slightly aged graphics.


Best rpg ever!

Zinzun | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

This is simply THE rpg. There are not plenty of unusefull quests, only a very good story, different ways to complete each level, high skills customization system, several ending (to obtain them you must play different parts of the final level, this is not a simply "Push this button if you want ending A). Truly, a masterpiece. For this price, buy it now, it's really a great deal!


A game ahead of it's time

pipalex | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all pipalex's reviews »

Chances are, you are not going to like Deus Ex on your first playthrough. Or even your second. You will have to get past an obtuse first person shooting style, weird AI, a few bugs and a crash here or there, and some truly awful graphics and voice-acting to get to the gem that lies underneath. When this moment hits, you will feel how well realised of a game world Ion Storm created in 2001. Any approach is viable, you can see the consequences of your actions play out in minor and major ways all layered between one of the greatest stories in video game history. A game truly ahead of it's time and a game that has not since been surpassed in depth and complexity.


One of the greatest-ever PC games

Cooberstooge | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Even if you've not much played PC games, you'll have heard of Deus Ex. It's one of those things everybody knows about, but that shockingly few have played. This game has a little of everything in it, and all of that everything is done extremely well - whether you're into RPG or FPS, the art of stealth or of good story telling, there's something here for everyone. There's a multitude of ways to approach every objective and truly every single thing you do in the game. You can go it all stealth and silent, or guns blazing, or anything in between - the choice is yours, and how the game will play out for you is based around that. There's more than one story ending too, so there's ample reason to give the game another go, which just further emphasizes how much you're getting here for such a good price. The graphics of Deus Ex were top notch in their day, but nowadays look pretty aged - but you'll not much be focusing on them, so truly this is not a big deal. The sounds and music are so much a part of the game, there's really no point in playing if your speakers/headphones are turned off. I logged a little over 12 hours on my first run through the campaign years ago, and have far surpassed the 50 hours in mark for this title. It doesn't matter how many times I play through favourite parts, I still manage to enjoy Deus Ex as much today as I did upon initial purchase all those years ago. There are good games, and then there are great games - this is a great game, and it embodies everything PC gaming used to stand for. Definitely not a title to miss adding to your library.


Cyberpunk Masterpiece

Xibalba | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all Xibalba's reviews »

One of the best mix of FPS and RPG where you can choose different approaches on the objectives and for complete the levels. Very intriguing plot with different endings. One of the best gameplay and soundtrack in the history of the videogame.



panz3r88 | July 31, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Deus Ex is probably the best game I've ever played. Every aspect of the game is perfect: the gameplay is a mix of FPS and RPG. In each level you can choose different approaches: you can try a stealth approach or a frontal assault. Sometimes you can complete a task simply talking with the right characters. The various nanotech augmentations allow you to develop the character according to your playstyle. The story is epic and very long and you will never be bored during your playthrough: you will encounter many cool characters.


Must play!

Chack | July 20, 2012 | See all Chack's reviews »

Deus Ex is an old game (year 2000) but it's still a game worth checking out. It is an awesome game that you can compare with Half-Life (in terms of originality). If you like FPS with a little of RPG elements, or if you just want to try something different, then this is for you. Buy it, you'll get 15 or more hours of fun for less thank 10 dolars.


One of the best game ever!

simonsix | June 15, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

One of the best game ever! Perfect design comes together with really useful RPG element. Truly a great game with an amazingly twisted storyline and plot that could be beaten in one one of four different ways. An intriguing storyline and memorable characters make this game one of the very best.


Champion of PC gaming!

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

You are a fan of cRPGs? Get Deus Ex. Maybe a fan of FPP shooters? Get Deus Ex. Like cyberpunk? Get Deus Ex. Or maybe sneaking appeals to you? Get Deus Ex. You like good story? Did I mention Deus Ex? Or sound and music? Oh wait, Deus Ex. You like video games and search for a good one? Get Deus Ex... Really, this game has it all. Two flaws I can think of are sometimes a bit empty maps. Designers could make more of great Unreal engine. And the ending was determined during the last few minutes before battle. Apart from this, great non-linear plot, fine dubbed dialogues, varied quests and side-quests with many solutions, unique atmosphere of cyberpunk reality full of augmentations introducing nanotechnology. Sound and music are astonishing and compliment the whole. You want to become a cyborg soldier? Your call. Maybe a stealth hacker? No problem. Deus Ex will also make you think about the future of technology. Enough, just buy this game and play it!


