Reviews for Legends of Aethereus: 4 Pack


Best played with friends

saojoao | Sept. 29, 2013 | See all saojoao's reviews »

Legends of Aethereus may be the biggest unexpected surprise hit of this season for RPG gamers, especially for those who play MMORPG games. It offers interesting world to play in and great combat mechanics, but the greatest fun can be had when you play it with real people, and it's best if they're your friends. So if you want to optimize your gaming experience, why don't you just get some friends to play with you? The game allows you to cooperate or to compete against your friends. And the four-pack makes such friendly gaming even easier, so I highly recommend finding a group of friends to play with, buying the four pack and immersing yourselves in the world of Legends of Aethereus.