Amazing game!

zironite | June 13, 2012 | See all zironite's reviews »

this game is awesome! sneak system is amazing and rewarding and there are a LOT of ways to complete objectives! the ammount of important choices in this game are incredible and i dont regret getting it for a second! I recommend this game to anyone who likes freedom of choice in video games!


The original.

scottnat | April 29, 2012 | See all scottnat's reviews »

Superb game. Epic story and setting. Everything first rate - literate. So much range in customisation. And pure sandbox in terms of how you go about it. Just really first rate. It's an older game so naturally pales on the graphics front nowadays, but there's just so much too it it would be wrong to not give it a shot on that the basis of that.



Babelfish343 | Oct. 12, 2011 | See all Babelfish343's reviews »

If you are a sci-fi junkie like me, this is a MUST PLAY! Cyberpunk oozes from every inch of Deus Ex, and the story is intriguing. The voice acting and graphics were ahead of its time, and there are many gadgets to play with! There are many ways to approach the task at hand, whether it be go in guns blazing or using tactics or stealth, all of which are great fun! A true PC gaming classic like the Half Life series, Deus Ex never fails to deliver on its story premise and sets you in a cyberpunk world William Gibson would be proud of! Fantastic game!


Best Pc Game of All Time?

Mondu | Sept. 12, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

Some regard Deus Ex as the best pc game of all time, mixing open level design with stealth gameplay and shooting. While the graphics look old now (and they were even a little behind the era when it was released) the fun gameplay makes up for this and once immersed in the game you will soon forget the hinderance of the graphics. The story is great and engrossing and will give you hours of gameplay with many different ways to play- stealth or guns blazing, it's up to you. Definitely a classic none should miss and one of the greatest pc games ever created.



vigotski | Sept. 5, 2011 | See all vigotski's reviews »

Beware, this game will make you keep on playing *forever*! Deus Ex captivates you by mixing action, rpg and strategy like no other game. The story is really well written, you'll feel really involved in everything and your actions will be influenced by all that's happening in Deus Ex's world. You can choose lots of weapons, each one with unique qualities and functions. The AI is good, the enemies aren't all dumb like many other games we see around. It's a masterpiece, and you have to be smart to finish this game. The graphics are obsolete, of course, but you can easily find many graphic and texture overhauls that make Deus Ex look much better


What can I say.

jojot | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all jojot's reviews »

Deus Ex (as in day-oos, not duce) is one of, if not the greatest game ever made. At a time when shooters were all action and no substance (with the rare exception like the comparatively shallow Half Life and the excellent System Shock 2) this game decided to completely break the mold. Even today few games have the incredible depth, dialog and openness that made this game so excellent. The game is set in the semi-near future around 2050. China is a dominant superpower in the world, a virulent plague known as the gray death is weeping the globe, with only the rich and elite getting access to the limited supplies of vaccine, terrorists have blown up the statue of liberty and the United States are no longer so united. You play as JC Denton, a nano-augmented super soldier in the employ of UNATCO, the United nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. The game is awash with conspiracy and philosophy that almost scarily parallels the real world at times, from the corporate corruption influencing governments to secret societies controlling the destiny of mankind, the game is like a conspiracy theorists wet dream. In terms of gameplay you have wide open level design with multiple paths to objectives, every building has a dozen entry points that require different skills to access. Keys can be found in lockers or draws, pin numbers on data pads, information can come from overhearing conversations or hacking into peoples computers and reading their emails, door locks can be picked, electronic locks can be decrypted using multi tools, air vents can be crawled through, guards can be stunned or tranquilized or shot with silenced weapons and their bodies hidden. You can stalk in the shadows or on roofs out of sight, you can go in guns blazing, you can turn invisible, you can stand around and discuss philosophy, you can pretty much do anything in this game. Another feature is that it uses a skill system to oversee how well you can do at various tasks. Skills with different weapon classes control how well you can manage the respective weapons recoil and aim effectively, skill with electronics and locks control how well you can decrypt or pick locks and how many picks/tools it will use, computer skills make you better at hacking, you get the idea. On top of that you have various Augmentations that pretty much give you super powers, strength, durability, speed, jumping height, invisability, the list goes on. The tricky part is that you only have so many augs, and many will conflict with their placement. Finding an aug for say, your torso slot, means you have to decide if you really want it or if you want to leave that slot open for a potentially better aug. Aug selection is best reserved for the kind of game you want to play. If you like to go in guns blazing then dermal armour and strength might suit you better, if you like stealth then inviability and silent movement might be more suited. The game is all about choice, so you have to make your choices wisely. Even at launch the graphics were a bit lack luster, and the certainly aren't great by todays standards. There are various mods to make it look better these days, but to be honest it doesn't improve much. Graphics should be no deterrence to playing this game though, they may be lo-fi, but you can just use your imagination to get the fidelity you crave. There is a meme that every time you mention Deus Ex, someone, somewhere re-installs it and starts playing it again. There is a reason for that.


Deus Ex.

Xonus | Aug. 24, 2011 | See all Xonus's reviews »

Awesome setting, awesome story, awesome voice acting (either because it's good or bad enough to be funny), awesome everything. Well, aside from graphics, but I'm fine with that and there are a few visual upgrade mods that make it actually look pretty good. There are tons of ways to finish every level\area, and a handful of ways to play the game (different weapons, different approaches, etc). Characters in the game react differently depending on how you played through a level, if you killed a lot or no one at all, what secondary objectives you did and did not do, and so forth. Overall an amazing game, enjoyable even if played for the first time ever right now.


A timeless classic

Oublieux | Aug. 20, 2011 | See all Oublieux's reviews »

Deus Ex is one of those immersive games that, despite its age, always seems to be able to rope you in. What makes Deus Ex so loved is how utterly open ended the game is. Do you want to go pure stealth? Go ahead. How about running in with guns blazing? That works too. Take it a step further and you can even beat the game without killing a single soul. It's the fact that you can approach missions is so many ways that makes the game a classic; even modern games nowadays that are touted as "open ended" fail to deliver the sheer number of ways Deus Ex can be beaten. Of course, as the game has aged, the graphics leave a lot to be desired. This is where some advantages of PC step in. If you want to pretty it up a bit, mods are widely available. It's why after all this time, Deus Ex, even now, holds up as one of the greatest games to be developed.



Ratmandu79 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all Ratmandu79's reviews »

After my initial playthrough of Half Life i came across this game and it blew me away in the same way half life did. brilliant mechanics for its day, deep and engrossing storyline and brilliant shooting gameplay make it a classic in every sense of the word......


Looking Deeper

Endyo | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all Endyo's reviews »

It’s hard to say something about a game that for so long has been praised as one of the greatest PC games of all time, but to really grasp what makes this game earn that title, one has thoroughly look at the real meat of the game. Back in 2000 when this game released, it was a fairly decent graphical experience. It wasn’t the best thing on the market visually, but with the lack of load times and extremely large levels, it was certainly still ahead of its time. Looking back now it can be a bit frustrating until you get used to the now bland textures and blocky models, but for its time it was more than what any gamer ever wanted. However, playing it today with an open mind and an appreciation for the timeless qualities still leaves a bit to be desired. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick up a recently released mod that inserts new HD textures to the game. Then you can continue being blown away by some of the best writing and gameplay ever to grace our PCs. The gameplay mechanics of this game express something rarely seen in games up until that point and what is still hard to find in recent games: freedom of choice. From the very first moment you start up the game you have the option of playing it however you feel is most fun for you. You can be stealthy and sneak around hardly engaging a single enemy… or you can quite literally run in guns blazing. You can go a non-lethal route and leave everyone unconscious and alive, or you can take out every single person that is unlucky enough to cross your path. You can approach a situation diplomatically and try to talk to your way out, or you might decide to just hack and lock pick your way into a location and rely on your skills at manipulating the environment to be your weapon. You don’t have to play this game any specific way, but no matter how you choose to play, it will accommodate for that and it will be enjoyable. The writers for this game are easily amongst some of the best writers in the game. Not only so several characters have deep meaningful dialogue, but the story arch itself is magnificent. I don’t want to include spoilers or anything, but even against full length novels and popular movies about a cyberpunk future of government and corporate corruption and power, it is truly impressive. The way that the story is revealed and choices between alliances and enemies make for dynamic player involvement. Dynamic player involvement is what can make a good game a great game. It’s rare even today for a game to generate dynamic player involvement on even a limited level, but Deus Ex does it just as well or better than any game to this day. What you get when playing this game is a sense of true involvement in the story. You don’t feel like someone just playing the game and watching it unfold. As extensive as it is, your actions mean something. Playing the game is fun, but playing the story the way you want is what kept so many playing for hours on end just to see what they could make happen next. I can only hope Deus Ex: Human Revolution can redeem the franchise from the disappointment of Invisible War.


A true classic

Neohoodman | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

This game might not seem like all that much when you see it at first, but this game is a complete classic. From the corny dialogue to the open level environments that will have you looking for stuff every new playthrough. Every playthrough is different and you will find new stuff every time you play this game. You are JC Denton, the augmented protagonist in this dystopian world. The world is full of conspiracies and without going into too much depth, it's up to you to unravel these conspiracies. The actual shooting gameplay is not something that holds up too well to this day. It's the dialogue, stealth and variety this game shines in. No two playthroughs are the same and you have to have played the game multiple times to have seen everything. Every single action will have consequences and you're sure to be busy with this gem of a game for hours and hours to come.


A masterpiece

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 16, 2011 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Deus Ex offered many silly moments to me, certain dialogs, actions you do in the game and more. If you really like compless RPG's that have FPS mechanics too this is the game for you. The graphics of the game are dated but they can be tuned up with some custom mods, gameplay is great tough. Something really special about Deus Ex is that every single action can influence the game in a certain way, so be carefull out there and take wise decisions while playing!


The original

Rice77 | Aug. 14, 2011 | See all Rice77's reviews »

This is the game that created the now famous FPS+RPG style of game we have seen in Mass Effect or Alpha Protocol for example, and it continues to be superb, with an awesome story, innovative gameplay at that time, etc... And now there are some mods that add to the game, high res textures, so you shouldn't miss this game at all!


Undeniable classic

theholysnail | Aug. 12, 2011 | See all theholysnail's reviews »

This game, despite the outdated graphics, has everything a gamer could ever dream of. The gameplay when this came out was simply staggering, and even though it may seem outdated to many people, this game will always be a classic to me.


The best (Singel player) game i ever played...

MaRdErN | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all MaRdErN's reviews »

... and i played a lot;) +the game have still one of the best or the best story, gameplay and music in game history. A very good voice acting (i know some people will disagree), awesome level design, is min. 25-40 hours long and a very high replayability. - Yes the graphic is dated but aged very well and the are some mods to make the game look better. The first level is a bit to hard for noobs. The worst part is maybe the AI because the enemies are very predictable but the game is still very challenging (on realism)


A decade on and still one of the best games around

wengart | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all wengart's reviews »

Deus Ex is a unique mix of FPS and RPG. Combat is very similar to the first half-life game but it is governed by a skills set and upgrade path (augs) that would be at home in any RPG. Combined with the wonderful level design it allows you to tackle any problem anyway you want to.


Still a contender

pauljebe | Aug. 9, 2011 | See all pauljebe's reviews »

It’s amazing how relevant Deus Ex is a decade after its initial release. This game is essentially the birth of RPG style elements in a FPS. While the game is now graphically dated, the rest of the experience is still a text book example of how a dynamic story can be more powerful than a static one. Linear gaming has its place but if you have never played Deus Ex you owe it to yourself to buy it so that you can experience the advent of choice and consequence video gaming.


Old, but very good

t20k | Aug. 9, 2011 | See all t20k's reviews »

People often say this game is one of the best PC games of all-time. Maybe it was once, but not anymore. The gameplay is simply subpar by today's standards. Level design, story and complete freedom are unique and make this game worthwhile, but you'll have to deal with some outdated mechanics. If you're buying this, get the New Vision mod that has just been released.


One of the Best RPG-FPS Games

IganX | July 22, 2011 | See all IganX's reviews »

Deus Ex is a game which merges the best aspects of RPG and FPS games, giving the user a game full of action and spectacular visual effects combined with a complex storyline full of twists and a deep customization of your character. The main drawback is that the game has outdated graphics, for it is one decade old, and that can ruin the experience for some users. Overall, the game is a must have for rpgfps players, with many hours of singleplayer and a decent enough multiplayer.


i just have to

hotmando1 | July 20, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

One of the best games of all time that should have never have a sequel. Why not? Because none can live up to the first game. Visually speaking, it is a little bit weaker thanks to it's old age. But it has aged BEAUTIFULLY. The plot and the gameplay is what runs the show here.Got a locked door? Pick your choices..hack..lockpick..etc. got an enemy?...kill or ignore. The plot in this game is one of the best I've seen. Mainly because it is affected by your choices. And make a load of these. write the plot as you play. You alter the game. I love that..and so will you.


One of the best games ever made

steamisbetter | June 28, 2011 | See all steamisbetter's reviews »

Deus Ex is an FPS-RPG set in dystopic near future. The story deals with conspiracy theories, megacorporations, artificial intelligence, human augmentation, disease and oppression. The game features open maps with multiple ways of accomplishing your objective. No matter how you allocate your skill points, there's a route for your character build. No real wrong choices here. Some of the game elements feel a bit rushed and not properly balanced though. Heavy weapons have too little ammo to be used as a primary weapon, LAWs are usually found in places where they are not needed, and PS20s and throwing knives are so rare that you have to wonder why they even bothered to put them in the game. It's possible to beat the game with minimal enemy casualties. The game puts emphasis on the choice between lethal and non-lethal combat during the early parts of the game, but later it just disappears. You can keep playing as a pacifist if you want to, NPCs just won't acknowledge it. Voice acting is so bad it's good. The main character, JC Denton, is notable for his monotonous voice and one-liners. The game takes place in many locations around the world, including Hong Kong and Paris, so prepare for some horrifying fake accents. Music on the other hand is absolutely amazing, easily one of the best video game soundtracks I've ever heard. The GOTY version includes the final patch, which added multiplayer. And like many other games with an afterthought multiplayer, it is not so great. There are some weird quirks, like snipers not having an aiming animation, so you can't tell if a sniper is afk or about to headshot you. There are user-made mods that attempt to remove the bad parts of the game, such as Shifter and BioMod. For total conversion mods, I'd recommend The Nameless Mod, but only after you've completed Deus Ex.


A Classic

drakaenae | May 29, 2011 | See all drakaenae's reviews »

Deus Ex is an amazing rpg fps game. It has an amazing storyline that changes based on your actions in the game. The game takes over 20-30 hours to complete and if you want to try out all the possibility, it will take even longer. Although the graphics are bad compared to the games today, there are several graphic mods that improve the graphics greatly and enrich your experience. This game also supports multiplayer so you can play online with your friends or other players. Overall, this game is great. It is definitely worth its price. Just remember to play the tutorial because it helps.


The best in it's genre, no doubt.

wakenbakejake | May 27, 2011 | See all wakenbakejake's reviews »

Deus Ex is an amazing game. I first played it several years ago, and it is one that I can still come back to now and enjoy. A futuristic sci-fi fps/rpg, Deus Ex provides an exciting world and tale for the player to dive into. The second game in this series however, was much more of a disappointment. It still has it's merits, but after playing the first and original Deus Ex, you will see why Invisible War just wasn't that great. If anybody is on the fence about buying this title because of it's age, don't be. This game still stands up amazingly well against todays games, and is more fun than many of them. Pick this up first chance you get and learn why so many people love this game.


One of the best games ever

simonsix | May 24, 2011 | See all simonsix's reviews »

Deus Ex is probably one of the best games I've played on the PC. It has a story that keeps you interested and always wanting to play for just a little longer. It has been described as a hybrid FPS/RPG, which is probably a good description. I think it leans a little more toward the FPS elements, but I found that enjoyable. I enjoyed wanting to see how the story would turn out. It also mixed in a lot of sneaker elements as well as action elements to it. Overall, Deus Ex is a great game.


Don't be put off by the first level and bring out your inner god

MisterSlimm | May 19, 2011 | See all MisterSlimm's reviews »

Starting off rather dull and seemingly over-complicated in operation, this develops into a classic conspiracy thriller neatly packaged as an outstanding game that takes in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, California and, ultimately, the mysterious Area 51. This game contains mild swear words and substance abuse and mild gore, extreme violence and mild references to prostitutes, inferred sexual activity. The biggest problem with Deus Ex is startlingly obvious: the first level is too sprawling, too much, too soon. It is a slog to complete. You get everything all at once, a fully functional agent which, despite a lengthy tutorial (which crashed my machine on occasion, I might add) which leads you through every capability you possess, requires the player to be completely familiar with playing the game. On the first level, however, this is never the case. The afore-mentioned tutorial covers so much that it is impossible to remember it all. This is a shame as it will put some people right off and they may never sample the delights of this standard-setting game.


greatest FPS RPG EVER

seacaptain | April 26, 2011 | See all seacaptain's reviews »

This game is probably the greatest FPS RPG ever, the epic plot and various outcomes based on your actions is incredible. I remember playing it long into the night. The combat is fairly simple and there are multiple ways to finish each task. The use of nano-augmentations helps add a mystical aspect. Enjoy the captivating storyline but don't play it for its now outdated graphics.


Deus ex machina...

srukor | April 13, 2011 | See all srukor's reviews »

What is Deus Ex? It is primarily a game 'end of the century' - postmodern mix of styles and trends. This is a First Person Perspective, characteristics of the main character like a simple RPG, but we need to avoid open battle with the opponents (with a few exceptions) so similar to what the great Thief has taught us... The basis of any game pretending to role-playing game is the storyline. The story in Deus Ex has absolutely a prominent place in a whole play that you cannot play without paying attention to the complicated tangle of events. The game is set in the near future when in the entire world blow up a mysterious epidemic called Gray's death, although it is known to cure, but it is not enough for everyone. The story in Deusie is incredibly complicated. But we have many ways to learn more about it - we can crack into computers and read others' e-mails, notes in books, newspaper articles, and information stored in special 'data cubes' - from all these sources emerges an epic story, although complicated, but very consistent and very inspiring ... Of course, it is worth to mention about the psychological well-sketched portraits of all the main characters in the story ... Deus Ex charm, in addition to an amazing story, is its enormous flexibility. Every element of the game You can go several ways depending on your own preferences and what you have in inventory ... Do not have a multitool? Search in the nearest neighborhood cause you could find the code for the lock-resistant ... You can’t deal with a bunch of enemies? Maybe there is somewhere a ventilation duct, which you could go around the place ... Generally, Deus Ex is one of the better games I've ever played. Amazing cyberpunk atmosphere, well-constructed plot, unexpected story turns, really good graphics (despite the age of the game) and music - it all adds up to an excellent game. I can't wait for the new Deus ex! - Absolutely not allowing players to take a break from computer.-


Must play

xtrench | April 12, 2011 | See all xtrench's reviews »

Deus Ex. Whenever Deus Ex is mentioned online, someone installs the game on their computer. It's that good! "THE cyberpunk first person shooter role playing game" is the definition of Deus Ex in the dictionary(Well not really, but it should be!). Even though the graphics are dated this game shouldn't be overlooked by gamers who love in depth role playing games. With features such as augmenting your body parts with nanotech, resolving conflicts in a number of different ways and multiple endings provide a large replay value.


Best RPG ever?

LESZ3u | April 11, 2011 | See all LESZ3u's reviews »

OMG, when I played this game first time, I was totally shocked. It was amazing! Fascinating plot, great mood and above all, a choice of different paths. But the best is now - i played it about one month ago and guest what - age of this game can be seen only in graphic. It is as addictive as 10 years ago!


An experience not to be missed.

GAMERamble | April 11, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

Cyberpunk. A word that describes William Gibson's vision of the future and also a good description of Ion Storm's Deus Ex. Like the System Shock series Deus Ex turns it's back on the fantasy and magical settings usually associated with First Person Rpgs and delivers a dystopian world of tomorrow where humanity is slowly being decimated by a mysterious disease known as the "Grey Death". With a 93% fatality rate in the fist 100 days it's clearly not your average virus. To make things worse the only known cure "ambrosia" is available only to a select few who will do anything to keep it that way. You step into this world in the shoes of JC Denton a special covert operative for UNATCO ( United Nations Anti-Terrorist Agency ) trained to be a terrorists worse nightmare. Brimming with nano augmentations and the capability to learn a variety of skills you have to potential to become a one man army and is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The problem is lately you've been having some issues with who you can trust and even have doubts about your allegiance. To say any more would spoil the excellent plot but suffice to say that the game is very faithful to it's cyberpunk roots and you are going to be immersed in a world of paranoia and conspiracy. Even cooler is the fact that the storyline draws on real life conspiracy theories like Majestic 12 and the Illuminati to make things even more interesting. Playing Deus Ex takes a lot of patience and dedication as there are times when the game will frustrate the hell out of you. Missions become long and arduous and you'll have to travel back and forth a lot to make progress. In the end it's all worthwhile though and few players especially fans of the System Shock and Thief series will be able to resist it's lure. While perhaps not suited to the casual gamer it's a nice break from your average run and gun games and definitely one of the classics in the genre. The game was groundbreaking when it first came out and remains great to this day.


Truly a Role Playing Game

Dumas | April 8, 2011 | See all Dumas's reviews »

Deus Ex gives you believable futuristic setting, interesting plot and your own, fully customizable alter ego – JC Denton. As the game progress you can upgrade your skills and acquire new “nano-augmentations” that help you explore and survive in the hostile areas. The maps are really well designed, giving many alternative routes to key locations. It is also rewarding to explore each map, as it might grant you items, experience points or some information that might be helpful or interesting. Those are all strong points of Deus Ex, but the strongest of them is the story. I do not want to spoil it but I can say that it is strongly influenced by conspiracy theories and it will be imprinted in you memory long after you finish the game.



fearon | April 8, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

If want to make a list of best games of the all time, you must put on it Deus Ex. It's a cyberpunk thriller with really complicated and fascinating plot. The gamplay is very non linear - if you want to be a stealth and quiet agent, you can do it. If you prefer action and explosions, there is a way for you. Hacking? Yes, you can be a hacker! This is the game, that you'll never forget. Facinating adventure in dark and pessimistic future.


After all these years - still a masterpiece!

Jahman | April 5, 2011 | See all Jahman's reviews »

Deus Ex is one of those games that only ages in terms of graphics. In all other aspects it remains a true masterpiece, impervious to the passage of time. Most of the tasks the player is faced with can be handled via stealth, diplomacy, bribe or a simple, straightforward “gun them down” approach. Not only that, but the awesome level design makes each of those paths equally satisfying and rewarding. Still, it has to be said that combat mechanics does take some getting used to, but it’s fairly balanced by the a wide variety of weapons & the possibility to customize your character via wide choice of nanotech-augmentations and skills. While the graphics can be somewhat appalling at first, it can always be remedied with the use of proper mods – both when it comes to environment & characters. Even without them, believe me, it’s worth suffering through, especially for the great storyline, unforgettable characters and multiple endings that Deus Ex offers. To put it brief, while Deus Ex may be dated and no longer visually stunning , it is still one of those great examples of the age when games were made with true passion and innovation in mind that gave it that special “something” that makes you want to play it no matter how old it is.